Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mr. Friendly!

This is Ian. He is the friendliest guy you could ever meet! When he walks into a room it just lights up with hope and happiness. Puppy dogs and lollipops ain’t got nothing on this friendly, fun, super guy!!

Jalapenos & Stepford Boyfriends

Its been a while since my last confession...

With jewelry shows coming up to prepare for, my new sideline job, and spending time with my semi-new boy toy, I hardly have time for blogs these days. *sigh* I missed you.

First things first -- I got a new job! No more micromanaging, condescending asshole standing over my shoulder, no more obsessive paperwork, no more knots in stomach.

Last night was my second interview and I came home way later than usual. They told me they knew they wanted me right away and that they'd send me an official offer tomorrow (today). I'm driving home beaming, immediately feeling a weight being lifted from my shoulders. And then I pull into my complex, open my door and the most beautiful sight... *tear*... wait, I just need a minute... J was in my kitchen and a yummy aroma of pig and pasta salad filled the air. He had dinner in the oven for me -- how cute is that? Fixed my plate and everything. (I sound like a chic who has really been deprived in the past huh?)

"Babe," he says, "come see." I walk up to a pan he's just pulled from the oven that holds two large pork chops, covered in jalapenos.

If you know me well then you know this is a running joke with me. My J loves to cook with jalapenos. I've had a la' nachos with jalapenos and his famous breakfast omelete stuffed with mushrooms and jalapenos. Mmm! While I love the jalapenos, parts of my body don't really take too kindly to eating a lot of them. (More than you needed to know? Get over it.)

So imagine my surprise when I looked at those pretty little pork chops. I gave him the run down and we laughed about it all night. Needless to say, my sweet stepford boyfriend scooped the japs off my piece of meat.

He sure looked good in my kitchen. (Licking lips) I wonder what he looks like pushing the vacuum...

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