Thursday, December 28, 2006

This one's for you Michelle!

I'm back to the land of the blogs, thanks to my new digi cam! For so long I've wanted to post my projects and now I finally can! Mwuahh ahh ahh! J has no idea, but he's created a monster. But, I think I'll blame it on Michelle. :)

So, here's what I've been up to the last couple of days. Oh how nice it is to be in the comfortable stages of love. I can scrap my little heart out if I want to while Jason watches his crime solving shows, each of us looking up occasionally to blow a kiss at the other.

Getting off the subject, sorry. (I know you guys just love hearing me gush about my babers.)

And now for my first scrap-post!!! (Michelle, grab a tissue. Your little girl is growing up.) It's a few cards that I've made, one is a thank you for my Paw Paw who sent me some moola for Christmas, and another is for Jason. The girly one just may make its way in one of my friend's mailboxes someday.

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Christmas 2006

I got my digital camera!!! Yes, my sweet sweet boyfriend surprised me with the bestest present EVER. I took a total of 175 pictures over the course of 2 days.

Jason and I had our own special little Christmas party Saturday night. We cooked a pot of gumbo together, opened some champagne and settled down in front of the fire to exchange gifts. My babers gave me my digital camera with all the accessories, and I gave him his GPS and knife. I think we equally love spoiling each other!

The next photos are of Christmas Eve with the family, and then off the new parents! The gave everyone the best gift of all -- a new baby girl, Kaitlyn Nicole.

Tacky Christmas 2006!

Below are pictures from the annual Christmas party, this year's theme being "Tacky Christmas". As you can see, all of us dressed accordingly!


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