Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday 13 - Christmas Favorites

Haven't done a TT in a while and kind of miss them. I know its not even December yet but I'm just so psyched about the holidays, I can't help it.

This is the Christmas edition of getting to know your friends - yes, I consider you my friends! Um, do you feel the same? hee hee) I'm using it as my Thursday Thirteen, but if the holiday spirit strikes you feel free to borrow!

Thirteen of my Christmas Favorites

1. Eggnog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate, with milk and bitty marshmallows if I have any!

2. Colored lights on tree/house or white? My little 4 foot tree has colored lights and since I live in an apartment I have no outside lights to speak of. :(

3. When do you put your decorations up? The day after Thanksgiving.

4. Favorite holiday memory as a child? Me and my two younger siblings climbing into my parents' waterbed at 6:00 am on Christmas morning so we could see what Santa brought.

I have to share my mother's favorite memory: Our Christmas tree falling down on top of my Dad. We could hear him laughing and hollering, HELPPPPPP! We found two size 14's looking at us! LOLOL

I loved her memory so much I had to share. The holidays were always such a big deal for my Paw Paw and it just hasn't been the same since he's passed.

5. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I think I was 8 or 9. I was taking a bath and my mom had come in for a towel, saw I was troubled by something. I explained to her that a kid at school told me the Easter Bunny wasn't real. She unwillingly admitted this to be the truth and a few minutes later I gasped "then Santa isn't real either???" Oh yeah, I was a bright one.

6. What kind of cookies does Santa get set out for him? Homemade chocolate chip of course!

7. Snow! Love it or hate it? Don't get the stuff don't South. *sigh*

8. Can you ice skate? I must say I'm an excellent ice skater. (Seriously) First time in the Galleria and didn't fall once!

9. Do you remember your favorite gift? I think the digi cam I got last year from Babers ranks pretty high up there.

10. What is your favorite holiday dessert? Pecan pie, hands down.

11. Favorite Holiday tradition?
Our family party on Christmas Eve. We take turns: one year at my parents', the next at my aunt and uncles. The best part is having our growing family pile up in one room to open presents. My Daddy plays Santa Claus, passing the presents out to everyone. In the end, with all the presents and people, there's barely any room and we're all practically piled on top of each other. My sister and I get fussed at no less than twice on this evening for being too loud in such a crowded room. I just love Christmas Eve present night.

12. What tops your tree? Sadly enough, I don't have a topper. Me and my guy's first ornament - soft Saints Santa hat - is hanging on the top branch instead.

13. What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Silent Night or Drummer Boy, I can't pick between the two. My sister and I are EXCELLENT singers of these songs. No, really.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pizza and people that say HUH

I'm craving pizza right now. Bad bad. The only thing that keeps me from ordering a veggie & meat loaded pizza is the 10lbs I've recently lost and Christmas peeking around the corner. I did remarkably well over Thanksgiving, but then again I wasn't at my Maw Maw's long enough for her to force feed me stuffing, turkey, cake and pie. You guys know what I'm talking about:

Maw: "Did you get enough to eat hun?"
Me: (Getting up from table) "Yes ma'am. The stuffing, turkey, corn, peas, cranberry sauce, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and roll you suggested I get a plate full of was plenty."
Maw: "Well how about I fix you a piece of cake then?"
Me: "No Maw Maw, the last bite of roll I just had hasn't even hit the end of my throat yet. I'll get some later."

Later (as in 20 minutes)

Maw: "Jill, let me fix you a piece of that pie you like so much..."

After a little arguing, I, along with the other members of my family, give in to her and crack smiles at each other when she serves us each a plate with not only that piece of pie, but a piece of lemon cake, a chess square, a hello dolly and some chocolate covered pretzels as well.

So yeah, having a boyfriend and jumping from home to home can be a lifesaver. Or should I say, a calorie saver?

What was I talking about? Oh yes, pizza...

I want some.

Moving on. People that say "Huh". I bet you are thinking "Huh?"

I understand people pick up words and use them to death until the word's impact is no longer there. For example, a lot of bloggers use the word "tard" which I think is pretty funny but know will soon fade and a new word will be developed.

My boyfriend's new word is Huh. As in "Huh? I couldn't hear you."


Yeah Babers, you know where I'm going with this one.

J has recently taken up this word and uses it most frequently. We'll be having a conversation, a completely simple and understandable conversation... there will not be any blaring tv in the background or radio playing, there are no loud children to try to tune out... just me and him having a conversation merely a few feet away from each other.

Goes a little something like this:

Me: "So you have two company parties then?"
J: "Yes. The one here and the one back at my place."
Me: "Do you want to go to both?"
J: "Huh?"
Me: "I said do you want to go to both?"
J: "Yeah I'd like to."
Me: "Do I need to dress up for both?"
J: "Huh?"

*silence" At this point I peer at J. I realize what he is doing and decide that I could just save myself time and breath and repeat what I've said, but decide that I'm going to nip it in the bud (WHAT does that saying mean anyway??? Nip it in the bud?)

Me: "Huh? What do you mean, Huh?"
J: (stares at me)
Me: "Like Huh I didn't hear you or Huh I don't understand?"
J: "Well, I -"
Me: "What were we just talking about?"
J: (he realizes he's saying this word as a reflex, like someone would throw Like or You Know in randomly.) "We were talking about my Christmas parties."
Me: "Mmm hmm. And I asked if I needed to dress up for both."

He then answers the question with a smug little smile on his face. Yeah, its funny. BUT, after a while of repeating myself I start to feel like a broken record.

I'm always bragging about J and posting all kinds of sweet, happy, uplifting things. Well hello, I blogged way before I was in this relationship with J AND I KNOW how much bloggers enjoy something with a sarcastic flare and get bored with all things shiny. So, I had to share. I'm sure J won't mind. (I love you?)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Am Thankful

What a long, beautiful weekend. We visited family and friends on Thursday and then played the rest of the weekend.

First I must toot my own horn - I wrapped Christmas presents this weekend. I think I beat last year's time - all presents purchased BEFORE Thanksgiving! YES! Mini helped out a little too. See? She puts her paw on the ribbon for me when I'm tying.

Friday was filled with football, nachos and holiday decorating. Babers and I put the mini tree up and decorated it together, the finishing touch being the Saints football Santa hat ornament that J purchased last year as our very first ornament for our very first Christmas together. Silly as it may be, I just can't help smiling as I walk past it.

Even Mini took a liking to the tree. Yes, that's her snuggled up underneath the tree. She took her spot just minutes after it was set up, like it was put there for her. Our wittle present. All together now "awwwwww..."

I toasted the night with a little vino and J with his beer as he stoked up the first fire of the season. For the first weekend in a while I didn't "count" my calories, I didn't measure my 4 oz, 2 point glass of wine. I just poured and it felt great. And tomorrow I shall hit the gym. *wink*

Back to the fire... I just love the smell, feel and look of a fire going in my little fireplace. It makes everything so cozy. He kept a fire burning pretty much the entire weekend. Immediately after J started the fire Mini creeped up to it and laid right in front of it, staring into it. She is so our child.

Oh, and as you can see, we got a little obsessive about picture taking with our little girl.

Mini is so photogenic! I swear, sometimes I think she really knows whats going on, like she's human or something.

She actually posed for the majority of the photos. Besides that, she is HILIARIOUS. J took the next photo after Mini cracked a joke. She knows all the latest knock knocks.

The rest of the weekend it stormed, so we did a lot of goofing off. Beowulf 3D was playing at the theatre near my place, so we sported our silly 3d glasses and saw a little of Angelina Jolie's naked animated bod. It was pretty good but I have to say - those glasses did a number on my eyes! I felt crossed-eyed for the first 10 minutes of the movie. Afterwards we chowed down on some Hooters wings - correction - J had some wings. I, however, get the hot chicken tenders because I'm girlie like that. P.S. - I had the biggest hooters in there. I'm a little confused about the name of that joint. Still, I'm in love with their chicken. *sigh*

To end the weekend, J made a comfy palette on the floor with the 27 blankets and 6 pillows I own for our Ocean's Thirteen rental. With the fire at our feet and the night air peeping through the screen door, popcorn doused in Tony's and hot sauce and the Mini Monster snuggled between us, all I can think is Does it get any better than this?

I mean, really.

In closing, I am thankful. For cozy fires, duppy pogs, floor palettes, and soul mates.

Oh, and Chateau de Michelle Riesling. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

3rd Annual Christmas Party Preparation!!

Every year I host a Christmas party at my itty bitty apartment. Check out the past shin-digs if you like.

Christmas 2006
Christmas 2005

As I said, I host this party in my minuscule, one bedroom, one bath, one floor apartment. I curse in my kitchen at every cooking occasion due to the lack of counter space, and well, floor space for that matter. When I grow up *snort* I want a big ole kitchen. How can I be the hostess with the mostess if I don't have the room to make the mostess??

Still, I have the party. I spend many delightful hours cooking up the apps for my friends' tummies. I decorate. I dress up, not to mention the time spent creating the costume. I do this because I LOVE it. I talk about it before hand so much that it drives my family nutty. If I could make a living hosting parties, I'd do it in a heartbeat!

Carrying on. I look forward to this party every year because of three major reasons:

1. I get to cook for my friends
2. I get to dress up, usually in some sort of ridiculous costume
3. I get to drink without concern because I won't be the one driving

Now I must embellish a little on number 3 - I tell everyone they can crash at my place if they've had too much. I can be the mother sometimes.

And yes, we dress up. My party is always themed. Last year was Tacky Christmas. Think Chevy Chase's family's Christmas party. Bedazzled vests, lots of make up, the gawdiest jewelry ever. The year before that was Sex in the City, mainly because that show was all the rage at the time. All the chics were smoking hot in their jeans and sexy heels, and the men were scowling because their women made them match.

So this year's theme is 80's Christmas. You know you love it and want to come. Think hair band posters all over the walls, rock ballad cds blaring in the background (and my neighbors pounding on the walls), big hair, leg warmers, etc. I'm going for the 80's Madonna look myself - lacy fingerless gloves, black tights, leg warmers with heels, tons of long pearl necklaces. Oh, and big hair of course!

I already have the menu planned out. Spinach and artichoke cheesy bread, sausage balls (get your minds out the gutter!), chess squares, and a few others. And there will be jello shots. Cuz you know I'm classy like that.

I'm sure you'll hear more about the planning. Hey, at least I waited till late November to start blogging about it...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ode to the Mini Monster

My Dearest Mini,

If you and I spoke the same language, I would give you this letter. But, seeing as you don't speak English and I don't speak Woof, I'm putting this out in the universe in hopes it will find a way into that cute little puppy brain of yours.

It must be said that at first I was not your biggest fan. You were a bit hyper and curious, always jumping on me, accidentally scratching me with your puppy nails. I wasn't fond of hearing my manly boyfriend speak to you in babytalk when I so rarely hear it myself. And the hair! I don't like to vacuum as it is, but now I must be on guard at all times so my allergies won't attack.

Its true. I was a little jealous at first. You were so small and looked so cute curled up on J's lap. I, however, would just look like an overgrown baby if I did such and well, you just don't know how much I'd love to nest in his lap.

I was a little annoyed. Always whining for attention, looking at him with those big brown needy puppy eyes. You were his new toy and I had become the old shoe.

But then one day you chose me. You passed J's lap for mine, curled up and stayed there for a good hour. When I stopped petting you, you nudged my hand as if to say "No, not yet. A little more please."

That little nurturing piece of my heart took to you on that day and I can honestly say I miss you when you're gone. I'll miss the Mini Monster dance, the morning breakfast plate pre-cleanings, the cute noises you make. I hope to someday in the future work together with you to pick on your daddy, maybe a hidden slipper or two?

As for now, take care of our Babers when we can't all be together. Keep him entertained, keep him warm, love him.

I'll see you soon, Minnerbait.

Love always,


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My 8

While viewing Proposterous Ponderings, one of my newest favorites, I came upon a post she did called My 8. Since I am (obviously) a blogging thief, you know I stole it! HaHA! *rubbing hands together*

8 things I'm passionate about:

3. Cooking
4. Working to get a sexy bod! hee hee
5. Art (both mine and others)
6. Nutrition
7. Dancing (I can't even stop my hips from jigging in the car to and from work)
8. Doing what I can to make the people I love really feel loved

8 things I would like to do before I die:

1. Visit Italy (where my family originated)
2. Earn a doctorate in psychology
3. Own a freaking house!
4. Own a business based on my creativity
5. Learn a second language (preferably Italian)
6. Have a lasting, loving marriage with best friend
7. Give back to my parents they way they gave/give to me
8. Become the matriarch of my family (some day I want to own the home my family gathers at for every holiday)

8 things I say often:

1.Shut the fuck up (but well blended, like: shutthafuckup)
2.I hate you (used mainly at someone who has something I want, or when J points out a dumb blonde type of moment)
3. Seriously
4. And then what happened? (my mother HATES this one)
5. Squishy hoo hoo (*snort*)
6. I love you? (a babers thing, obviously)
7. You have GOT to be kidding me
8. Whore! (can be used pretty much anytime, and I do just that)

8 books I have read recently: I am going to cheat because I've been slacking off on reading actual books lately. I'll list 8 things I have read lately, with a book or two in there.

1. Such a Lovely Girl
2. Cosmopolitan (so not my type of mag but they have cool quizzes and stuffs)
3. My gym's newsletter (shut the f* up, its cool where I live)
4. Daily blogs, of course
5. Latest Playboy - oh wait, nevermind. This last one didn't have articles...what? oh! It wasn't mine. Pfft.
6. My cookbooks (party planning)
7. Daily Report (for my city)
8.The Truth Above Love (seriously)

8 songs that I could listen to over and over:

1.Possession, Sarah McLachlan
2.Take On Me, A has
3. Stay, 12 Stones
4.Praise You In This Storm, Casting Crowns (chills people. chills.)
5. Don't Close Your Eyes, WhiteSnake
6.Love Bites, Def Leppard
7. Show Me Your Glory, Third Day
8.No Ordinary Love, Sade

8 things which attract me to friends:

1. Great sense of humor
2. Sassiness
3. Good listener
4. Likes to have fun
5. Has morals
6. Not needy or clingy! (no more than 2 phone calls a week please)
7. Crafty-ness is oh so sexy in a friend! Tee hee!
8. Doesn't hurt to be cute, it helps in photos *snicker*

8 people who should do this post: Just dooo it, okay?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Questions Answered

First let me just say - you guys are ruthless!! LBB is going to ruin my reputation if I answer or not. And Steph!! You are going to get me into trouble young lady. You're bad - go to my room!

LBB asked:

1) If you HAD to commit murder -- and were assured you could do it with impunity -- who would you kill?
I cried after accidentally killing a doodlebug once when I was little. I have no hate for anyone enough to kill them. I seriously cannot think of a single person who's life I'd like to end. How boring am I? Now, there is an ex-boyfriend or two I wouldn't mind having voodoo dolls for, but that really is the extent of my meanness. I'm sorry if I've let you down, dear LBB...

2) Would you rather have the power to eat whatever you want without calories or detriment to your health? Or the power to make ANYBODY fall in love you? Those who know me know I have a very strong belief in Fate. Therefore, wanting the power to make someone fall in love with me - I have not the desire for. If he is meant to love me, he will. That said, I would definitely choose the power to eat what I want without worrying about calories. Besides, I like to eat and that would really come in handy when I don't have the time or desire to work out. ;)

3) What's your dream job? Owning my boutique! I dream daily of owning an artsy boutique filled with my own handmake jewelry and other goodies, where the walls are covered with my paintings and photography. I would lasso in my crafty friends goodies and rent wall space inexpensively to starving local artists to give them a little jumpstart on their fame. I would go to market and purchase the coolest clothing, and I wouldn't only have them in sizes 0-4 either! And I would have a shoe wall too. And it would be full of color and inspiration. I could go on for paragraphs with this one!

Papa asked:

Describe the time and place where you would tell a person, "Bitch, I am going to kill you so painfully slow" and know the person your saying it to would bust out laughing.
Papa, you are a scary bird at times, but I can't help but like ya. (And have to now that you and J are BFF...)

I would have to say my ex-roomie Lola. One night we ended up in New Orleans, the weekend before Katrina hit. In bars till 4 am. I took one for the team that night. Yep, girls do it too. Talk to the idiot drunken friend of the guy your girlfriend wants to hook up with. While her guy was very well-mannered, the guy I had to entertain said things like "You have the slamminest face in the bar!!" while crushing beer cans on his forehead.

I think I did threaten to kill her that night. And I'm sure she laughed.

Steph asked:

If you could shag a fellow blogger, who would it be and why?
I've never shagged an Aussie before... And yer sure got a purty mouth, mm hmm.

Now see? My boyfriend surely can't get mad at that one. *wink*

Kelly asked:

What is your favorite memory, and why?
Two really stand out in my mind, from very different time periods. (Can I have two? Please please?)

When I was younger we used to have a really large branchy tree in the middle of our yard. I loved that tree and raced to the back yard every day after school to climb it, hoping to get a little higher up each time to impress my Daddy. I never excelled in my climbing though due to my fear of heights.

Still, I would climb the tree just out of the view of the back window and wait for my father to come home. He would pretend to not know I was up there, walking around his shop and close to the tree, asking my giggling sister where I was. When he found me, he would praise me for climbing higher, though I had not budged from last time.

Sometimes he would climb the beloved tree himself, and man would he get high up there! My mom would come out "Guy! Get your ass - excuse Mommy kids - down from there!!! What, do you think you're 20 again??"

I also adore a somewhat recent memory I like to think of over and over of Babers. When we were new, J and I would go out a lot. Alcohol makes J very sweet and affectionate. He would do this thing where he would drape his arm across to my seat, his hand resting on my shoulder and cupping the back of my head. He would be sharing his feelings while I was driving, all the while petting the back of my head. In his drunken stupor, he didn't realize his pressure and I would often find myself straining to keep my head from pressing into the steering wheel from his heavy petting. *snicker* Once I finally blurted out to him and instead of being hurt he said "Baby? Do you know you're beautiful all the time, or just when I tell you?"

I love that memory.

Names asked:

If you had to wear a shirt that said a phrase or word what would it say?
I would probably wear a shirt that said "Complicated" on it. Those who weren't up for the challenge would avoid me and I would be just that much closer to sharing my life with those who connect and mesh with me best.

Also, what gives you meaning to your life? Definitely the relationships I have with my loved ones, and most importantly with myself. Loving your family and significant others definitely makes life sweeter, but being happy with myself and being the best person I can for my loved ones - that's the challenge. Having only one chance to do it right and working every day for it - how's that for meaning.

Jason asked:

Question numero uno- How much do you miss me?
I miss you like crazy.

Ok, seriously, if you could relive any day in the past what day would it be and why. Would you do things different or is it a day that you would leave the same?

Seriously, I would relive the night we met up again, a year and a half ago.* I know this sounds corny as hell, but that night had a sort of magic to it. We were high off of sexual tension, giddy with all the flirting...

I remember a lot of our conversations word for word. I remember when you asked how about my "irritating little lap dog" and I gasped and told you he had died just months ago. Your face was priceless. I kept looking at my new sandals and exclaiming how cute they were - you ignored my girlish comments and asked me to marry you - six times over the course of 3 hours.

I can still see your face that night. You smiled all night and had the most devilish look on your face. Its my favorite face.

I would leave everything about that night exactly as it was. I wouldn't change a thing. Its the memory that is the farthest away in time in the history of us and yet is so bright and fresh in my mind.

Y'all, that was so much fun. Going down memory lane, exploring my blogger preferences (tee hee), realizing that I'm not in the category of murderers. Thanks. :)

*"That night Jand I met up again" - J and I have known each other for almost half of our lives already. We were friends in high school. Afterwards, we drifted apart. We saw each other every few years or so, one year working together waiting tables. I guess Fate was just testing us out, pulling us apart and bringing us back together every so often. Eventually we met up again. Just thought I should explain.

Friday, November 09, 2007

My PostSecret

If you've never been to the PostSecret website:

#1. You're missing out.

#2. Go there, IMMEDIATELY! PostSecret

When viewing the website this week I thought "Why not post a secret of my own?" Maybe I'll keep it up and do one every Friday or just one every once in a while (because we all know how non-committal I am when it comes to blogging. Example: Dates from Hell. There are so many more but I just get bored easily.)

Today's Secret

My boss dictates emails to me while sitting beside me at my desk. He will tell me when he wants to start a new paragraph, or how to spell things along the way. He is basically an idiot, grammatically speaking. He doesn't realize this though. So, when he tells me to send the email I pretend to do so... and when he leaves my desk I pull it back up and correct it for him before sending so he won't look like a complete idiot.

So my secret is definitely a small, insignificant one, unlike the ones on PostSecret. I just finished an email for my boss and felt it necessary to share my "secret". Do you have one?


Question Time People!

And now I'd like to copy a neat idea Names had used (that I believe he borrowed from another blogger). If you want to join in, leave a question for me in the comment box. The question can be about anything - I am an open book and will pretty much answer anything! (Within reason Papa...) ;)

Hope everyone has an fantabulous weekend!


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Seriously. My boyfriend is CRAZY.

But, I love it.

Babers stayed with me last night because he had a luncheon here today. It was soo nice to have him here in the middle of the week with me. I miss it. Plus, I got the best sleep ever last night. Snuggles and spooning and feet-touching all night. *sigh*

I come in this evening from work and he had left me little sticky notes EVERYWHERE. An "I miss you" on the door. "Still miss you" on my bar. I found one of the little devils in my microwave when warming up my gourmet Lean Cuisine - "You warm me up inside". And my favorites: "When we first met, you scrambled my eggs", strategically placed in my fridge (photo above) and below, "I love what you're looking at" on my bathroom mirror. I didn't realize my boyfriend could be so creative.

Yes, I'm talking on the phone while taking photos. Shut it up. I multi-task, okay?

Thank you babe. I know you how much you like for me to brag on you. And you know I know that you do. Cuz you do. And I know that.

Ooookkkaaayyyy. So, I'm not going to say I'm sorry anymore for posting about me and J and all the love fests. Why should I?? I feel a little bad because I'm sure it bores people, but when I'm inspired to post about something, I don't feel like I should hold back for fear of making my readers puke all over their keyboards. Wear a bib yo! *I LOVE MY BABERS!!!* And besides, I'm one of those people that really appreciate when others talk about their better halves and significant others *cough* Rox & Names *cough cough* and enjoy reading about it. There should be more of it!!! *cough* Kelly *cough*

Wait, one more:


Y'all. Am I the only one who gets so freakin' inspired this time of year that it even starts to get on your own nerves?? Cuz its happening. To me. Right. Now.

The cold weather and fuzzy socks and warm sweaters. The colors of the holidays everywhere. The smells, the sounds... its contagious. I am buzzing with inspiration and my cup runneth over.

I'm falling in love with J all over again. Just can't get enough of him. Poor guy, I hung onto him for a good ten minutes this morning telling him goodbye. I was tempted to call in sick. (Yeah, lurve sick, bwah ha ha ha *snort*)

I'm researching for some sort of direction in hopes of opening my own boutique someday in the near future. I'm inspired to make jewelry and paint and scrapbook and just create.

I've been Christmas shopping for a month now, but suddenly I am ate up with it. I'm trying to out-do myself, like usual. I'm in list mode: I have lists of what presents I've bought for what people, what presents I have left to buy and a list for cards and a list for holiday to-dos.

I'm crazy inspired to cook and make treats for the holidays and its only early November!!! I have a list for that too.

I am making myself crazy. CRAZY I SAY! And I can't stop. I will run myself ragged in the end and when I'm sitting on the couch at the end of Christmas day, I will be sore and tired and broke, but smiling my ass off. Cuz I love this time of year and everything it represents and everything it does for me. Love, love, LOVE.

I just had to get that out. Better close shop for the night. I'm tired... And blogger is being stoopid tonight with its spacing.

Oh yeah. Had a really great weekend with pics and post to share. Will definitely get that out before the week is up.

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Daily Dose of Giggles

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Monday, November 05, 2007

Cute Kiddo Photos

The beloved niece and nephew on Halloween before their trick or treating adventures. Can you tell what they went as?

The last is just a random shot. Am I the only one that laughed out loud when seeing this pic? I've looked at it a dozen times since I first saw it and it tickles me to pieces.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 of My Favorite TV Shows

FIRST - before I get into the list, I have to make right a serious error I made on this list. Obviously I was delirious from all the preparing I was doing last night for our weekend of camping and left out two of the most important shows - The Office and Survivorman. My boyfriend is hurt and I would be too. We bond over these shows. I'm serious. We watch the shows together, but miles apart, and text each other through them.

The Office. I can't get enough of the ackward humor in this show. I cringe at the things Michael does and double over in laughter at Dwight and the jokes Jim pulls on him. In the earlier shows, J & I really enjoyed watching Jim and Pam flirt with each other... Jim wanting Pam and not being able to do anything because of her being an engaged woman and all, and Pam making cute comments in her confessionals about Jim. And of course, I love when they team up on Dwight.

Survivorman. Kind of like Man vs. Wild, except he doesn't do nasty stuff like pee on his shirt and wrap it on his head to keep cool. Survivorman is genuinely cool and interesting fella and ain't afraid to admit when he's scared when hearing a cougar noise in the woods at night.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program....

1. 30 Minute Meals with Rachal Ray. As soon as I get home, I plop my lazy bum on the couch for about 30 minutes and learn how to make a quick mash or “stoup”, or learn how to prepare yummies for a party in less than 30 minutes. I love her quirkiness and the way she makes up ridiculous words for things.

2. Top Model. You may think I’m the vain-type for watching this, or you may even think I’m still in high school. You are mistaken. I'm a 29 year old woman who watches a bunch of skinny teens in all their superficial drama fight their way up the catwalk to be Tyra Banks’ girl.

3. John & Kate Plus 8. Please tell me you have seen this show on TLC. Adorable. A couple who cannot naturally get pregnant try again with the help of medicine and end up with two sets of multiples. The second batch are sextuplets. Its just amazing (to me) to watch this couple cut corners and basically run their home like a boot camp in order to raise all their children in the most natural environment possibly. My mouth drops as I watch Kate spend only $150 per week on groceries with all of her coupons and specials that she spends the kids nap time collecting, or as I watch John bathe six children in assembly-line fashion. Saturday morning pancakes for breakfast is my favorite episode. Just watch it. I’ve gone on way too much.

4. So You Think You Can Dance. Shut it up. I was in dance for 10 years growing up so its dear to me. I love watching these kids improve weekly and their get-ups are fierce!

5. Dirty Jobs. I usually only watch this when Babers is home because he likes it. Still, I catch it during the week and find it very disgusting and yet oh so educational.

6. Everyday Italian. Giada is this annoyingly cute little Italian girl who whips up healthy and delicious Italian recipes. I like her show because she uses a lot of my favorites in different ways - cheeses, herbs, pasta and cheeses. Oh, and cheeses.

7. Flip That House. I would someday like to flip a house. Preferably the one I’m living in so there’s less anxiety. Still, until that day comes, I’m fine just watching others do this on television.

8. What Not To Wear. Ladies, you know you watch this too. I love when Stacy stomps all over the victim’s clothing and then builds her back up into this beautiful butterfly who has shed her Walmart graphic tees and now dons hot designer apparel.

9. Girls Next Door. Come on, Playboy bunnies in all their glory? Each show is sure to promise a little blurred out nudity and hilarious remarks from Hef.

10. E! News. If I'm not watching the local news in the morning, I'm watching this. Yes, I realize its a sad thing to admit, but sometimes I get tired of hearing about the murder downtown, or the new disease that was discovered, or how to budget, and go for a little shallow celebrity news.

11. Last One Standing. Six athletes are brought to live and train with tribes, the locations I can't recall at the moment... They go through some serious rituals and brutal training to prepare to fight the athletes of the tribes. A little bit of eye candy for the women and much education!

12. The Simple Life. This is another one that I probably should be embarrassed to admit watching, but I'm seriously sad that the show is over! Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton are the biggest retards and I just can't get enough of them.

13. Kimora - Life in the Fab Lane. Um, hello. She's beautiful and has a crazy wardrobe and three assistants!!!! She can be a diva and its fun to watch her mini-dramas. This is my most recent girlie-show obsession.

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