Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello Lover...

Someone went shopping this week. A new job calls for new items in the wardrobe. Thought you girls might enjoy a little shoe parade...

Kelly, I know your love for shoes. I'm hoping this brings a smile to your face!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pistachios, Paranoia and My First Day

My first day at the new job was supposed to be July 7th. Change of plans. My old boss, DB (the nickname J tagged him with, abbreviation for "douchebag") decides that he doesn't need me after all. Says I can go on to the new position.

What an arrogant fucktard. (There, I feel better. Don't you?)

The first day rocked. Seriously. Like woah. Sweet ass office with a huge window that looks out into the courtyard, laid back boss who's younger than me by 2 years, and finally doing what I went to college for.

All this time I've been feeling sooo guilty. My parents put me through college, my major being graphics design. I was/am one of those artsy fartsy chics that you know, sans the long hair, paint stained jeans and piercings. Anyway, I decide I can't make a living on oil painting or photography straight out of college, so I major in GD. Little did I know that you can't make a good living as a GD unless you move to NYC... I work for the last 3-4 years in jobs with a little design work here and there, but nothing to brag about.

Now I'm in my own little graphic design heaven, making beautiful, tight little clean brochures for a real estate company. And I'll get to visit the sites for a little photography for these brochures as well. *sigh* I know, I'm a dork. Bite me.

Besides the loveliness in the new job world, I've got a little photo post in the works. Swears. I'm dedicating it to one of my dearest bloggy friends, Kelly, who definitely needs a little pick me up. And girl, do I have some photos that will!

In other news, Preggers Polgara has tagged me! And you know how much I love talking about myself. Hell, who doesn't?


What was I doing ten years ago?
Studying to be a graphic designer, taking photography & oil painting courses, living at home with parents, being a wild child on the weekends with my friends going dancing and such.

What are five things on my list to do this weekend?
Search for bridal and bridesmaid jewelry
House/land hunt
Take nephew to the river for first time
HNMN with the Babers
Maybe dinner out with my fiance so neither of us will have to cook or clean!

Snacks I enjoy?
As of late I am addicted to PISTACHIOS. *drool* Also enjoy grapes, turkey weiners (lol, I'm serious!), and J's cajun popcorn (aka popcorn with hot sauce, cajun seasoning and spray butter)

Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire?
I agree with Pol's answer on this one. I'd make few select friends/family millionares, mainly so they wouldn't bug me for lunch money. Then I'd pay off the little debt my parents have and set them up for the rest of their lives, buy me and Babers a house/land and then get busy traveling!

Three of my bad habits?
Clutter (Can't seem to let go of boxes. I hoard them for some reason...)
Paranoia - every single flipping time I leave the house I absolutely HAVE to go back inside and check to see if I've turned the hair iron off. Every. Single. Time. (Its exhausting people.)
Worry (I had to ask J for help with this question, the last he said was that I worry too much. So there you have it.)

Five places I have lived?
Have only lived in one place really, lived in Ruston, LA for a semester of college and then high tailed it back home cuz I missed everyone.

Five jobs I've had?
Graphics Designer
Waitress (college days)
Administrative Assistant
Association Coordinator
Photographer (for a summer in college)

How did you name your blog?
I wrote a book of poetry when I was younger over the span of 3 years or so and Another Day in the Same Life just popped into my head. That line in itself just seemed so poetic and yet so simple to me and it eventually stuck.

I tag: those who wanna take it! Go ahead, you know you wanna...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


In a slump but want a good rump?


Have nothing to do and in a good mood?


That's Half Naked Movie Night people. *meow!*

Okay, enough of the cheese, let me just tell you - Cosmopolitan is one of those magazines that I've always looked at but made fun of the whole time I'm flipping through it.

Until last week.

The article read something like "Fun Things to do with Your Guy". Simple, right? Well, I looked. J and I are always looking for something to do. Something inexpensive. (Wedding! House!) And most likely, something we will run into the ground. Cuz that's how we roll.

Number 3 thing-to-do: Half Naked Movie Night. One piece of clothing each, one great movie. Again, simple. Right?

This really is not anything out of the ordinary for the man, the Half Naked part that is. Most men already climb into bed with just their boxers. But me? I'm not much of a sex pot. You'll see me mostly in shorties and a soft cotton football style t-shirt. Poor J. ;)

So try it if you're looking for something to do with your guy. Its a lot of fun, really. Just don't expect to actually view the movie.

Or even the previews for that matter.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Grass Appears Greener

Well friends, I have landed a new job.

I knew I would eventually find a job. I was getting interviews and offers, but nothing said "pick me!" Disappointed, frustrated, and plain old worn out, I'd keep plowing through the paper and job sites.

To keep a long story short, on my way back from lunch Wednesday my boss called my cell. He does this a lot. I can tell him I'm going out for lunch and he just has to call me in the middle of it to ask me something that can most definitely wait till I get back.

Wait. Didn't I say I was going to keep this short?

So I answer the phone and he tells me to hurry back, he's got a surprise for me. As I walk in the office I see him and a real estate agent that has been working with us a lot recently sitting in the conference room. They both smile and my boss tells me to shut the door behind me.

First he tells me he can't pay my salary this week. I give him a look. He has zero humor skills, zero personality. I know he's lying. He laughs and tells me no, he's joking. No shit, Sherlock.

Basically in conversation, my boss mentioned his contract loss and Brent (the RE agent) asked how it was going to affect him. This is where my boss mentioned having to let me go and cut pay hours for another co-worker. Well, Brent just so happens to need an assistant and has been interviewing with no luck for the past two weeks.

And there's your fit. So, Brent offered me a position doing the same work and keeping my pay the same, but for a far less stressful work environment. This guy is one of the nicest, mild mannered guys I've had to work with and I'm estatic to step into this new company.

I get my own office again. I will no longer hear "JILLL!!!!!" yelling from the other room. No more picking up behind a nasty bastard. No more straddling toilet seats to miss.... ehh, sorry guys. That's huge for me. No more extreme ADD man who takes ten tries to form a freaking sentence. No more dictation.

I can keep going, but frankly, I'm boring myself.

Babers and I are celebrating tonight! Not sure what we're doing, but I'm sure it will be followed by half-naked movie night. (That's another post.)

No more anxiety, bitterness, frustration. I'm back in the game peeps! Now, where's my wedding planner book...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Things I've Learned...

... in the past few weeks:

1. The saying "Don't know what you've got till its gone" is true and alive in the office this week.

I've been explaining my duties to the one and only co-worker that will be there when I leave and she looks terrified. Also, I've been complimented on my "skill", "maturity level" and "intelligence" and thanked for my "hard work" more in the past week than I ever have working here. Go figure.

2. The meaning of true friends.

As soon as I announced that I was engaged to be married, my real friends came out of the woodwork. As you all know from past blogs, my best, most favorite friends just so happen to live either out of state or out of town. This surprisingly works well for us as we all have busy lives and prefer less needy, more independent friends. We can pick right up were we left off last and nothing has changed.

These friends have offered their help, their support, their ideas for me and J's special evening, and I have appreciated each and every word, call and email.

When I mentioned to friends about my position (or lack thereof) here at work, friends immediately lended a helping hand in the right direction. One friend helped by putting an extra pair of eyes on my resume and cover letter, others told me of job openings.

I feel loved and blessed to have such terrific, caring people in my life.

3. How much of a rock my fiance is.

He has pretty much taken over the responsibilities of primary care-taker of the household. We've always been pretty equal in chores, but Babers has gone beyond the call of duty this week. He has been so supportive of my situation. He hit the grocery earlier this week when our meat supply was barren and filled our fridge and freezer. He's taken over the cooking this week without request, has stayed by my side quietly all week while I've spent countless hours pouring over sites for openings and tweaking resumes and cover letters, and walks the complex with me in the evenings. The dishes are magically cleaned as well as the entire kitchen. He has no idea how much of a stress relief he has been for me.

And fyi, today is his birthday! I'm taking him to a supposedly fantastic restaurant tonight. I'll post photos and stuff after when I get a chance.

Last but not least, this week I have learned...

3. I am not too old for girl crushes.

Go check out my myspace page and click on the video. Me love some Kerli.

Peace out peeps. I hope to visit you all soon and see what you're up to. Word.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hi guys... I've been absent due to a wrench thrown into my once blissful life. My position at the small office I work for has come to an end and I am consumed with resume updating and searching for the next best thing.

No worries, I'm not freaking yet. And no, I wasn't fired - my boss is a developer and his main source of income is no longer. So, cutting my position is the most reasonable option for his tiny office to stay afloat. I have no hard feelings. I would have been searching for a new job in the near future anyway, as you know, I really didn't like my job anyway. And I'm putting that nicely. I just didn't expect this to happen in the midst of planning a wedding and potentially buying a house, which doing at the same time is overwhelming, even more so while searching for a new job. Yikes!

This is a new beginning for me. Wish me luck! Miss you all so much... *sob*

Thursday, June 05, 2008

New Pretties

Just put some new stuff up, got a wedding to pay for, thought I should get my butt into gear. :)

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