Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Photos to Share

I'll be out of the office most of the day tomorrow so I thought I'd leave a little photo post. I was finally able to download pics from the last few months, so I'll probably be cramming down your throats in the next week or so.

Paw Paw with his first grand daughter. Aww I love my Daddy... *sniff*

She just recently found her tongue, as you can see.

See? She looks just like me...

My nephew and niece. Cute kids huh?

Until next time, muah!


First I’d like to thank my Babers for an awesome weekend: all I’ve ever really wanted in life are late night talks on my patio fueled with beer, an IHOP partner on Sunday mornings, and someone to help my indecisive ass choose home furnishings (such as a comforter).

Now, you may or may not remember a post sometime last summer when I had some friends over for bbq chicken and French fries. BBQ at Bean's. Well, that night I made a statement that would soon mark itself in Jason and I’s future – The Night of the Grease Fire.

Jason doesn’t cook often, but when he does, he makes a mean pork chop and really awesome fried mushrooms. Saturday night after taking the steaks off the pit, Jason comes in to work on the mushrooms. To make a long story short, a little oil spillage happened mid-frying and Jason made a remark about a possible grease fire. Nervous, I opened the pantry to see where the fire extinguisher was and as I was doing so, Jason said he saw a quick flame pop out from under the pot.

“Grab the flour,” he tells me, “Just in case.”

Jason turns his head for a second and I see the flame. Squealing, I make out the words “grease fire!!” and he scoops up the flour, takes the pot of boiling oil and mushrooms off the stove and begins throwing flour at the flames. I’m freaking out and at this point he’s looking a bit nervous.

“Get a towel babe, quick.” I run to grab a towel out the laundry basket and I’m thinking – A damp one? A dry one? Which one’s better???

“Hurry babe!” Jason says loudly. Squealing again, I run into the kitchen and throw the towel at him. After just a minute or so the entire apartment is filled with smoke, burning our eyes and making it hard to breathe without coughing.

“Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppp!!!” Then the damn smoke detector goes off. I run to the hall and try yanking it off the wall. It’s hanging from its wires and still screaming its ass off, so I slam my hand into it a couple times, seeing as I’m not tall enough to look at what button to push. Jason come behind me and turns it off.

We just look at each other like “Did we just go through that?” It was the most bizarre thing, something you are warned of but never actually see. As I’m opening the doors and turning up the speed on the fans, Jason says aloud “Well I guess I could have just turned off the stove when the oil spilled in the first place.”

It was quite a hilarious event and yet we really didn’t laugh much while or after it was happening. Later, Babers posted his rendition of the evening’s events on our dry-erase board. Now usually I’m the dry erase board artist, but I must say, this particular drawing is a very accurate recording of the incident and tickles me every time I look at it. Note the beer that stayed in Jason’s hand throughout most of the grease fire fiasco.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thought I'd try this out, looked like fun. Just one more thing to keep me from working...

Things I Am Thankful For
(In no specific order)

1. pajama pants
2. babers!
3. cheese (any and all kinds)
4. my health
5. my family
6. my sense of humor
7. my boobs
8. Saturday sleep ins
9. pizza delivery
10. air conditioning
11. baber naps
12. people who read my posts and actually comment (which makes me feel like less of a loser, sniff sniff)
13. num numming

Don’t hate my mostly superficial list, it was all in fun. *sticking tongue out*
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Bosses and Their Nasty Habits

When I first started the job I’m at now I thought, “Office is nice, work is interesting, boss is great.” And then that thought about my boss all fell to shit when I went to the office restroom one day. Upon approaching the porcelain beauty, I was confronted with a horrible image. Immediately I thought, woops – someone got distracted and forgot to flush. But it wasn’t just a one-time thing. Since then, almost every time I’ve been to the bathroom (unfortunately after my boss) I have found something new to be disgusted by. First the whole forgetting to flush thing, then the peeing on the floor, and then the peeing all over the seat. I mean really, you’re a fucking grown ass man and you can’t make it into the humongous toilet bowl hole??

I am beyond disgusted. I guess that’s the downfall of working in a small office with a shared, unisex bathroom.

So, the bathroom situation got me thinking – is it the same with all bosses?? My last boss also had a nasty ass habit of picking his nose right in front of you. I remember the first offense as if it were yesterday…

Boss: “And then I would like you to call the board and arrange a meeting.”
Me: “Would you prefer I book on –“
Finger inserted into nose.
Me: Blank stare. “…and…um…”

I can still hear my co-worker laughing as I walked off from my boss mid-sentence, unable to complete my thought due to his nasty little habit.

Sorry for the gross post – hope you guys aren’t reading this mid-lunch. The ranting does help. Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Silly Fears

WARNING: The following post may list things that you possibly have not thought of to fear before. Apologies in advance.

Most people know that I’m a worrier. I think about situations that most likely will never happen and yet prepare for them mentally just in case they do.

1. Parents finding sexual paraphernalia at my untimely death. When I was single, my room mate promised to discard of my toy (singular, I have one, don’t judge me) and anything that may lead my parents to believe I was anything less than a wholesome young lady, should I die. I imagine them sobbing quietly while packing my journals and shoe collection, and then both having heart attacks when opening my nightstand. I no longer have a room mate and have recently asked Jason to discard all things naughty, including any lacy nighties (that I never wear but for some reason still have).

2. “Tooting” in my sleep. Thanks to the movie Good Will Hunting, I now have a (small) fear of tooting in my sleep. If you haven’t seen the movie, one of the characters is reminiscing about his deceased wife to a patient. He tells a story of how his beloved wife would sometimes fart so loud in her sleep that it would wake her. “Wha? Was that you??” she would sleepily ask her husband, to which he’d reply “Yes dear, sorry. That was me. Go back to sleep.” He said he didn’t have the heart to tell her, all the while laughing hysterically at the memory. I hope my husband also doesn’t have the heart to tell me should this unfortunate thing happen to me.

3. Being terribly out of style or “not with it”. I try to pick clothes that are simple and classic, and now turn to my sister (who’s a hairstylist) to make sure my hair is hip. Make up is something I usually keep simple. Still, I worry that one day I will end up like one of those women on What Not to Wear or 10 Years Younger who suddenly doesn’t have a clue. Who wakes up one day wearing her husbands cut off sweats and has crazy eyebrows, all the while her kids and husband glaring at her with disgust.

There's more silly fears brewing inside this worry wart, but I'll save them... maybe for another post. :) Do you have any silly fears?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Easy Cheesy Enchiladas

Warning – I am on a semi-health kick. The title of this post for the following recipe sounds delicious and the ingredients are low-fat or fat free, but the end result really is yummo! (So stole that line from Rachal Ray…)

1 lb lean ground meat
2 cans Campbell southwest fiesta cheddar soup (low-fat or fat free kind)*
light or fat free sour cream
light shredded Mexican cheese (jack & cheddar or something of the like)
fresh cilantro
1 onion
a couple stalks of green onion
enchilada seasoning (dry packet, try McCormick)
one 8 oz can tomato sauce
corn tortillas

Brown ground meat in skillet, add half of chopped onion, a handful of chopped green onions and a handful of chopped cilantro. Season with a little chili powder, cumin, salt and pepper.

In separate bowl mix tomato sauce, enchilada sauce packet and amount of water called for on the packet. Mix well and put about half of that mixture in the ground meat once the meat and other ingredients are fully cooked. The meat should be chunky and juicy, not swimming in the sauce.

In small pot put the 2 cans of cheddar soup and 1 can of milk in pot to heat. (You are using less than called for amount of milk to make the cheesy goodness thicker.) Add a tablespoon of sour cream. * If you can’t find this soup in your grocery, using regular Campbell’s Cheddar soup and a can of Rotel is just fine.) I also gussied up the soup mixture with a little salt, pepper, chili powder and onion powder for extra kick.

Heat tortillas in non-greased skillet and put a spoonful or two of ground meat mixture in each, topping the meat with shredded cheese. Roll each up and place in baking dish. After you’ve filled your baking dish, top with shredded cheese, then pour Mexican cheddar soup mixture over all enchiladas and top with more shredded cheese. Sooo good!

Made it up myself and tried it this weekend with J. We loved it and hope you like as well!!

P.S. – If you like all things spicy, I suggest throwing a can of Rotel in with the soups anyway or maybe adding jalapenos to the ground beef mixture.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Five Things Made for Men That Are Better on Women

See the full story with pictures here.

Kelly has introduced me to a few sites by way of her blog that are now in my favorites for daily reading. The Best Article Every Day posted a nice little article that I thought everyone would enjoy, especially the guys. (Jason, I will agree to wear everything but the tie, including the motorcycle if you don't stare at the chic in the last photo too long... hee hee.)

Five Things Made for Men That Are Better on Women

1. Boy briefs
2. Ties
3. Sport Jerseys
4. Baseball caps
5. Motorcycles

The only ones I seriously agree to are #1 and #4 . I'm sure most females own a pair of boy briefs, especially seeing as how they land two of our necessities when it comes to undies: cute and comfy.

And the baseball cap thing - a must have in my wardrobe, and a "need" for 4 wheeling. Now that my hair can no longer be pulled into a pony tail, baseball caps are my savoir. After the first ride with short hair I spent 20 minutes getting the knots out. I now own 4 caps.

So go read the article - silly but fun.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Naps, Ditch Diving and Killer Mosquitoes

Most of you know J is living out of town due to his project/job location. It’s been a few months and we felt it necessary that I make the hike to see him in his new living environment. I have never made a trip longer than 30 minutes or further than 30 miles on my own. So, when Jason told me it was a straight shot I was relieved. But then when he told me I had to cross the Atchafalaya basin, all I could think about was the possibility of being knocked off the bridge to my death. Or worse, not to my death and faced with human eating alligators.

The trip was a cinch. When I see him, I am like a little girl on Christmas morning. He cooks me dinner – pork chops, mashed potatoes and Cajun gravy, and spicy boiled mushrooms. A little southern din din. We watch Ghost Rider (which we don’t recommend) and it’s soon bed time.

The next morning all of J’s plans for us are shot to hell. We’re staying in J’s camper trailer on a piece of his co-worker’s 600+ acres of property, surrounded by trees, pastures and cows. And it’s raining. Hard. And there’s nothing even semi-entertaining for less than an hour’s drive away. And, because of the rain, we can’t go 4 wheel riding or canoeing.

I recall saying that J and I could have fun in a room with no windows. This weekend truly backed that statement up. And we had some help! Over the course of 45 hours together, we managed to spend only 21 hours of complete “awake” time together. Meaning we slept for 24 hours of the weekend which included 4 hours of napping. 4 HOURS. If two people sleep 10 hours two nights in a row, why would they need a nap??? Because our naps are yummy, that’s why. Puhh. Fuhh. Shhu.

Besides the sleeping, we passed the time taking little road trips to see different areas of Jason’s project and his office. It was cool to have a visual on things so I know where his ass is when he’s leaving me sweet blog comments. Heh heh.

On the way home we did a little “ditch diving”. The road he lives off of is dirt and gravel (like I said, he’s in the country) and as we’re driving down it he shows me how he speeds up in the curves to let the tail end of his truck swing around. Puts a couple butterflies in yer belly, but its fun none the less... That is, until you go a little too far and slide into a ditch on said gravel road with no shoulder. Bump! Bump! and BRANCHES IN THE FACE!! And then… TA DAAA! Jason’s full of talent, yes siree! He swerves back up out of the ditch just in the nick of time. *whew* Suuurrre, its all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Then there’s the mosquito swatting. After a good rain there’s bound to be a few mosquitoes around, but let me tell you – the size of these suckers will have you running for shelter. Killer mosquitoes on steroids!!

It may not have been a romantic trip, but it definitely gave us a few humorous stories to tell. (Which, by the way, are way better in person with hand motions and noises…)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Inanimate Objects

This is a postcard that is displayed on one of my favorite websites, PostSecret. I got a lump in my throat when I saw this today because it reminds me of my childhood.

As a child, the final step of making my bed would be to strategically place all 31 of my stuffed animals on the bed. “Strategically” because I knew which animals were friends and which weren’t. (I wouldn’t dare place Tigger next to my stuffed mouse because he may get hungry for a little mouse snack during the day.) I also placed them on the bed because I thought it was more comfortable, and I thought they would be less likely to “get me” while I slept at night because in order to sleep in my bed, the 31 animals had to sleep on the floor. And who likes that?

Later on my sister began showing signs of believing the same thing. I had long since grown out of the idea that my stuffed animals were animate during the day, but found it so sweet that my sister thought the same, even though I had not been a part of creating this belief. I found myself positioning her stuffed animals while she was out of the room to back up her theory… Sometimes my toothbrush would be missing. Magically my little sis would find Cabbage Patch girl red-handed. Interrupted in a game of hide and seek by my sister’s presence, Raggedy Ann and Pooh Bear would be found peeking out from under her bed.

I had completely forgotten about this!! It amazes me, the things we share and do as siblings when we are young. It makes me want to have a sit-down with my sister and reminisce about all the silly things we did for one another. Or even better - pull some adult prankage on my sister now.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

7 Random Facts. You're Next.

I was unfairly tagged by Kelly. *sigh* Okay, we all know everyone loves these things so why front? Its a chance to blog about yourself.

The Rules:

Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of the post list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know they are tagged by leaving them a comment.

7 Random Facts About Myself

1.) I can wiggle my ears. How does one come to know this about themselves? I have no idea, but I can wiggle on demand and you can actually see my ears moving.

2.) I am afraid of the dark. Have been since I was a child. Still sleep with a night light. I’m pretty ok if someone is in the dark with me, but if I’m alone and find the night light has burned out when I turn my overhead light off to go to sleep, I wig out. Heart beats fast, hold my breath, the whole nine.

3.) I secretly wanted to be a microbiologist or psychologist. I graduated college in the graphic design/fine arts field but took every class allowed to me as an art major for microbiology and psychology. In reality I knew that landing a job in the field of graphic design would be more likely than becoming a psychologist or microbiologist where I live. Sometimes I would like to kick myself in the rear.

4.) One of my worst fears is of being attacked or mugged. Since a young age I’ve had it in my head that it will happen to me someday. Like it’s something I can’t get out of… its just going to happen and I can’t prevent it.

5.) I adore movies with human struggle in them, mostly ones that have a main character that has a disorder or a disability or psychological problem. For example: Girl, Interrupted, Good Will Hunting, and The Piano. I find movies that yank the most emotion out of me to be the most fulfilling.

6.) I am terrified that I will turn out to be like the women in my family. Not going to elaborate on this one.

7.) I used to read the Encyclopedia. Not just when I was a kid, but even when I was living with my parents at 21. And not just when I was bored. Information vacuum. I love learning stuff.

Okay now that everyone thinks I’m a loon, I’ll have to taggeth someone else. Like Kelly, I don’t think I have many readers, so let’s see:







Shoot. I can make 7. Did I miss anyone? lol.

Monday, July 09, 2007

More than meets the eye

When I was first asked by my boyfriend if I would go with him to see the Transformers movie, I gave him a look and replied "Maybe that's a movie you and Mike should go see together..."

I hardly wanted to watch a movie that was based on a toy that my brother played with as a child. (Imagine constant transforming and robot noises coming out of a kid's mouth for hours on end.) I never really saw the point: a toy that transforms from a car to a robot, orrrr maybe an airplane to a robot. Wow. What's it good for after that? Barbie, on the other hand, could transform into many things: evening Barbie for a night out with Ken or maybe Hawaiian Barbie for another vacation. Endless possibilities.

Anyways, it wasn't until I saw the intriguing trailer in the theatre to see Spiderman that I decided I wanted to see Transformers. It seemed to have everything I needed to stay awake in the movie theatre: comedy, a teen love connection and some really awesome graphics (enter Jill the nerd).

Let me just tell you, it was hands down the best movie I've seen in the theatre in a while. (Before that it was The Notebook. I know, sad right?) At one point in the movie I found myself tighting my grip on J's hand while watching the action scenes. Then, of course being the ultra-aware person that I am, I became paranoid about doing it again and paid attention... only to notice J was doing it too. Yesss! Other times I had completely forgotten I was in the movie theatre at all. (Did I just unawaringly do something I'd only do at home while watching a rental??? *gasp*)

Still, it was one of those movies that you actually wait to read the credits on. A movie with a great pace and not a second of downtime. You know those movies. Movies that are 2 hours long but seem so short. Movies that are so captivating that you have forgotten about your popcorn for fear of missing a second when just moments ago you were elbow deep in the buttery goodness. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

Now I've really built it up for you with my rave review. Guess if you haven't seen it already, you really shouldn't go. Sorry guys. ;) Just wanted to note that this was a really cute movie, one I plan to purchase for my stock.

(Btw, have you guys been to the movies lately? Even a Sunday matinee at the theatre will wallet-rape you these days!!)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cows can be funny

Have you seen the Happy Cows commercials? They are just so darn funny and charming. I literally stop whatever I'm doing to watch them. They are my 2nd favorite - the Sonic commercials being my number 1. Okay, maybe its a toss up.

Check 'em out. They may jist put a smile on yer face.

Happy Cows

Monday, July 02, 2007

Funny Read of the Day


“Hi honey. This is Daddy. Is Mommy near the phone?”

“No Daddy. She’s upstairs in the bedroom with Uncle Paul.”

After a brief pause, Daddy says, “But honey, you haven’t got an Uncle Paul.”

“Oh yes I do, and he’s upstairs in the room with Mommy, right now.”

Brief Pause. “Uh, okay then, this is what I want you to do. Put the phone down on the table, run upstairs and knock on the bedroom door and shout to Mommy that Daddy’s car just pulled into the driveway.”

“Okay Daddy, just a minute.”

A few minutes later the little girl comes back to the phone. “I did it Daddy.”

“And what happened honey?” he asked.

“Well, Mommy got all scared, jumped out of bed with no clothes on and ran around screaming. Then she tripped over the rug, hit her head on the dresser and now she isn’t moving at all!”

“Oh my God!!! What about your Uncle Paul?”

“He jumped out of the bed with no clothes on, too. He was all scared and he jumped out of the back window and into the swimming pool. But I guess he didn’t know that you took out the water last week to clean it. He hit the bottom of the pool and I think he’s dead.”

***Long Pause***

***Longer Pause***

***Even Longer Pause***

Then Daddy says, “Swimming pool? Is this 486-5731?”

Toot toot

Can I just toot a horn real quick on the current job status? (Tough, I'm doing it anyway...)

I have been on a journey through some seriously dead end jobs…

First job was in my field of study straight out of college. I was a graphic designer at a studio where I was creatively challenged every day as well as financially challenged. After 2 years of being poor, I moved on.

Second job was in a field I had never even heard of before – association management. While it was it a very stressful, thankless job, it did challenge me and I was fulfilled in a way. I was able to do a little traveling and developed many great skills and habits. But, most jobs have a balance of good and bad. When I finally told my SOB of a boss good bye, I was able to take along with me three great friends that I still adore and talk to on a regular basis.

Third job. *smirk* This is what I like to call a "stepping stone". I so desperately wanted out of my previous job that I took the first job that went up the scale in pay and what I thought sounded like a prestigious position. Ah, how I was mistaken. After being the community complaint center and defending myself on a regular basis for happenings I had no control over, I began a real search for a career. I was tired of positions with asshole bosses and catty women, where ridiculous things like filing was more important to your boss that tending to your deadlines.

The point of my rambling? For once in my life I am in a position where I feel part of a team, where I am thanked every day for what I’ve done to help someone else’s life a little easier. I learn something new every day and while most days fly in a rush to close a deal, I also have days that are so laid back we take 2 hour lunches just shooting the bull with the boss. Can’t beat that.

Most of the time people just speak out to complain and never really broadcast the good. Flipping the switch on ya. ;)

So anyway, I’m just as happy as a tick on a fat dog and just wanted to share. Toot toot.

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