Monday, July 09, 2007

More than meets the eye

When I was first asked by my boyfriend if I would go with him to see the Transformers movie, I gave him a look and replied "Maybe that's a movie you and Mike should go see together..."

I hardly wanted to watch a movie that was based on a toy that my brother played with as a child. (Imagine constant transforming and robot noises coming out of a kid's mouth for hours on end.) I never really saw the point: a toy that transforms from a car to a robot, orrrr maybe an airplane to a robot. Wow. What's it good for after that? Barbie, on the other hand, could transform into many things: evening Barbie for a night out with Ken or maybe Hawaiian Barbie for another vacation. Endless possibilities.

Anyways, it wasn't until I saw the intriguing trailer in the theatre to see Spiderman that I decided I wanted to see Transformers. It seemed to have everything I needed to stay awake in the movie theatre: comedy, a teen love connection and some really awesome graphics (enter Jill the nerd).

Let me just tell you, it was hands down the best movie I've seen in the theatre in a while. (Before that it was The Notebook. I know, sad right?) At one point in the movie I found myself tighting my grip on J's hand while watching the action scenes. Then, of course being the ultra-aware person that I am, I became paranoid about doing it again and paid attention... only to notice J was doing it too. Yesss! Other times I had completely forgotten I was in the movie theatre at all. (Did I just unawaringly do something I'd only do at home while watching a rental??? *gasp*)

Still, it was one of those movies that you actually wait to read the credits on. A movie with a great pace and not a second of downtime. You know those movies. Movies that are 2 hours long but seem so short. Movies that are so captivating that you have forgotten about your popcorn for fear of missing a second when just moments ago you were elbow deep in the buttery goodness. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

Now I've really built it up for you with my rave review. Guess if you haven't seen it already, you really shouldn't go. Sorry guys. ;) Just wanted to note that this was a really cute movie, one I plan to purchase for my stock.

(Btw, have you guys been to the movies lately? Even a Sunday matinee at the theatre will wallet-rape you these days!!)


Anonymous said...

hahaha! I will probably go see it just because you made it sound so good. It never even crossed my mind when options for a movie arise, just because it is the TRANSFORMERS!? I mean... weird.

I found myself laughing at a couple of things, just because they sounded oh, so familiar to me.
1) teen love connection. Why does this make me automatically see a movie? I love teen love connection movies!
2) the squeezing of the hand! So cute! You two sound absolutely adorable. I love it.

Anonymous said...

tag you are it. :-)

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