Monday, July 02, 2007

Toot toot

Can I just toot a horn real quick on the current job status? (Tough, I'm doing it anyway...)

I have been on a journey through some seriously dead end jobs…

First job was in my field of study straight out of college. I was a graphic designer at a studio where I was creatively challenged every day as well as financially challenged. After 2 years of being poor, I moved on.

Second job was in a field I had never even heard of before – association management. While it was it a very stressful, thankless job, it did challenge me and I was fulfilled in a way. I was able to do a little traveling and developed many great skills and habits. But, most jobs have a balance of good and bad. When I finally told my SOB of a boss good bye, I was able to take along with me three great friends that I still adore and talk to on a regular basis.

Third job. *smirk* This is what I like to call a "stepping stone". I so desperately wanted out of my previous job that I took the first job that went up the scale in pay and what I thought sounded like a prestigious position. Ah, how I was mistaken. After being the community complaint center and defending myself on a regular basis for happenings I had no control over, I began a real search for a career. I was tired of positions with asshole bosses and catty women, where ridiculous things like filing was more important to your boss that tending to your deadlines.

The point of my rambling? For once in my life I am in a position where I feel part of a team, where I am thanked every day for what I’ve done to help someone else’s life a little easier. I learn something new every day and while most days fly in a rush to close a deal, I also have days that are so laid back we take 2 hour lunches just shooting the bull with the boss. Can’t beat that.

Most of the time people just speak out to complain and never really broadcast the good. Flipping the switch on ya. ;)

So anyway, I’m just as happy as a tick on a fat dog and just wanted to share. Toot toot.

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Anonymous said...

good for you! Congrats! I am currently at a job that is boring and mindless. I feel like a my brain is turning to mush. Looking for my way out and up. You give hope.

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