Thursday, July 19, 2007

Five Things Made for Men That Are Better on Women

See the full story with pictures here.

Kelly has introduced me to a few sites by way of her blog that are now in my favorites for daily reading. The Best Article Every Day posted a nice little article that I thought everyone would enjoy, especially the guys. (Jason, I will agree to wear everything but the tie, including the motorcycle if you don't stare at the chic in the last photo too long... hee hee.)

Five Things Made for Men That Are Better on Women

1. Boy briefs
2. Ties
3. Sport Jerseys
4. Baseball caps
5. Motorcycles

The only ones I seriously agree to are #1 and #4 . I'm sure most females own a pair of boy briefs, especially seeing as how they land two of our necessities when it comes to undies: cute and comfy.

And the baseball cap thing - a must have in my wardrobe, and a "need" for 4 wheeling. Now that my hair can no longer be pulled into a pony tail, baseball caps are my savoir. After the first ride with short hair I spent 20 minutes getting the knots out. I now own 4 caps.

So go read the article - silly but fun.


Anonymous said...

I read this earlier and kind of chuckled. I use to never think I would wear the boyshort/brief/boxerbrief things... but I absolutely LOVE the boyshorts! They are so comfy, minimal undie lines, and look freaking cute!

If only I looked like Cameron Diaz dancing around in them... hehe

Anonymous said...

Boy briefs, I think, are a little bit silly on girls. You gals know that the little slot is there for us guys to stick are weiners out to pee with, dontcha?

Hmm, maybe that is what is cute about it?

random moments said...

kelly - NO ONE looks as cute as Cameron does in her underoos!! But that doesn't keep me from dancing in mine... ;) *kidding*

trevor - mine don't have the slot, although, us girls being envious of the whole "the world is our urinal" thing may be the reason why we stole the briefs in the first place?

Dan said...

Personally I think everything looks better on women. And off women. Blush. I'm so shallow. I know.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog while I was away. You're very sweet. I just got back and have lots of catching up to do! Hugs!

Dan said...

By the way, THANKS for linking to me! I have done the same! :)

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