Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Naps, Ditch Diving and Killer Mosquitoes

Most of you know J is living out of town due to his project/job location. It’s been a few months and we felt it necessary that I make the hike to see him in his new living environment. I have never made a trip longer than 30 minutes or further than 30 miles on my own. So, when Jason told me it was a straight shot I was relieved. But then when he told me I had to cross the Atchafalaya basin, all I could think about was the possibility of being knocked off the bridge to my death. Or worse, not to my death and faced with human eating alligators.

The trip was a cinch. When I see him, I am like a little girl on Christmas morning. He cooks me dinner – pork chops, mashed potatoes and Cajun gravy, and spicy boiled mushrooms. A little southern din din. We watch Ghost Rider (which we don’t recommend) and it’s soon bed time.

The next morning all of J’s plans for us are shot to hell. We’re staying in J’s camper trailer on a piece of his co-worker’s 600+ acres of property, surrounded by trees, pastures and cows. And it’s raining. Hard. And there’s nothing even semi-entertaining for less than an hour’s drive away. And, because of the rain, we can’t go 4 wheel riding or canoeing.

I recall saying that J and I could have fun in a room with no windows. This weekend truly backed that statement up. And we had some help! Over the course of 45 hours together, we managed to spend only 21 hours of complete “awake” time together. Meaning we slept for 24 hours of the weekend which included 4 hours of napping. 4 HOURS. If two people sleep 10 hours two nights in a row, why would they need a nap??? Because our naps are yummy, that’s why. Puhh. Fuhh. Shhu.

Besides the sleeping, we passed the time taking little road trips to see different areas of Jason’s project and his office. It was cool to have a visual on things so I know where his ass is when he’s leaving me sweet blog comments. Heh heh.

On the way home we did a little “ditch diving”. The road he lives off of is dirt and gravel (like I said, he’s in the country) and as we’re driving down it he shows me how he speeds up in the curves to let the tail end of his truck swing around. Puts a couple butterflies in yer belly, but its fun none the less... That is, until you go a little too far and slide into a ditch on said gravel road with no shoulder. Bump! Bump! and BRANCHES IN THE FACE!! And then… TA DAAA! Jason’s full of talent, yes siree! He swerves back up out of the ditch just in the nick of time. *whew* Suuurrre, its all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Then there’s the mosquito swatting. After a good rain there’s bound to be a few mosquitoes around, but let me tell you – the size of these suckers will have you running for shelter. Killer mosquitoes on steroids!!

It may not have been a romantic trip, but it definitely gave us a few humorous stories to tell. (Which, by the way, are way better in person with hand motions and noises…)

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Magnum PO said...

Sounds more exciting that 6 Flags, and way less crowded.

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