Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For my inspiration & yours...

The Building Blocks to a Super Healthy Diet

I'm in need of an intervention. Not so much one like that on tv where family & friends are trying to stop a bad behavior, but more like encourage or inspire a good behavior.

Like eating healthy and exercising.

Check out the link. Its pretty basic stuff from Zen Habits, one of my favorite sites and daily reads. But, even though this is basic knowledge, in the very stressful and busy time I'm going through in my life right now I need a reminder and constant inspiration.

I have been doing pretty well on my healthy eating most of the time, but here come the weekends and I'm all "I don't feeel like cooking" or I agree to share a bag of popcorn drowned in butter with J at the theatre. I cancel my good behavior out all the time.

I'm weak but I'm getting stronger. Like this week I made a mexican pie (below) that I'm eating off of all week in an attempt to keep me from straying. Below I'll share some meal ideas that I enjoy and hope that it gives inspiration to those who need a kickstart like me. Please share your healthy meal ideas if you got 'em, I need all the help I can get!

Breakfast ideas:

  • 1 egg scrambled with onions, mushrooms, bell pepper & ff cheese. Sometimes I like to add a little salsa on top for variety
  • 1 cup of oatmeal with berries & honey. I like to use frozen blueberries & thaw them out on the fridge over night. This keeps me from hitting the fruit stand every couple of days.
  • Wheat toast with 1 tbsp all natural fruit spread with a banana
  • cereal with sliced banana & a little sugar sub sweetner
  • grilled cheese with ff cheese & whole wheat bread


  • yogurt mixed with berries or granola
  • string cheese - I love this stuff and its really low in fat & calories & very filling
  • turkey weiners - sounds weird, but also low in fat & cal & very filling. Dip it in mustard for zing!
  • apple & ff cheese
  • pistachios or almonds
  • 100 calorie can of fruit cocktail (Dole makes these)

Lunch or Dinner:

  • mexican pie - layers of wheat tortillas, lean ground beef or chicken, black beans, corn, green onions & a little cheese (email me if you want entire recipe - its so good and great for leftovers!)
  • grilled ham & cheese on wheat
  • turkey burgers with whole wheat bread, tons of lettuce, onions, ff cheese & salsa
  • soups - throw left over meat in a pot with mixed veggies & chicken broth and lots of seasonings like oregano, cumin and garlic. Or use one of those seasoning packets you use for making tacos or ranch dip. Yum!

That's all for now. Throw me some inspiration dear friends! Now, if only I can find inspiration to keep up the exercise...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008



and these:

and these too:

Can't you just imagine these pretties dangling on your ear lobes? *sigh*
I'm not very disciplined, so I may just have to add these to my JILLRY collection...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Yo Mama Lied to You

When yo mama said you had a beautiful singing voice, she lied to you. It is apparent that your mother failed to tell you that is it NOT OKAY to attach headphones to your new high-tech phone filled with R&B's greatest hits and proceed to sing out loud to those hits in Walmart. With one hand holding your phone up as you sing and the other hand on the buggy, you push your cart haphazardly through the middle of the aisle, distressing customers trying to pass you.

This is not okay. You are not the only person in this store. Wait until you are in your car or in your shower like the rest of us.

It is also NOT OKAY to sing gospel music whilst thumbing through Hanes white tees for your man beside me. Especially if this music is not streaming through the Walmart speakers and especially not if you don't, in fact, even have headphones on!

I mean, why must you sing in Walmart next to me? And just exactly where is the music you are singing to? In your head? Get that shit out of your system in church or choir practice for crying out loud. I'm trying to shop here.

And Miss? Oh Miss? Yo mama lied to you too. It is sooo NOT OKAY to go to Walmart after your day at the pool, IN YOUR BIKINI. Especially if you look like you may have been on a BBW adult website. Meaning, I don't want to see your belly rolls and I surely don't want to see body hair that you apparently have NEVER shaved in your lifetime. Its not necessary, really.

Have a great weekend folks! We're going for an inspection of our soon-to-be new home tomorrow morning. We will never be able to fall asleep tonight...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I offered up my jewelry goods on myspace and realized that if you don't have a myspace account, you can view them! So Renee, here you are! And sorry about the crazy photo layout. Blogger is not being very nice tonight... Smooches!!

$25 Howlite Turquoise Set

$25 Dyed Mother of Pearl & Shell Chips Set

$25 Genuine Turquoise Coins Set

$20 Purple & Gold Freshwater Pearl Set

$16 Long Metal Chain Set

$6 Silver Metal Bracelet

$25 Silver Hammer Bead Set

$25 Turquoise Drop Set

$10 Dark Silver Bracelet Set

$20 Brazilian Seaweed Agate Necklace Set

$8 per piece - Bamboo Tile Pendants (Large Bail)

$8 Painted Lip Shell Earrings

$25 Genuine Turquoise & Coral Necklace Set

$25 Triple Strand Turquoise Howlite Set

$25 Genuine Coral & Lemon Jade Set

$8 Metal Cross

$6 Heart Earrings

$10 Blister Pearl Pendant

$25 Genuine Dragonskin Turquoise & Onyx Necklace (no earrings)

$25 Hammered Silver Chain Necklace

$25 Mother of Pearl & Freshwater Pearl Set

$25 Abalone Shell Necklace Set

$25 Triple Strand Gold Necklace Set

Tired & Busy

Just checking in. Been reading your posts but have been too lazy to comment. Sorry. *sigh*

Had my JILLRY party this weekend! Did AWESOME. And it all went on invitations. But, hey, that's what it was for. I'm trying to sell the shite out of it because the more money I make now to put on my part of the wedding and house costs, the less I'll be in debt for it later. Capish? (Don't know how to spell that word...)

Speaking of, I uploaded lots of new lovelies on my myspace page under my pics if anyone is interested. It costs to upload to my Etsy page so I thought I'd give it a go there:

If ya do want something, just let me know! And I would rather make money than keep it and not, so if you want a few items just let me know and I'll discount.

Anyway, off my sales box. :) J and I signed on a home this past weekend!!! Right now we're in the inspection/appraisal period, so we're trying not to get too riled up thinking its absolutely ours. But... it COULD BE. We both want it so bad!

I have lots of pictures that I took out and about over the past few weeks which I promise to share soon.

Hope everyone is doing lovely! I miss you all!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

And the search is on!

Well, its been on for quite some time now, but just recently we've been quite the aggressive lil' house hunters. Which is why I've been a slacker blogger lately. Usually I know its time to post when the old ball & chain mutters so under his breath after checking my blog 5 times with no new post. Heh heh. Ball & chain. Are we really there yet??

Yesterday we had a house viewing marathon, if you will. Four homes in 1.5 hours.

The first house we liked and saw potential in. Small yard but big shade trees (always a fav in my book), back covered porch, big kitchen, decent size rooms and a fireplace. Not bad for a first timer.

Second house. *pinching nose* What can I say about that one... Upon entering the house the smell of kitty litter nearly knocked us over. It. Was. Rank. It was really hard for me to make a clear decision with that smell smothering us but overall it wasn't impressing us anyway.

Third house was a cutie, but had its pros and cons. Minimum kitchen counter space but updated with nice ceramic tile. Pretty & spacious baths and bedrooms, but practically no yard and not one shade tree. Cute courtyard, lots of outside storage for J to play in. We're thinking 'bout this one.

Fourth house. Just not for us. Won't bother with details.

Thinking of what we want and need now makes me wonder what will change in our wants and needs once we've been in our first home for a while. Will we be aggravated by certain aspects of our first home? (Lack of storage, need of a bigger yard, etc?) Likely, these will be the things that factor into the plans of the home we plan to build.

I told J just the other day that I've been dreaming of owning my very own house and have had house fever for so long, that this just seems surreal. Is this really just around the corner? *squeal*

I feel like an adult. (Finally.)

So, what are your main wants and needs in a home?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mama is NOT happy

I know, right?

Mama's pretty shoes got dirty today. Had a big conference meeting at the office and our lot is smallish. But, we just so happen to own the lot beside us, which is only partially covered with grass.

It rained during the meeting. And my poor shoes had to pay for it.

That's not all folks. I leave the muddy lot at quitting time: 5:00 pm.

One hour and ten minutes later I am pulling into my apartment complex. One hour and ten minutes. I live 6 miles away from my job.

Somebody top this nonsense please. Humor me. K, thanks, Bai.

Monday, July 07, 2008

The Little Things You Do

No, this is not a sappy, Jason-does-no-wrong post. Don't click the X just yet. You anti-love goddesses and guys may just enjoy this one...

My Babers is the shiz-nit, the Cheese Wiz for my crackers, the apple of my eye. But he DOES have his moments.

1. "I still love ya." Sounds sweet doesn't it? Its NOT. He uses this phrase after HE does something to annoy me. Not the other way around. For instance, I'll gripe at him for having to pick up his towel/boxers/beer cap and he'll smile all sweet and say "I still love ya." Is it just me or should "I'm sorry" replace that phrase???

2. Huh? I've blogged about this one before. I'll very clearly say something and he'll say "Huh?" to me. I'll be standing 5 feet away from him and he'll do it. I used to stop, look at him and say "Really? What did I just say?" Now, I just cut my eyes at him and continue, knowing full well he heard and won't miss a beat.

Or he'll act like he gets lost mid-conversation: We'll be talking about properties. Say we saw two properties in one afternoon and later discuss it. I'll be talking about the wooded lot we saw and then I'll say What about the other lot? Did you like it? And he'll totally blank out. Like he wasn't with me that afternoon. Like I made up this fictional lot and I'm trying to trick him. He does this a l l t h e t i m e.

I KNOW the guys out there are cracking up, slamming their beer cans together while reading this (like I have tons of frat boys out there who read my silly blog). I know you women out there are violently nodding your heads cuz you know what I'm talking about.

And Jason is probably reading this laughing his ass off. He tickles the hell outta himself. (Babe? I still love ya!)

3. My favorite, my ultimate favorite is this one:

Me: (after 8 hours of riding on the river) Can we start heading home now? I'm so tired.
Him: (all jacked up on Bud Light) Um, okay. After this beer?
Me: Okay.

One hour later...

Me: Jason? How much longer?
Him: (Digging in his cooler) After this beer...

In the meantime, I'm tired, light-headed and sick from hunger, and I get to drive us home 35 miles to town. Fun stuff.

Is this just a guy thing? One track mind? Beer. Beer. Beer. Beer.

(I'm sure by now i'm pushing it, but J owes me one. And he didn't take me to Hooters as make-up.)

4. The best one happened just yesterday. This one is priceless. Actually, the more I think about this one the more it tickles me.

We're out driving around looking at houses yesterday for like, 4 hours or so, and J yanks his wheel last minute and zips into an Arby's parking lot. Says he's hungry. Pulls up to order, orders his food. Pays for food and pulls out of lot. About 3 miles down the road he realizes he didn't ask if I wanted anything.


I know, greatness, right? But seriously, it was funny. It was so unlike him but the icing on the cake of a weekend I had with him.

*snort* I said CAKE.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Just a few things on my mind

1. These days, people wait until the last freaking minute to make plans. If you're having a planned get-together on Friday and you call me on Wednesday, I'm pretty much either offended or booked.

2. I have been extremely abused, but had no real idea of just how much until now. At my old job, my boss did not type or check his own email. Therefore I was constantly typing letters by dictation on tape. And re-typing these letters 12 times for minor changes each time instead of one thorough proof and correction. He yelled my name out loud if he needed me. He demanded I make coffee, run to the same bank three times in one day, take his car to the shop, avoid his pee on the toilet seat and floor, tried to get me to make his sandwiches and clean up his dirty dishes, and never said thank you or asked how i was doing. He was controlling on a regular basis, even to the point of allowing me to go to lunch only when he thought best.

My new boss types his own emails and letters and *gasp* - most people do! I had no idea. *stare* He buzzes my phone when he needs me and asks politely, he respects me enough that when he does need a memo typed he gives me light info to construct a memo for him without dictation of any kind, there is a womens bathroom here (laaaaa!!), I do not have to feed him nor do I have to pick up after him, and he always, always says please and thank you. When I do run errands for him he asks "do you mind?" I almost fainted the first time he said that. He asks how I'm doing every morning. He does not look down on me. I finally feel appreciated. Halleluyah.

3. I'm done with the major to-dos of my wedding planning. DJ - check. Ceremony/reception site - check. Caterer, photographer, dress, bridesmaids dresses - check, check, check, check. Now, however, all this nit-picking stuff is eating away at me. Bridal jewelry, attendant presents, bridesmaids jewelry, shoes for all, how to wear my hair, favors, decor, etc. If I wasn't on a budget I'd find me a wedding planner to take care of that stuff.

4. I have not exercised in a month. For reals. Its bad. I'm sluggish and not to mention, jiggily, and overall just disappointed in myself. I'm getting married just months away. I should be seriously hitting the pavement. Any suggestions on motivation?

Okay, that's it for now. Probably more later. Have a good 4th everyone!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm a little concerned...

Jason and I go to bed at 9:30-10pm every night. We wake at around 6 in the morning.

Well, we try to anyway.

That's about eight hours of sleep right? That's enough for most human beings, yes?

Apparently not for us. People, the sleep is good. Real good. Nooo, you read right. I didn't say "the sex is good" - after all, I'm a southern lady, I don't speak about that sort of stuff. The sleep. It is GOOD. I don't wake in the middle of the night at all anymore, and in the morning... I'm a freaking brick.

Sometimes we even pass on the making-babies practice at night cuz snuggling up to prepare for a good night's sleep is just that good. Oh yeah, its that good. (But good in a different way, not better-than.)

I am NOT making sense, am I?

The thing is, on the weekends, we can sleep 10-12 hours straight with no problem. Not this, wake up - get an orange juice, get back in bed. None of this lazying around in the sheets just cuz there's nothing to do. Its slap dab, heavy lidded, dreaming like a maniac, waking only to pee, kind of sleep.

Why all of a sudden? At one point in our relationship I couldn't get more than 4 hours a night if he stayed over. Now its like sleeping-freaking-beauty.

I'm asking: Is this healthy? Normal? Why the change? Should we contact our doctors? Alert the media?

As doctors, I need your help. Your analysis, your prescriptions, anything. Please. Thanks in advance.

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