Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tired & Busy

Just checking in. Been reading your posts but have been too lazy to comment. Sorry. *sigh*

Had my JILLRY party this weekend! Did AWESOME. And it all went on invitations. But, hey, that's what it was for. I'm trying to sell the shite out of it because the more money I make now to put on my part of the wedding and house costs, the less I'll be in debt for it later. Capish? (Don't know how to spell that word...)

Speaking of, I uploaded lots of new lovelies on my myspace page under my pics if anyone is interested. It costs to upload to my Etsy page so I thought I'd give it a go there:

If ya do want something, just let me know! And I would rather make money than keep it and not, so if you want a few items just let me know and I'll discount.

Anyway, off my sales box. :) J and I signed on a home this past weekend!!! Right now we're in the inspection/appraisal period, so we're trying not to get too riled up thinking its absolutely ours. But... it COULD BE. We both want it so bad!

I have lots of pictures that I took out and about over the past few weeks which I promise to share soon.

Hope everyone is doing lovely! I miss you all!


Polgara said...

Wow got my fingers crossed for the house! Can't wait to see the pics!
Yes i do have a belly lol but as soon as it starts looking just like baby and not mostly like the flab that was there already you may get a pic!
Pol xxx

Roxrocks said...

I can't wait to see pictures too. Girl, your life has gone from zero to sixty lately! (Not that you were a zero, ever!) So exciting!! Reminds me of my youth...hahah!

Kitty said...

I saw at MySpace that you'd found a house - so excited for you! Fingers crossed it all goes ahead.

I'll check out the jewellery soon.

Take care hun. x

Kelly said...

yay!!!! good luck!!

On a Limb with Claudia said...

Gosh, such exciting news! Congratulations! I could not be more delighted! Whoo hoo!

Christie said...

I'll check out the jewelry when I get back from the coast. I need to pick up some new stuff for people. My friend LOVED the stuff I bought her for her birthday.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Do you have anything in a shark tooth necklace?

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