Thursday, July 17, 2008

And the search is on!

Well, its been on for quite some time now, but just recently we've been quite the aggressive lil' house hunters. Which is why I've been a slacker blogger lately. Usually I know its time to post when the old ball & chain mutters so under his breath after checking my blog 5 times with no new post. Heh heh. Ball & chain. Are we really there yet??

Yesterday we had a house viewing marathon, if you will. Four homes in 1.5 hours.

The first house we liked and saw potential in. Small yard but big shade trees (always a fav in my book), back covered porch, big kitchen, decent size rooms and a fireplace. Not bad for a first timer.

Second house. *pinching nose* What can I say about that one... Upon entering the house the smell of kitty litter nearly knocked us over. It. Was. Rank. It was really hard for me to make a clear decision with that smell smothering us but overall it wasn't impressing us anyway.

Third house was a cutie, but had its pros and cons. Minimum kitchen counter space but updated with nice ceramic tile. Pretty & spacious baths and bedrooms, but practically no yard and not one shade tree. Cute courtyard, lots of outside storage for J to play in. We're thinking 'bout this one.

Fourth house. Just not for us. Won't bother with details.

Thinking of what we want and need now makes me wonder what will change in our wants and needs once we've been in our first home for a while. Will we be aggravated by certain aspects of our first home? (Lack of storage, need of a bigger yard, etc?) Likely, these will be the things that factor into the plans of the home we plan to build.

I told J just the other day that I've been dreaming of owning my very own house and have had house fever for so long, that this just seems surreal. Is this really just around the corner? *squeal*

I feel like an adult. (Finally.)

So, what are your main wants and needs in a home?


Kitty said...

Once you have kids, you can never have too much storage!

Wants and needs in a home? Hell, I'd just like a home!


-Papa said...

A good sized circular kitchen with a nice island for family and friends to hang out and eat food around, a large master bedroom with cathedral ceilings and lots of windows, and of course a large walk in shower and separate garden tub for the master bathroom. Oh wow, I just described my new house. :D

Hammer said...

When trying to sell a house a person is supposed to bake an apple pie to make the home seem more inviting...stinky cat box does not sell a house.

Good luck in your search.

Roxrocks said...

I like an open floor kitchen/dining area. My last house didn't have this and every time I had people over and was cooking, I kept having to step into the dining room to hear what was going on. This current house has half walls separating the living room/dining room/kitchen so it's semi private but still very open feeling and it's visit-friendly when I'm getting a meal ready. Also, I like lots of light. Mostly because it's winter here ten months of the year (or so) and in the winter, the days are so short. And look for upgrades like light fixtures and switch plates. And closets. Closets are good.

Ari said...

Closets. Open space. A nice yard, with good potential. Laminate or hardwood flooring.

Alaina said...

Kitchen room! Counter space!

Polgara said...

Make sure there's room for a nursery ;0)
Pol x

kelly said...

You should make a list of things that are important to you, in order of priority. That way you don't forget, and miss something you really wanted.

That said- kitchen room and space are up there on the list for me. I read an article that said the kitchen will pretty much sell or sabotage the sale of a house. It is a really inportant part of the home. PLUS you are a cook... don't compromise in that department!

Also- open floor plans are really nice for entertaining... and having kids. It is a lot easier to keep your eyes on those buggers if you have to cook dinner or have to leave the room for a second.

Also something to think about- location is key. I was once told it is better to buy something that is less of what I want, in the better area... because if you ever plan to leave... you want it to be in the best location for people to buy. "Location is everything." So don't skimp in the neighborhood department for a house you only like a little better than a house in a great area.

And HAVE FUN! I love looking at houses! Just to see how other people decorate, and live. It is really interesting! Take your time and find something you pick with your heart AND your head. (no impulse buying on this one... haha)

kelly said...

woah- I wrote a freaking book.

Christie said...

Storage, storage, storage. And I NEED, not want, NEED tons of kitchen space and counters. I also like bigger bedrooms and built ins. When Jay and I buy a house, we are going to be at war because I like older homes, and he likes very modern.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Big kitchen with granite counters. Small, maintenance-free yard. Tile throughout.

Oh yeah, and a dungeon. I kid, I kid. A basement would be nice, though.

Jessica said...

Lots, and lots of windows! I love the sun, and the more places it can seep in the better!

Good luck on your search! :)

Michelle Sanders said...

You could always move over the river and through the woods. he he! There are some houses in my subdivision. Just throwing that out there. Sorry.

And yes, you must have *expansion* room. You know you gonna get preggers ASAP...right?! LOL!

LindseYaYa said...

a house is a house... It's a perspective thing. Concentrate on the feeling a home gives you. I know y'all have mentioned Central... But we LOVE our new home in zachary. We pass cows and hay bales on our way into the subdivision... And have the benefits of a planned community with park, pool, and walking trails! Oh, come be my neighbor! It would be bliss. Did I mention the number one rated public schools??? Come to our neck of the woods! Good luck with things. So much is on the brink for y'all! Xo

Stacie said...

having lived in military housing, apartments, rental homes, and owning one home in all of the 20 years we've been married...I have a list of demands. Storage is first on this list because right now I have none. Garages are not common in the DC area...we had to rent a storage unit in town. YIKES! I also like to park my car in the garage rather than have it "christened" daily with sap and pollen and pinecone debris (damn squirrels) and it's nice to not have to clean the snow off and scrape the ice in winter.

The kitchen must be big enough for more than one person to be in it at a time. Currently this is not the case. No one ever needs to be in the kitchen until the moment I step foot in it and then suddenly everyone is in there and I have to leave and wait till they get out so I can cook. It sux. Cupboard would be nice to put my groceries away rather then have to set up a table to pile them on in the corner because there are no cupboards. Bathtub! This house is shower only in the master bath (and I ain' usin' the boys' bathtub, there's cooties in there!) with heinous pink tile not only on the walls but on the floor too.

(DH picked out this house while I stayed behind in CT to sell our real house..thank God it's only a rental, had he bought it I'm pretty sure our anniversaries would have stopped at 18 :P)

Bottom line, make a list...what are you willing to live without until you can build your dream home? What are you NOT willing to live without. What are MUSTS vs WANTS?
And NEVER underestimate the amount of storage needed in the kitchen..or the garage for that matter.. I know basements aren't the norm in your area so where else will you store things like the Christmas ornaments? or the gravy boat you got for your wedding gift that only comes out when great aunt martha comes to visit? will you need a spare room for makin' Jillry? A nursery? A guest room? office?

personally..I won't ever be without my beloved bathtub again...I'm a girl and I like to soak.

just a few thoughts..
oh..and we like to spend time on the no more tiny patioless yards for me..

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