Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mama is NOT happy

I know, right?

Mama's pretty shoes got dirty today. Had a big conference meeting at the office and our lot is smallish. But, we just so happen to own the lot beside us, which is only partially covered with grass.

It rained during the meeting. And my poor shoes had to pay for it.

That's not all folks. I leave the muddy lot at quitting time: 5:00 pm.

One hour and ten minutes later I am pulling into my apartment complex. One hour and ten minutes. I live 6 miles away from my job.

Somebody top this nonsense please. Humor me. K, thanks, Bai.


-Papa said...

That shoe reminds me of something really filthy and disgusting this rancher told me the other day. There was this white horse, and it fell in the mud. ;D

kelly said...

Today, Sweetness sent me a link to a forum where guys were discussing their ideal woman. I about threw up on myself. That's all I want... to read what my ex's ideal woman is... fantastic... now I have an upset tummy and 4 hours left to go at work. greatness.

there... topped. ;-)

The shoes were a close second though... :-( poor babies.

On a limb with Claudia said...

So sorry about the shoes - that just sucks! Can you expense some new ones?? And what's up with the drive? You'd be better off walking!

Michelle Sanders said...

Well that sucks. The shoes and the traffic. That road work is just grinding the traffic down to a halt. Grrrr.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I'm sorry to read about your shoes. This could make for an entire episode of Sex and the City.

WomensDaily said...

Oh my goodness that's horrible. Ruined shoes are the worst!

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