Monday, April 09, 2007

Nightmares on My Street

Lately I’ve been having the scariest dreams. People I love are getting hurt, I cheat on my sweet boyfriend, animals are chasing me and I can seem to make my legs work. Last night I had a dream that the world was ending.

I would like to blame this entirely on the film An Inconvenient Truth. Jason and I saw it this past week. While it was interesting, it didn’t really say much that hadn’t already been said, but definitely stuck enough to pop up in my dreams.

An old best friend, an acquaintance and I ran around the chaos trying to find a way to survive the end of the world. There were fires everywhere, buildings were crashing, people had gas masks on, the scene was terrifying. I jumped in a helicopter with my two partners and we took off, watching the horrible destruction below. One of us made the point that soon our copter would run out of gas and we would still be doomed. I reached into my pocket contemplating a bottle of pills I had stolen in the event that I would need to make my death less traumatic.

We landed back on the ground near NASA – I know, I know, but it’s a dream. We climbed into a rocket telling the astronauts we were inspecting it and then took off. I woke up in the middle of the night, interrupting the dream. I think the worst part was waking up and feeling this horrible guilt that I wasn’t with my family, trying to save them as well.

Just thought I’d share.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Random Thoughts

I love Cocoa Krispies. LOVE. The local grocery I go to was out of them at the time so I bought Cocoa Pebbles. Not the same. Don’t be fooled. Now I have to eat the entire gosh darn box before I can return to the real thing.

Jason elbowed me in the eye last night. I saw it coming but what can you do? The boy takes up my entire bed and most of my pillow with his big ole elbow but I love it. Oh, and he tried shoving me out my bed at one point with his butt. This is a guy whose bum is half the size of mine. He’s just a bully, that’s all.

30 Seconds to Mars is my most recent cd purchase. I decided it was time seeing as I hadn’t bought a cd in 3 years or more. Sad, right? I’m not really satisfied and I’ve decided I know the reason. Hearing your favorite song on the radio by chance is what makes the song really awesome. Unless of course you get to listen to the radio all day. I only listen to the radio to and from work and occasionally while I’m cooking so I’m less likely to hear my favorites. So, once I buy the cd and can hear it all I want, I’m no longer in love with it. Makes me think of jr. high school and having a different boyfriend every week.

Did you know that rubbing your eyes is what makes dark circles? It’s true. I have created my circles. This saddens me. Same goes for the 5 pounds that have taken residence on my ass in the last few years. They won’t go away and I’m to blame.

I need a name for my plants. Particularly my petunias. They are “sugar daddies” but I refuse to call them that. I need a name so I can coo to them in the evenings which will make them grow.

Hmm. That’s it for now.

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