Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Long Lost Friend

I found this picture on an old website of mine. Its of me and an old friend of mine (left) before a night out on the town. Sometimes I wonder how growing up can separate the best of friends.

We were friends since kindergarten, our moms taught at the same school, we were cheerleaders together, played volleyball together, made a pact to hold onto our V cards until marriage together. (Okay, so that one didn't last...)

Now, phone calls are forced, emails are superficial, silences are long. We've tried, but its not the same. I think I miss her, but I don't really know her anymore.

Sure, people change. I just can't see how change can let a 20+ year friendship fade away. Guess it will remain a mystery.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Running Over An Ex

Did I say running over? Oh, I meant to say ‘into’. Running into an ex…

Went riding at the river all day with my new beau. I’d been looking forward to it all week and expected it to be really relaxing and fun, which it was for about the first two hours. And then I ran into the ex…

After a couple hours of drinking and riding down the river, the rain started to come down hard so we all pulled under the bridge to let it pass. A small group of people came riding up out of nowhere, being friendly, asking if they could ride with us. I didn’t have to see his face to recognize his voice. Chills immediately ran up my legs. I ducked behind J.

You never think of how you’re going to react when you see your ex-fiance, you just know you don’t want to see him. I was amazed at how instant and hard the feeling was that I was going to be sick, lose my cool in front of everyone. Thankfully J was very understanding and asked if I wanted him to get me out of there. He didn’t even wait for my reply.

I couldn’t seem to get away from him though. They ended up riding behind us most of the way, and when we got off the bikes to cool off in the river, he and his wife were just yards away. When I got home later that day a friend of my sister’s, who happened to be riding with the ex, called to say they saw me out at the river. Damn. I thought I was invisible.

It was my first time at the river with J, and I’m a very sentimental person. Okay, so I’m a country girl at heart, and I’m sure I’ll get picked at for this entry, but I wanted our first play with nature to be drama-free, fun, and something we’d want to do again soon. But you know what? I’m not going to let it scare me. That’s MY territory damn it. And if he crosses my path again, I just may have to run over him…. ;)

Interview with a Designer

I’m pretending that I don’t have an interview today so I won’t freak out. An old roommate of mine deals with certain issues with denial, and I find it works in some cases, so I’ve adopted it for this situation.

The interview is for a graphic design position at a really trendy studio exactly 3/10 of mile from my apartment complex. I haven’t worked in the field of my degree in a year and a half. To be totally honest, I left the GD world for more money. Sure, money doesn’t make the world go round, but when you have to decide between Ramen noodles and chicken, it kinda seems important.

My heart is with design and all things creative. So, I’m really hoping this interview will go well, but I'm honestly thinking in terms of ‘glass half empty’, or as a good friend of mine describes it: “expecting the worst so you won’t be disappointed when that’s what is delivered to you.”

Wish me luck. ;)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Promiscuous Girl

I'm almost embarrassed to write about this, but has anyone seen this video?? Suddenly I want to be like Nelly Furtado. I don't care if it sounds like a girl crush. She's hot in this video. I want to be promiscuous too.

I'm not as much of a girly girly as my friends, but after this video was over last night I actually found myself digging in my closet, trying outfits on, playing with my makeup.

Its amazing the things that inspire you. I'm not even sure inspire is the appropriate word. No wonder teen girls are turning in their V card at such a young age. If I am moved enough to try on my slinkiest tops and dance about my apartment after watching this video, I can imagine the urge of all the 16 year olds out there to copycat their idols.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The First Rule of Fight Club...

I'm a little behind on the times, so the new guy took me to Target to buy a DVD player. Yes, I was using the old VCR until I could no longer go to the local Blockbuster and rent a VHS. They don't even keep them anymore.

After selecting a player, we browsed the DVDs for a possible buy. We pointed out the all time worst and best movies, those we had and had not seen. I mentioned Fight Club being one of my favorites.

The next day he showed up at my place with a present. Fight Club. My first DVD ever.

I need say no more.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Favorite Artist

I've been looking around for a profile picture and came across an old favorite artist of mine. Joe Sorren.
He's brilliant, and I want to be just like him when I grow up...

Text Message Whore

I’ve always liked text messaging because I’m not a phone person. If you call me, I want to hear what you have to say and get off the phone. Calling me to make plans to get together? Great. Need to tell me about something that happened in your life? Fine. If my phone rings and you are just calling to ramble and talk about nothing, I’m not game.

Which is why texting is so great. Want to meet for drinks? Sure, where? X Place, 7 o’clock Done.

Now, texting has taken on a whole new meaning to me. Sure, I goof off texting my friends every now and then, but lately when I hear that “beep”, I can’t wait to see the message awaiting.

Text messaging is great for dating. If you work an 8-10 hour day, that’s 8-10 hours I have to wait before talking to the guy. The new guy, we’ll call him J, is the best text messager EVER. I mean, he’s already a sweet talker – which if you know me well, you know I’m a sucker for – so his text messages make the day seem shorter.

This is only the second blog about him and already I’m annoyed with myself for talking too much about him. >sigh< Is it 5 o’clock yet?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Monday morning I came in to work feeling really refreshed and floaty, like I was on Cloud 9. (Please excuse the cheesy reference.) After last week’s unforgettable date and my weekend at the beach, nothing could get me down. I woke up at the first sound of my alarm instead of the usual 9-10 snooze button pushes. Traffic wasn’t getting me riled up, and even when I got on the elevator full of people that stopped on every floor until mine (the 9th), I still didn’t twitch.

My officemate spoke to me twice before I noticed. After a bit of casual chit chat, she looked at me and said,

“You’re twitterpated.”

I couldn’t place the word, but it’s the cutest thing ever. Remember Bambi? When all the animals are frolicking about, and spring is in the air and they’re all in love? Thumper says they’re all twitterpated. That just makes me even more giddy.

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve felt this way. I don’t care if I’m walking around with a silly grin on my face or if I run into things because I’m daydreaming. I’m milking this for what’s it worth.

And I hope its worth something.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Trust Yourself?

Have you ever been driving along the road, say, on a really large bridge and think, “what if I lost control and ran off this bridge?” Of course with me, that begins a domino effect of thoughts running wild from that, such as: What if the car went under the river? Would I survive the impact? How would I be able to get the car window/door open, and how long could I hold my breath before I reached the surface? What’s in that nasty river?” I know. It’s enough to cause a panic attack on the bridge and lose control just in thinking about it.

Hey Michelle, will you make me shirt that says “Self Destructive” or something of that nature? Kidding…

If I admitted how often I think like this, you’d be shocked. Oh wait, I just sort of admitted it, didn’t I? I’ll be cutting vegetables and remember how my Maw Maw accidentally sliced her forearm cutting an eggplant and had to be rushed the hospital. Mind you, we are a family of free bleeders, so while it was a decent cut, it wasn’t life threatening. Still, it was an accident. So who’s to say it couldn’t happen to me? And as much as I love to cook, I’m really envious of tv celebrity chefs that chop their onions and peppers super fast, but I’ll never chance it to see if I can do the same.

It’s like that movie where a guy has to have his arm amputated and receives an arm from an inmate that was on death row. The arm causes him to do strange, evil things, and do harm to himself. Remember? No?

I’ll stop here cuz I realize I’m just digging a deeper, more ridiculous hole…

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Damn it, another one...

I've been tagged!
My of my favorite girls, Michelle <> has tagged me, and you know I can’t resist one of these questionnaire things!

Ok so what's in my fridge:
1. Mesquite smoked turkey
2. Grilled shrimp from last night’s din din
4. Blackberries (the newest craving)
5. Ketchup... I keep it in the fridge but I don’t know why cuz I NEVER use the stuff
6. Pickles - Michelle don’t be ashamed, I always keep ‘em and I’m NOT prego like you! ;p
7. HUGE jug of strawberry lemonade (Sugar Free Koolaid rocks!)
8. Bag of baby carrots
9. Miller Lite and a bottle of wine

My Closet:
A mix of work clothes and fun weekend/evening clothes. My shoes are usually cluttered at the bottom, but I’ve been a good girl and organized! There’s another closet for my jeans and purses too, heh heh. At the tops of both closets are craft boxes, printer & laptop boxes, and my portfolio & paintings. (I'm a box whore.)

My purse:
1. cell phone
2. checkbook, bank card & emergency CC
3. change at bottom
4. business cards
5. lipgloss & powder
6. keys with pepper spray
7. gum
8. receipts that collect until I clean the purse out
9. Sunglasses
10.Hand lotion
(I have a big purse and I’m not afraid to use it.)

My car
1. cds galore!
2. 2 more pair of sunglasses
3. a couple bags of clothes I keep meaning to drop off at the Salvation Army
4. Napkins
5. Air pressure gage

Ok, now I get to do the taggin...TAG you're it!
Tad – Mid 20’s Confusion
James – Hambone Styles

Don’t feel obligated guys… you can eliminate the purse one, lol!

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