Friday, May 05, 2006

Trust Yourself?

Have you ever been driving along the road, say, on a really large bridge and think, “what if I lost control and ran off this bridge?” Of course with me, that begins a domino effect of thoughts running wild from that, such as: What if the car went under the river? Would I survive the impact? How would I be able to get the car window/door open, and how long could I hold my breath before I reached the surface? What’s in that nasty river?” I know. It’s enough to cause a panic attack on the bridge and lose control just in thinking about it.

Hey Michelle, will you make me shirt that says “Self Destructive” or something of that nature? Kidding…

If I admitted how often I think like this, you’d be shocked. Oh wait, I just sort of admitted it, didn’t I? I’ll be cutting vegetables and remember how my Maw Maw accidentally sliced her forearm cutting an eggplant and had to be rushed the hospital. Mind you, we are a family of free bleeders, so while it was a decent cut, it wasn’t life threatening. Still, it was an accident. So who’s to say it couldn’t happen to me? And as much as I love to cook, I’m really envious of tv celebrity chefs that chop their onions and peppers super fast, but I’ll never chance it to see if I can do the same.

It’s like that movie where a guy has to have his arm amputated and receives an arm from an inmate that was on death row. The arm causes him to do strange, evil things, and do harm to himself. Remember? No?

I’ll stop here cuz I realize I’m just digging a deeper, more ridiculous hole…

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Michelle Sanders said...

Seek help. Seriously. You know that really was random! Lets see what Tad had to say about this one! I there a doctor in the house? Can someone give this woman a diagnosis?

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