Thursday, May 04, 2006


Damn it, another one...

I've been tagged!
My of my favorite girls, Michelle <> has tagged me, and you know I can’t resist one of these questionnaire things!

Ok so what's in my fridge:
1. Mesquite smoked turkey
2. Grilled shrimp from last night’s din din
4. Blackberries (the newest craving)
5. Ketchup... I keep it in the fridge but I don’t know why cuz I NEVER use the stuff
6. Pickles - Michelle don’t be ashamed, I always keep ‘em and I’m NOT prego like you! ;p
7. HUGE jug of strawberry lemonade (Sugar Free Koolaid rocks!)
8. Bag of baby carrots
9. Miller Lite and a bottle of wine

My Closet:
A mix of work clothes and fun weekend/evening clothes. My shoes are usually cluttered at the bottom, but I’ve been a good girl and organized! There’s another closet for my jeans and purses too, heh heh. At the tops of both closets are craft boxes, printer & laptop boxes, and my portfolio & paintings. (I'm a box whore.)

My purse:
1. cell phone
2. checkbook, bank card & emergency CC
3. change at bottom
4. business cards
5. lipgloss & powder
6. keys with pepper spray
7. gum
8. receipts that collect until I clean the purse out
9. Sunglasses
10.Hand lotion
(I have a big purse and I’m not afraid to use it.)

My car
1. cds galore!
2. 2 more pair of sunglasses
3. a couple bags of clothes I keep meaning to drop off at the Salvation Army
4. Napkins
5. Air pressure gage

Ok, now I get to do the taggin...TAG you're it!
Tad – Mid 20’s Confusion
James – Hambone Styles

Don’t feel obligated guys… you can eliminate the purse one, lol!

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