Monday, August 22, 2011

An Entire Year, Gone

Where has the time gone? I promised myself I would blog about life with baby and I have failed. Though in my writing's absence there is a heart full, a cup runneth over, an entire year of joy, experience, love and occasionally, chaos.

It's not too late to start, this I tell myself when I feel the guilt creeping in. It's not.

I am a different woman now. Not better or worse. Just... different. Life has a way of hardening us in certain areas, smoothing us in others. I have definitely been subject to both. And I like who I am... as a wife, an artist, and best of all, a mommy.

He is the best part of me. Of us.

He is gentle. Running up to me after long concentration on a new toy, patting my face and climbing into my lap with a big grin when he remembers I'm sitting there watching.

He is passionate. Points with gusto at what he wants and throws his body when we don't understand. (We are getting better at knowing though!)

He is hilarious. Peeking around the corner to give Mommy one of his cute faces. Mimicking Daddy. Dancing to his cartoons, our singing and even thunder. Flirting with cashiers, waitresses, and random strangers in grocery lines.

He is happy. Always smiling. Always laughing. At play. Before naps. In the bath. Before nigh-night. Hugging and giving kisses freely, especially in the mornings during snuggle time. I'd like to believe it's partly because of us, who we are to him: his father and I. That makes my heart sing.

And this joy of ours, he's already one. One! I just had him, didn't I? But, it can be re-worded to lessen the blow of an entire year, gone. Only one year old. Only one year passed. Just one year together.

We have so much more. <3

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