Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Attack of the Dragonfly

Saturday morning J and I jumped out of bed ready for a day of boat riding on the Tickfaw. We were so excited the night before and tried our best to get out on the river before noon. (Didn’t get out there as early as expected but a certain someone still feels it necessary to put on her makeup. I know, it’s the river.)

We drove around a bit and then stopped so J could fish a little while I laid out beside him. Within 10 minutes he caught a big ole ugly fish. (I’ll post pictures once they get developed.) I always thought I’d be sad to see a fish flopping around with a hook in its mouth, but I actually tried to convince J for a second that we could stick it in the ice chest with the beer to cook later for dinner. I mean, it’s not like the beer would taste like fish anyway. It’s in aluminum cans!

After a while I felt brave enough to get in the driver’s seat. I was nervous at first, but J talked me through it. Just as I was getting the hang of it, letting my muscles relax a little, BAM!! A dragonfly comes out of nowhere and hits me dead in between my eyes.

Shut up. It hurt.

I tried to play it off but J saw the whole thing. “I don’t wanna drive anymore!!” I squealed, brushing my face off, hoping not to have little dragonfly remains on my cheeks and forehead. It was huge, looked like a freaking helicopter slamming between my eyes.

So yeah, that was our laugh of the day.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Maybe its time for...

a new avatar??

Inconsiderate People

A friend pulls up into an office parking spot in the morning and another vehicle pulls up into the spot on the left of her. Just as she goes to open the door, the person in the vehicle to her left has opened her right side doors to unload some boxes, blocking my friend in her car.

On the way down the elevator one evening, exhausted and ready to get home into something comfortable, the elevator stops on the 6th floor. The woman getting in is on her cell phone and steps into the elevator. Not getting reception, she steps halfway out blocking the elevator doors for what seems like forever, taking her time telling the person bye. There are 8 other people waiting to get home on the elevator with me.

Yesterday I watched a man nearly knock down an elderly woman walking up to the 10 items or less aisle at the grocery, rushing around her apparently so he wouldn’t have to wait in line behind her. This left her to stand behind him at the register not quite up to the conveyer belt with an armful of cans and bread. Disgusted, I offered her help and squeezed past the man to place her groceries on the belt, giving him a dirty look while he stood there with his case of beer.

I could go off on a serious rant about this but I won’t. Sometimes I wonder how it will be when I’m older and in need of considerate, helpful people. Every year I watch my cousin, who’s my age, sit on the plush couch at my grandma’s at Thanksgiving while my aunt sits in a hard wooden kitchen chair because his butt is bony and can’t take it. (While I sit my butt on the floor with the rest of the cousins.)

I’ve started the rant. Better stop now.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekend Ramblings

Okay okay, so I KNOW I’ve been slacking and haven’t blogged lately. All I needed was a little push… (I think?)

Work has been very demanding lately as we are finally in convention season! I use the exclamation mark not to translate how excited I am, but how hyped up and stressed out I am over it. What once seemed an exciting job, flying all over the country for conferences, now is just something that creates this overwhelming anxiety. Imagine having butterflies in your stomach… for 4 months. Not fun.

Enough griping. I double booked myself this weekend and wasn’t able to do some of the things I had planned to do. However, my lovely friend Lola came in town and we had margaritas and Mexican Friday night. We asked for a corner booth knowing the topics of conversation we always land on. I have a few quotes for you:

“I LOVE 18 year olds. I found the cutest guy at Family Week at the rehab center.”

And after a discussion on why its so easy for guys to sleep naked, but somewhat uncomfortable for some women to:

“I can’t sleep naked. I feel…. naked.”

Another one of those inside things… it was funny to me, okay???

Saturday we woke up for a fun-filled day of tailgating. Mind you, we didn't actually park and tailgate ourselves, just mooched off our friends Ali and Critter, who so selflessly supplied us with yummies and yes, more alcohol. It was good to just hang out with everyone and be on campus again. And of course I LOVE tailgating mainly because I LOVE FOOSEBALL. Go Tigers!

So anyway, I woke up this morning feeling really bad. I had hoped to visit a dear friend of mine who just had a baby and due to over-extending myself this weekend was unable to do so. Maybe she will read my blog and give me a fussing. It would serve me right and make me feel better.

Speaking of never having enough time, another friend of mine just had a conversation about how we never feel we have time to just relax on the weekends anymore, do the things we want to do. Its always get up and go here, go there, do this, shop for that. You think when you get older it will slow down a bit, but it doesn’t. (Unless of course you are a recluse with hairy moles and bad breath and don’t want anyone to visit or invite you anywhere anyway.)

So there’s my weekend update. My life really isn’t overly exciting right now and I haven’t much time to blog at work these days. Although, I have a feeling I will be blogging soon as my birthday is coming up and I think J has something up his sleeves… hmmm….

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