Thursday, September 14, 2006

Inconsiderate People

A friend pulls up into an office parking spot in the morning and another vehicle pulls up into the spot on the left of her. Just as she goes to open the door, the person in the vehicle to her left has opened her right side doors to unload some boxes, blocking my friend in her car.

On the way down the elevator one evening, exhausted and ready to get home into something comfortable, the elevator stops on the 6th floor. The woman getting in is on her cell phone and steps into the elevator. Not getting reception, she steps halfway out blocking the elevator doors for what seems like forever, taking her time telling the person bye. There are 8 other people waiting to get home on the elevator with me.

Yesterday I watched a man nearly knock down an elderly woman walking up to the 10 items or less aisle at the grocery, rushing around her apparently so he wouldn’t have to wait in line behind her. This left her to stand behind him at the register not quite up to the conveyer belt with an armful of cans and bread. Disgusted, I offered her help and squeezed past the man to place her groceries on the belt, giving him a dirty look while he stood there with his case of beer.

I could go off on a serious rant about this but I won’t. Sometimes I wonder how it will be when I’m older and in need of considerate, helpful people. Every year I watch my cousin, who’s my age, sit on the plush couch at my grandma’s at Thanksgiving while my aunt sits in a hard wooden kitchen chair because his butt is bony and can’t take it. (While I sit my butt on the floor with the rest of the cousins.)

I’ve started the rant. Better stop now.


Romantic Fool said...

You think it is bad here? Try being up North! They are the rudest! And I speak from experience! When I have to spend more than 2 days above the Mason Dixon line, I start praying that I can go home to the South soon@

mcBlogger said...

Pay it Forward. Great movie, and the second time I've mentioned it today. The world would be a much nicer place if everyone did that.

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