Thursday, January 29, 2009

Licorie Ice Giveaway

Before I start with the giveaway, I just have to say THANK YOU! I have been adding all my new reads to my bloglines all weekend in between making new jewelry, cooking and 4 wheeling. (Yes, contrary to popular belief I do like to get dirty and tomboy it on the weekends.) Really looking forward to diving into my new reads this week. :)

Also, I have lots more friends to add to my sidebar and I shall be doing that as soon as my pot of jambalaya is finished cooking. Mmm...

I promised a giveaway based on your jewelry names and here we are: meet Licorice Ice!

Mona was the winner of the last giveaway. See the details here. Thanks Mona! Licorice Ice was an great name to create a piece from.

First off - LOTS of new Jillry items have been uploaded and will be uploaded to my shop daily. I just got a huge shipment of gorgeous beading items in and have so much to share with you.

Now, down to business.


You can choose anything from my shop for this giveaway or the Licorice Ice earrings above.

To play, you simply have to:

1. Add me to your blogroll

2. Leave a comment with the item you would like to own from my shop

Yep, its that easy! After a few emails of disappointed jewelry buffs, I've decided to keep this giveaway open for a few days to give everyone a chance to join in the fun.

Well I'm off to update my sidebar and make some more jewelry. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Lurkers, I need you

See, I need some new reading material. Pronto. I have my favorites hooked up to my bloglines, but it seems lately my quinch for blog reads is just not being satisfied. A lot of my reads have left the blog world or are in an admitted funk from the crazy weather and not in the blogging mood. I get that.

But, I need to think about me here for a minute. About MY needs. And I want more reads. :)

I have a job that allows me lots of down time. So you see, lurkers, I need you to peep in just this once and leave me a comment. Its only fair that if you visit me, I should be blessed with the url of your site. You might be ridiculously clever and hit all my funny bones and it would be a shame if we never met.

So go on, please. Just leave me a quickie comment. I wanna come visit.

Or if you want, shoot me an quick email.

That's all for now. Craziness over. And out.

I won!!

No, unfortunately I did not win Brad Pitt. I did, however, win a Brad Pitt "Make It Right" newspaper boy hat through a giveaway on The English Muse's blog. I never win anything (*poor me*) so you can imagine how excited I was when Tina sent me a message telling me I had won.

Go check Tina's blog out, she's slightly new to the blogworld and is very much an inspiration, posting lots of delicious finds and beautiful images from all over, a huge source of creative energy for me as of late. Thanks again dear Tina!!

I may even post a photo of me in my new sassy hat. Ooo I can't wait to meet her. (I'm thinking of a name already, help me out.)

I'm out for the night. Sweet Pitt dreams yo.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Operation Skinny Bitch

Was doing well, until yesterday. Three women alone in the office, all craving red meat is not a good environment for dieting.

Overview of my week:


I hit the treadmill full speed one evening. Did about 30 minutes of running with a few minute-breaks here and there. Last night I went speed walking with a friend in the neighborhood for 45 minutes. It was a beautiful night so it really didn't feel like exercise at all.

I also "trick" myself into exercising around the house. Leg lifts while I brush my teeth in the morning and at night. Lunges down the hall. Squats in front of the tv in the mornings before work.

Goal for this week: At least 3 days of cardio this week and once on the weekend. Treadmill, neighborhood walk or pilates. I get burnt out quick so I have to ease myself in.

~Food ~

Falling off the wagon - cheeseburger for lunch yesterday. Let me tell you, it was worth it. Tons of pickles with mayo. Mmm. I did try to level things out with a Lean Cuisine for dinner and a walk afterwards.

Pat on the back - Fruit smoothies for breakfast with blueberries, strawberries, banana and fat free vanilla yogurt. Or fat free cream cheese on low fat wheat toast. Lean Cuisines for lunch or dinner every day this week.

Some of my usual snacks include string cheese, red grapes, cut up turkey weiners (40 cal 0 fat) with mustard, fruit cocktail, blackberries, animal crackers or 100 calorie packs.

Some of my favorite Lean Cuisines are the Spaghetti & Meatballs, Chicken Carbonara, Chicken Enchilada Suizas and Mac & Cheese. I'm very much a pasta lover and these allow me to indulge. Check out the Lean Cuisine website to sign up for coupons.

Goal for the week: to have only one cheat meal this week and to cut down on the diet soda. (Drinking one a day at this point.)

~Weight ~

I have not weighed since Monday at which my weight was 151. Yuck. I hate that number. I was in the low 140s in college but a totally different build because of the muscle I had from running and swimming. The scales show I've lost around 3lbs since I started this on last Wednesday, so I'm super psyched. The first week or two are always easiest to lose though, so I know this high won't last long.

Still, if I can get back into the 140s I would probably run laps around my couch out of sheer excitement.

Goal for this week: to lose at least 2lbs.


Well that's it for my check-in this week. Wish me luck on staying strong and keeping away from those cheeseburgers. ;)

Monday, January 26, 2009

I can't NOT talk about it

I'm sorry babe, but this little light of mine? I'm going to let it shine...

This light is the Babers.

Now before you go Xing off my blog, just let me say this isn't one of my usual praise the husband posts because I love him and he's awesome, yadda yadda.

Well, it sorta is but just listen.

My husband? He quit. Smoking, that is.

*angels singing*

Ya'll. You have no idea how freaking excited and proud I am of him. In my dating career I refused to date smokers. On occasion one would slip in but they were never guys I considered spending my life with.

(Sorry, I'm sure some of you are smokers and I'm pissing you off. But this quitting thing? It means so much to me.)

My daddy's a smoker. My mom once was too. They both quit, but my dad picked it back up after 5 years or so of being clear of it. Every time I see him smoke I pray that he'll put them down. I've been wishing my butt off about Babers quitting, and he finally did.

Ten days and counting. He made it through the weekend, which I know very well was probably the hardest part. I've been leaving him little "treats" in his work truck, small atta boys to show him how much I appreciate what he's doing. And well, also to sort of replace that habit until the need lightens up. (No I didn't leave him drugs! Crossword puzzles and Mike & Ikes! Haha.)

How I knew he was serious? One morning, four days in cold turkey, he heads out to work after kissing me bye. A second later the door opens and he walks up to me, holds his "emergency" cigar in the air. He surrendered his back up smoke. That said everything to me.

So yeah, I'm crazy proud. Shout out to my Babers. Hootie hooo! Hahaha, ahhh... I need some sleep...

Before I go, here's a link for my J: Smoking Cessation Timeline - The Health Benefits Over Time Its an interesting read, check it out.

Manic Monday

Just another Manic Monday.... woahhh ohhh...

What gives you hope?

HUGE believer in FATE. While I have a handle on the decisions I make and the general direction my life is going in, I believe I am not the final decision maker. What ever comes my way was in the cards for me. That tomorrow is a new day. Not knowing gives me hope. And knowing that I have someone watching over me, guiding me on this journey? That gives me hope.

Sorry if that was too hippy/new age for you. Its my mood this morning I guess...

How often do you get your haircut? Describe your worst haircut.

I enjoy my hair style from the moment it gets cut until it reaches the bottom of my neck. So, I'm more of an every-2-months kinda chopper instead of an every-4 weeks-type.

The worse haircut. *sigh* Years ago my good friend had just joined a salon after a year of beauty school. I had such faith in her. Gave her a photo and explained what I wanted.

She gave me a short trendy mullet. While it wasn't obviously a mullet, it was very much big on top, skinny on the sides and long in the back. I never went back to her and had to pretend I was "growing out my hair" for months afterwards.

What's your most treasured piece of jewelry? Why?

Well my wedding ring of course! My engagement ring and wedding band are the puzzle piece type and are now sautered together. I most likely do this because I'm newly married, but I stare at this piece of jewelry OFTEN. Sometimes its obnoxious and I get called out on it. But, its just so blingy and in certain lights even more so! And, of course, I treasure this piece because of what it symbolizes. Me and Babers undying love for one another. :)

Wanna join? Manic Monday

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dessert anyone?

These are so pretty I could just eat them. A few things I've got baking.

Just put these in my shop. Off to make more lovelies and work on the next giveaway: Licorice Ice. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Favorite Things

Admit it, you're singing, aren't you? These are a few of my faavvvorite things...

Behind our bathroom door. Comfort and softness. A big fluffy red robe my parents bought me one Christmas. It comforted me through a mean stomach virus I had shortly after they gave it to me. My soft girlie pieces. Reminds me that I'm married. And that I can be pretty even when I sleep. :) And my favorite, one of Baber's over sized button ups. Another piece of comfort.

This little basket of slippers makes me smile. My effort to keep them from being scattered all over the house. Tucked right beside our bedroom door, my squishy slippers, his paw paw ones. I'd like to believe they play together when we're not home.

Mmmm, all of our smell goodies and pampery. His cologne, the kind that makes me want to bury my face in his neck. My little collection of perfume. What fun walking up to our little shelf every morning, looking at each bottle, knowing the smell of each. Who shall I be today? On cold days when he has skinny fingers he leaves his wedding ring on the bottom shelf. Makes me want to place mine beside it on those days, so it won't be all alone with the night creams and fragrances.

Now this is love. Has to be a favorite thing. Given to me by my husband on our first Christmas. Filled with my heart: jewelry, jewelry, jewelry. Pieces he's given me, pieces I picked up on our honeymoon, many pieces I've created for myself.

Do you know what that thing is? That my friends is called a good night's sleep. I don't remember much about sleep before this except that I didn't sleep through the night. This little marvel, the IonicPro - an air purifier - cleans the air in our bedroom of all the teeny tiny allergens and wallah! I can finally sleep through the night. This thing is worth its weight in gold to me.

Corian. Such a smooth, beautiful surface. I love our master bathroom and this is a huge part of that love. Its coloring is textured but marble-like, which shines whether it was cleaned yesterday or days ago, especially in the morning sunlight.

And this? Probably one of my husband's favorite things too. The home of Little Bird and Mike the Tiger. Can you tell which one he named? The fish are hiding in this photo; they're territorial and tend to dwell mostly in their little caves. We love to watch them peep out at the first sign of food. Little Bird got her name because at first she was so timid, peeping out of her chosen cave and pecking nervously at the food floating by her. Now, she's the first one out and just as aggressive as Mike.

My favorite things. So many more to share. When we moved into our house I felt overwhelmed with the amount of things I loved about it. Still do feel that way.

Well, my husband looks like he needs a kiss, so I'll close shop for now. Stay tuned for more favorites.

What are yours?

There's something about married life...

...that makes a girl more self confident. I don't know what it is, but I'm really feeling and noticing it as of late. My shoulders are straighter, I'm standing taller now.

I don't spend thirty minutes choosing an outfit and then another ten standing in the mirror tugging at it. Judging my figure. I say "This is what I want" and I feel good about it. No second guessing lately, what's all this about?

My boss called me in to review a little project we were working on together. To be honest, I've created more Policies & Procedures manuals than anyone ever should in my short career. So when he asked me to put one together, I happily agreed but scowled inside. Earlier I had doubts about whether or not it was thorough enough for him, or too detailed or whatever insecurities one might feel about this type of chore. But when I walked into his office I just had this feeling of confidence about it that I don't ever remember having before. I did my best and that was worth something. And in the end, he loved the manual.

And not just that, other small ways too. Like when strangers come up to me or speak to me in public, I don't let my hair fall in my face anymore or hunch over as if to make myself invisible. I smile more, speak up.

I feel less icky about my body now than I ever have, though some of you may find that hard to believe. (I complain about it a lot and just posted a weight loss blurb yesterday, but its more my guilt for not keeping up with exercise and being healthy that makes me complain more than anything.) I've embraced my curves, my soft tummy, my hips-for-days. Its what makes me a woman. How insane is it that becoming a wife finally engraves that in my crazy brain?

I know that the decisions I make are the right ones and if not, there's no harm done. Nothing is final. I have a calm feeling about that. Again, a confidence that I will make the right choices, do the right things.

Maybe its always been there. Maybe the idea that some other human being has made their own choice to spend the rest of their life with me (little ole me!) that makes me think Wow. If he has confidence in me, I should too. And personally, I think that rocks.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I. Am. Terrified.

But I'm going to do it. Because let's face it, I need an intervention.

The Other K Wick has introduced Operation Skinny Bitch by way of her blog. I admit, I was intrigued and clicked the OSB link.

Tons of women joining together to shed the pounds. What a simple but awesome idea. A bloggy support group for chics that want to drop a few lbs? Right up my alley yo.

So, I've joined them.

Why am I so terrified??

Because they POST THEIR WEIGHT EVERY WEEK on their blogs. Are they effing crazy? I'm not doing that.

Yes I am. Its my punishment.

You can see the battle I'm already having in my head over this. I want more than anything to lose about 10 ish pounds, but mostly I just need to tone tone tone! I've always been pretty content about my curvy bod but since high school, a few pounds have creeped up and my previous love of running is no longer existent.

Long time readers know about my struggle for consistent healthy eating and exercise. But hey, I'm a southern girl: I love my fried buffalo wings, my mayo and cajun pasta dishes. Its in my blood people.

But this OSB? This is hopefully going to give me the motivation I need with my short term goal: Get fit for the cruise in March. Yep, gotta get bikini ready people. You remember the lovely B&W Polka, don't you?

So yeah, I'm on the bandwagon. Come on in to see me on Wednesdays and root for me. And hey, if you have the same goals, join me. And poke fun at my weight if you must.

I'm inspired. Bring. It. On.

Wordless Wednesday

This photo cracks me up. Hope it gives you a giggle today too.

(My nephew Toot & niece KK, photo from last year.)

Wanna play? Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Walmart: Love or Hate?

(Click image to see larger view)

Walmart. Love it, but love to hate it. It is that black cloud that hangs over our household when the fridge is running low on necessities, when the toilet paper is scarce and the laundry detergent is being rationed.

Why do we hate it so much? I think the bingo card funny above sums it up for most of us.

Why I love Walmart: The prices. And also, EVERYTHING is in one place. So there's the convenience factor. I can purchase my detergent, eyeliner, fruit and brown rice all in the same location. Plus, there's the Walmart brand items which cut your cost tremendously. I mean, who really cares if your canned peaches are off brand? They're peaches.

Why I hate Walmart: See bingo card above. *laugh* People run into each other in Walmart and just love to strike up a conversation mid aisle so that no one else can pass. And refuse to break conversation to move their buggys aside for other customers! Or worse, they're planted, yapping away right in front of the bread I need.

Also, the unruly kids of the world are brought in there seemingly by the truckload. I believe some parents think Walmart is break for them, a babysitting tool of sorts. Like Walmart is a place to bring your kids, oh say, comparable to the neighborhood park. J and I were shopping one day when this little kid, maybe 4 or 5 years old, walked straight up to our buggy and stood on the end of it, like we were his parents and this was normal behavior. The mom was o b l i v i o u s. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR KID. If I was a kidnapper, I would have been out the door with your child by the time you chose your magazine, lady.

And one more thing, we buy more than we need. Sure, the prices are lower but I always see things that I "need" in there. J is bad about it too. Boy don't let him near the $5 DVD racks in there. Lol. (Sorry babe, but you're laughing right now cuz its true!)

What are your Walmart (or insert local big chain store here) loves and hates? Come on, you know you wanna vent...

Monday, January 19, 2009


So I wasn't in love with Manic Monday's questions today so I decided to do an oldie but goodie - Randomness. That is my name, why not?
Jillry giveaway winner: I announced the winner on the post below!

randomness...feed your mind and your blog

week of jan 18.2009: Finish the Sentences

1. I wish I could..... be consistent with my healthy eating and exercise. Support myself on my jewelry business alone. Have Fridays off. Visit Italy.

2. My biggest fear is.... heights. Always has been, always will be. (Didn't want to do the cliche' "losing a loved one", I'm in a happy place this morning.)

3. I hate to..... fold the white clothes. (Don't know why, just do.) Pluck my eyebrows. Scrub the tub. Go to the dentist.

4. I love.... my husband. (Fiercely.) Tomato basil soup from La Madelines. Pajama pants. My new warm fuzzy slippers. My family. My duppy pog. Getting fresh new beads in the mail. *sigh*

5. Today I will.... place our wedding announcement in the paper. (Finally.) Post new jewelry. Eat a healthy lunch. Exercise. Go suit shopping with J.

6. Yesterday I ..... comforted my sick husband. Cooked crawfish etouffee. Freshened up my hair color. Watched Paranormal State and got chills. Posted new Jillry. Visited with the family, my favorite people. Finally had a good night's sleep.

7. My hair is.... deep reddish brown. Tossled. A bit edgy. Something I like about me.

8. I will never... be skinny. Be good with math. Sky dive. Get plastic surgery. Eat oysters.

till next time...
Would love to hear yours, feel free to post in the comments section below or join me in your own post!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We have a winner!

Finally feel 100% as of this very moment typing this post. Let me just say, if you have a cold that involves insane sinus pressure, runny nose, nasal congestion - hell, anything to do with the nose, GO GET MUCINEX D. My mom suggested it and after failing to find it at one store, I ended up with Sudafed, which is... basically a sugar pill. No help whatsoever. But this Mucinex D? I felt like a new person ten minutes after taking it.

J is sickly now, poor guy. I brought him beef stew for lunch from my parents after our Sunday visit and then cooked him a warm savory crawfish etoufee for his dinner. Feed a cold? I'm doing just that.

So okay, we'll get to it. The winner of the Grapefruit Sorbet Earrings is Mona! Mona, shoot me an email at with your address and I'll send your pretty little win off.

I was pleasantly surprised by everyone's jewelry names. Great imaginations. Mona's stab at jewelry names were Mardi Gras Madness, Simply Sizzling and Licorice Ice. The one I pulled out of the hat was Licorice Ice. I'm already digging through my stash to create a giveaway for this delicious sounding name. Thanks Mona!
Psst. New items in the Sorbet Collection just posted.

Alright, back to regularly scheduled posting tomorrow. My Favorite Things photo post is coming soon and well as a couple of funnies I just have to share with you guys. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! Smooches!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Giveaway Time!

Like I said before, I just couldn't wait until the first of the month for the next giveaway. I've decided not to place a date on them, I'll just throw these freebies out randomly.

Behold the giveaway:

Grapefruit Sorbet Earrings - $10 value

These are so sparkly and yummy! Irridescent czech glass, flower caps, copper accents. Very girly.

Here are the rules:

I'm looking for new inspiration. This time, names for my pieces.

1. Leave a comment with a name for a piece of jewelry that I can use for inspiration: earrings, bracelet or necklace. Everyone who submits a name in the comment section will be entered to win. You can submit up to three names which will place your name in the hat up to three times.

2. Check back in to see if you're the winner. If you are the winner, you must comment on that post to claim your Jillry winnings.

3. I'll then create a piece based on the name you submitted. This piece will be the next giveaway in honor of you!

Another FREEBIE!!! Lipstick Earrings. Receive this pair of earrings FREE with any purchase of $10 or more from my Jillry shop. There are three pair of these earrings to give away, so the first three orders made will receive these Lipstick Earrings free. Just place your order through my shop and shoot me an email with the mention of this blog post.

Again, there are only three pair so if you make a purchase for the purpose of receiving these earrings for free, you may want to check with me first. I reply to emails at an incredibly fast rate. :) (Unless, of course, I'm sleeping.)

Okay bloggy friends, jewelry post over. Back to regularly scheduled blogramming...

Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Sick

One day its 70 degrees out, the next its 27. No wonder I've got a cold.

Yesterday I woke after a fitful night of tossing and turning, not being able to breathe. Being freezing cold and nudging Babers to put his legs on mine to warm me, then suddenly being hot and shoving his legs off. Poor guy.

So I get up and get ready for work. Coughing, sneezing. I decide to take medicine and head to the office. It will pass. Half way there I'm fighting my eyelids. They're getting heavier and Can't I just pull over for a nap? Oops. Looks like I took the drowsy stuff.

I end up leaving work, stopping by Winn Dixie for a jug of OJ, chicken noodle soup and some non-drowsy meds. I hope in bed, pull the covers over my head and curl into a ball. Four hours later I wake up in the same position, still under the covers.

And my J, he's such a trooper. He's very much a cuddle bug and wants kisses every time he passes me. You're going to get sick! I tell him, pushing him away, to which he replies I'm going to get sick no matter what. May as well make it worth it!

Yep, he's mine ladies. Hands off. :)

And the rest of my sick evening went like this:

J: On his way home - Can I get you anything?
Me: I'd give anything for a 20 oz Sprite.
J: Okay, I'll grab one. Anything else?
Me: No, thanks babe.
J: K, see you in a bit.
Me: Can you pick up two?

Me: Its HOT. I guess I'll get up and turn the heat down.
J: I'll get it.
Me: When he doesn't jump fast enough - Ugh, I'll get it.
J jumps up to turn heat down.
Me: Thanks babe, I love you. Can you get the fan while you're at it?

*snort* I'm a mess when I'm sick.

I yank the covers over, tell him he's hogging the bed and can he Please scoot over? J puts his legs on me. I fuss and push them off. Then I'm freezing, and ask him to put his legs back on mine. In the dark I can feel him giving me a look. Then he snuggles up to me and I whine. Babe, don't get in my faceeee... I'm sick.

The man has patience yo.

Are you like this when you're sick?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

movies for kelly

Kelly made a comment about loving the movie Garden State in one of her most recents posts, to which I had to excitedly squeal "Me too!" Being that I was at work, a few nearby coworkers came running to see what imaginery friend I was squealing at this time.

I promised Kelly I would send her a list of some of my *Must See Movies*, so here I am doing just that. Now, before you movie snobs go tearing through my list, huffing at this choice and making fun of another, please note that these movies are in my own opinion "movies that females with similiar personalities and likes of my own would enjoy seeing."

Kel, hope you enjoy. I'd love to hear which ones of these you've already seen.

My Must See Movies

  • Closer - Natalie Portman is just captivating in this movie.

  • Marie Antoinette (for the beautiful cinematography more than anything)

  • Garden State - again, Natalie Portman. So effing cute I wish I could stick her in my pocket to carry with me all day.

  • Office Space

  • Pride & Predjudice

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  • Fight Club - the first movie Babers ever bought me.

  • Playing by Heart - (slow at first, but stay with it, it'll give you a tear or two and a lot of smiles)

  • How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days - Just hilarious. I rewind certain parts where Kate Hudson is being obnoxious, to play over and over again. And Matthew McConaughey ain't so bad to look at either.

  • Into the Wild - Raw, beautiful. A harrowing but necessary movie to see.

  • Braveheart - This is an oldie but goodie that I watched over and over with my parents growing up. Just never gets old.

  • Dances with Wolves - Ditto with this. But its looonnngg, so if you aren't into calm, slow movies with not a whole lot of conversation, don't watch it. (But you'll be missing out.)

  • A Beautiful Mind

  • Amercian Beauty

  • The Pianist - Another beautiful picture.

  • Juno - This one knocked my socks off. I don't remember being this witty and clever as a young teen.

  • Gladiator

  • Great Expectations

Some I felt didn't need explanation. I think I'm going to put a few of these on me and J's Blockbuster online to view again.

What are YOUR must sees?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Delicious Jewelry & Giveaway Update

The Sorbet and Nature Collections, and a few others. Have a peek, let me know what ya think. (I'm so adorable when I accidentally rhyme, don't you agree? *snicker*)

These pieces run from $6-$14 if anyone is interested. Last time I posted my jewelry on my blog, I posted them on my jewelry site too. A few blog and local friends missed out on some pieces so I'm giving a full day of keeping these just on my blog to give everyone a chance to shop. Tomorrow night they'll go up on my Etsy shop, but due to Etsy fees, they'll raise in price a little. Just email me here if you want to own a piece:

Vintage Button Ring $8

Raspberry Sorbet Earrings $10

Nature at Midnight Earrings $14

Nature & Pearls Bracelet $14

Key Lime Earrings $6

Lipstick Earrings $10

Isla Mujeres Bracelet $12

Green Eyed Lady Earrings $8

Grapefruit Sorbet Earrings $8

Dragonfly Bracelet $12

Detail of Dragonfly Bracelet

Autumn Copper Earrings $8

I used czech glass, swarowski and lots of yummy copper, silver and antique brass.

I'll keep shipping low at $2. Stay tuned this week for a Jillry giveaway. I just couldn't wait till the first of next month! The giveaway will be a pair of earrings or a bracelet from the Sorbet Collection. I'll post a peek soon!!

P.S. - Does anyone else like Paranormal State as much as J and I do? A new one comes on this coming Monday! *squeal* I hate scaring the bajeebees outta myself, but at the same time, I love scaring the bajeebees outta myself...

The Letter T

Rox did a meme and I wanted to join in, read below.

Here’s the instructions: How this memetic works is that you leave a comment on this post, and I’ll assign you a letter. Then you write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.

My Letter Is T:

1. Ta tas. (Sorry Mom, I don't mean to be embarrassing.) Not just anyone's, come on people. MINE. They are my weapon of choice, my favorite accessories.

2. Treadmill. Maybe not right at this moment, but I know I will love the treadmill once it whips my bum into shape!

3. Taco Bell. This one is so not meshing with #2. But still, I love Taco Smell. Taco Hell. Give me a couple of crunchy tacos after a night of dancing and this girl is in mexican heaven.

4. Turquoise. As in the color and the stone. I picked up a turquoise pendant in Mexico on our honeymoon and wear it every chance I get. And I always manage to have a turquoise blouse or two in my closet. Its such a rich, happy color.

5. Tea. Rox, this letter was MADE for me! I love tea so much that my good friend bought me and J a tea maker for our wedding just because she knows how obsessed I am. I drink it nonstop. Always have an obnoxiously huge cup of tea at my side. Even have one now on my desk at work.

6. Tookie. My mom. Love her.

7. Tail. As in the Mini Monster's tail. She's always happy to see me when I come home every evening and that spastic wagging lil tail proves it.

8. TLC. One of my favorite channels!!

9. Thursday. Because Thursday night is Date Night for me and the Babers.

10. Thrift shops! Can always find a vintage brooch or funky piece of jewelry to turn into a beautiful new piece of jewelry for my shop in the local thrift stores. This helps keep my prices down and allows me to make one a kinds.

If any of you want to play, just leave a comment and I'll assign you a letter!

Manic Monday

If you were to name the most creative outlet that you have, what would it be?

Hard to choose just one but right now I'd have to say blogging. Reading other inspiring creative souls, being able to share my creativity on here with others and being able to freely vent my feelings through writing.

What spot in your body would you say is the center of your emotional being?

My crazy brain! My mood is so easily swayed by the thoughts rushing around in my head. I can change a funky mood into a good one just by talking myself out of it, or the flipside: bring myself down with worries or imperfections.

What do you think is the secret to a tranquil soul?


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Thursday, January 08, 2009

A mish mosh of today's thoughts

Did that rhyme a little?

  • I can't get enough of Rhianna's song Paper Chaser. The instruments in the background, her poppy voice... just makes me wanna shake my glutious maximus. That said, I would happily take the sound of nails on a chalkboard every day of 2009 if I don't ever have to hear a Red Hot Chili Peppers song again.

  • I joined Twitter but really don't know much about it yet. You can find me there under randommoments7. I'm working on adding a Twitter section to my sidebar so we can all play together.

  • Thanks for all the sweet comments on my last bridal shot post. While reading your comments I blushed. A lot.

  • My newest cooking love is those gigantic boxes of chicken broth. They have a flip top lid for easy use and you just pop that sucker in the fridge to use the rest later. My favorite thing is to use the broth for deglazing my pans. Right now I'm cooking italian sausage spaghetti. After pan frying the sausage I used the broth to pick up the delicious lil pieces of leftover browned sausage and juices. My whole house smells like Italy, I'm sure of it. ;)

  • Going to do a follow up post of Kelly's Five Ways to Spice It Up post. Think I'll call it Revive Your Love. Stay tuned to learn more about how to bring the desire back in your relationship. *snort* I love making stuff up.

  • Speaking of making stuff up, I want a tee shirt that says "I make stuff up." Seriously. Have wanted one for like, 27 years. Yep, since I was 3. Where can I get one?

  • Apparently I'm the only chic in the free world that hasn't read or isn't currently reading Twilight. If you've read it and recommend it, shoot me a comment.

  • I haven't forgotten about Rox's letter post. I've been assigned the letter T to write about, ten things I love that start with this letter. A work in progress, post date TBD yo.

  • Oh! I've finally updated my blogroll. If I left anyone out, just let me know. I haven't updated this since... well, since Madonna developed an English accent. So yeah, its been a while.

  • I think I'm addicted to blogging. Again. Is there any medicine or support groups for this?

  • Me and the hubs bought a new desk and bookcase. Now the junk room is the craft/office room. So love. Going to share pictures soon.

  • J's new ring tone is Run D.M.C.'s Tricky. Now when I get a morning text from him, I either giggle, smile, jig or just flat out dance. It just puts me in a good mood.

This speech is my recital, I think its very vital...

Before the walk down the aisle, before all the happy tears...

... came the bridal shots. I promised them, so here they are. I only picked a handful of favorites so you guys wouldn't be sick of me by the end of this post. :)

I think I'm as white as the swing.

This was actually a really fun day. Our photographer had to stand on this tall perch to take a couple of shots and lost balance, falling into a big bush. He was holding his camera high as he fell, it was so funny. My dad laughed about it all day.

Afterwards, we went to eat at little cajun restaurant on the way home from the Greenwood plantation. I had Mom and Dad all to myself that day, which was really nice. Its a rare occurance when you have two other siblings and two grandchildren to share them with. I pretended like I was their only child. :)

I felt so pretty and pampered. My parents kept asking every thirty minutes if my blood sugar was okay and Be sure your knees arent locked! If the height of the stairs freaked me out (they did). I kinda felt like a little girl all over again.

The plantation was beautiful and felt a little haunted at times, which was cool. I could have sat outside on the grounds all evening, maybe with a picnic basket and a good book. Just a quiet, serene place.

This day would not have been possible if it weren't for my parents, so, thank you, Mom. Thank you, Dad. I'll remember this day forever. Great memory. Perfect day.

My Resolutions

This year they will be simple for me, it is my theme for 2009. Simplicity.

1. Stop and smell the roses.

The months of November and December were far too hectic and busy for me. Christmas shopping, wedding planning, birthdays, holiday get togethers, non-holiday get togethers... It was madness. To be stress free is the only way I can be the best me. So, I'm going to slow down, journal more, enjoy those clear starry nights. Memorize my husband's face all over again, cuddle my puppy. Listen to my music more, enjoy nesting like before. Buy flowers for our kitchen table. Take advantage of the comfort and joy the little things bring.

2. Be a better friend.

First and foremost, I'm going to try to answer my phone more. I detest my cellular. That ever contant thing my friends complain about is how hard I am to find. How can I be a good friend if I can't be reached? I'm going to start sending cards again, long personal emails, let them in on secrets. Really listen. Spend quality time. Make road trips to visit my long distance friends.

3. Take care of myself more.

I can tell when I need "me" time. It comes like clock work. So more of that. And I'm going to read again, dance again, listen to my ipod more and download all the music that inspires me. I'm going to journal more, decompress the thoughts that are always crowding my brain. Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water. Exercise more. Maybe even renew my old love for running. Sleep at least 8 hours a night. Do something with my ever raging creative bug: photo shoots, jewelry, crafting, scrapping. Love more. Hug more.

4. Be a good wife.

Oh hush. When will I ever get to make this my new years resolution again without appearing as if I wasn't a good wife before? Cook nourishing meals for him, spend quality time with him, let go of my silly fears and be more adventurous with him. Bring him down the healthy road with me. Have more tickle wars before bed with him. (Man I love those.) Bring him a beer more often. Bwahaha! Shyeah right. Okay seriously, just continue be aware of my mood and continue to treat him with respect. And never, ever deny him of morning snuggles.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Goodnight Moon

Taken from our courtyard a couple of nights ago.

Goodnight stars,
Goodnight air,
Goodnight noises everywhere .....

Me? Advertise?

So my next post will be my new year's resolutions, but this post is relative to one of them: Being more agressive about my jewelry.

More than anything, I want to be able to support myself through my creativity. All I can think about during the day is going home and making the next one of a kind piece.

At your suggestions, I went wandering through my bloggy friends' sites, scrolling through their reads to find something new, enticing. And then I fell upon Old Lady at Michelle's place.

Not only is this "Old Lady" inspiring - a 16 year old chic who writes, dreams and creates like some of the adult women I know - she offered up spots for advertisement on her blog. After this post I was enamored with her; she was bound to be my new girl crush. (For you perverts, see below for definition of girl crush.) Not only that, I just happened upon her site at the right moment.

And I jumped. I got a spot for my very own button ad. So, when you have a second go visit her. And have a lookie at my lil button on her sidebar for my Jillry!

My newest collection: The Victorian Bride. I don't know, I'm still tweaking. The name of the collection may change. It shall consist of antique, vintage, old world style bridal jewelry. That of course can be worn with anything else, but made under inspiration for just that. The Victorian Bride.

One Golden Morning

girl crush - when one female digs another female after being inspired by them or because of their appearance, personality, craft, talent, etc. Meaning, the girl being crushed on likely has done, possesses or behaves in a way that is attractive to another female, but in a non-sexual way.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A peek at Christmas

Someone got a baby doll for Christmas. And didn't put her down all night.

Our first Christmas as a married couple. Say it together now, awwwwww.

Once KK was done unwrapping her presents, she came to look at ours.

I know. We're cute.

What my sweet sweet hubby gave me for Christmas. I've been eyeing this baby for months! And even better, he picked it out himself.

My heart.

Me and Toot. Doing what we do best. Being silly yo.

And Toot jumping on his Moon Shoes. He was out of control and it was hilarious.

Part of the crew. We remembered late in the game to take pictures, oops.

All in all, a great Christmas. The day after Christmas, Babers and I went shopping for a grown up tree. We got a big, full, beautiful tree with colored lights. That night, we opened the box and put the tree up. It was a pain in the butt but so worth it. After separating each little furry branch we stepped back and sighed at the sight. I already can't wait for next Christmas.

P.S. - Notice we are wearing short sleeves? I had on capris too. Christmas without sweaters was a little strange, but we're kind of used to this crazy weather in the South.

P.P.S. - Contrary to popular belief, J was NOT high in these photos, nor does he detest touching me. At this point he was probably full of bbq roast beef, taco shit (recipe at request) and meatballs, therefore in a coma of sorts. He loves me. He swearz.

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