Thursday, January 01, 2009

Shh, if you listen you can tell.

I'm married. Married.

What? That's crazy talk.

I wake this morning to a new year. The birds chirping outside our window. The feel of the weight shifting in our bed, my husband's feet trying to find mine in his slumber. His feet touch mine and they're freezing. Always freezing. I squeal.

He rolls over to me, tells me Good morning, Wife. I tell him I'm hungry, go fix your wife breakfast. He says Okay and pulls me in closer for more snuggles. He thinks I'll fall asleep again if he holds me tight enough. I love that about him.

My puppy's whimpering begins. Pay attention to me! Play with me, play with me, play with me! Then the jingle jangle of her tags as she starts her incessant scratching. STOP MINI!, we both say together and laugh. She's our little girl.

Later we're in the kitchen and I'm cooking us breakfast. Scrambled eggs with leftover baked ham. I hear his feet on the floor coming up behind me and his arms gather me up and I feel so little. Kiss kiss on my neck. I squirm because it tickles and pull away. Uh uh, I'm not through with you, he says. I can almost feel his smile. He thinks he's so clever. I think he is too.

And then I hear the tv come on, its football again. But now I'm used to it. I find comfort in the background noise of football on the tv. It tells me he's home. Even though I've lost all control of the remote, those sounds are endearing to me.

Right now the sound of Rocky is on. AMC has played it all day. I've been making jewelry for hours with football and Rocky in the background. The sounds of marriage. And the occasional air kiss sound J makes to me.

Oh and by the way, in the first Rocky? When the fight is over and everyone rushes Rocky in the ring, he turns and yells for Adrian. Aaaadrian!! He just finished his first real fight and all he can think of is Adrian. I swear I get choked up every time I see that part. And, when I do, there's the sound of J laughing at me.

*sigh* Enough of that. I'm just sitting here thinking about how today is the beginning of a new year while the hubs sits on the couch beside me. And I'm feeling all warm and cozy about it. A new year with new promises and new experiences.

A few things I accomplished today, sitting all fancy in my online shop:

These first few were inspired by the New Year. Fun, festive and flirty.

Don't forget to check in tomorrow to see who the winner is of the jewelry giveaway in my last post! Its not too late if you still want to comment. The cut off time will be tonight at midnight.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You always make such cute jewelry! So beautiful!

And the post just about made me melt in my chair. So adorable. I have to say, even though I'm glad I'm not married to the person I was married to, I miss being married so much. Just the feeling, the warmth, the love, the companionship, the sounds... everything about it just feels so much like home.

Jessica said...

I'm too late! Aw, oh no maybe next time! :) Beautiful pieces. I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful 2009! :D

AJ said...

awww... I am SO there with you. This post made me smile :-)

Roxrocks said...

You kids are so cute with your love and everything!

(Make that man some socks! Or buy him some nice fuzzy ones!)

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