Thursday, January 08, 2009

A mish mosh of today's thoughts

Did that rhyme a little?

  • I can't get enough of Rhianna's song Paper Chaser. The instruments in the background, her poppy voice... just makes me wanna shake my glutious maximus. That said, I would happily take the sound of nails on a chalkboard every day of 2009 if I don't ever have to hear a Red Hot Chili Peppers song again.

  • I joined Twitter but really don't know much about it yet. You can find me there under randommoments7. I'm working on adding a Twitter section to my sidebar so we can all play together.

  • Thanks for all the sweet comments on my last bridal shot post. While reading your comments I blushed. A lot.

  • My newest cooking love is those gigantic boxes of chicken broth. They have a flip top lid for easy use and you just pop that sucker in the fridge to use the rest later. My favorite thing is to use the broth for deglazing my pans. Right now I'm cooking italian sausage spaghetti. After pan frying the sausage I used the broth to pick up the delicious lil pieces of leftover browned sausage and juices. My whole house smells like Italy, I'm sure of it. ;)

  • Going to do a follow up post of Kelly's Five Ways to Spice It Up post. Think I'll call it Revive Your Love. Stay tuned to learn more about how to bring the desire back in your relationship. *snort* I love making stuff up.

  • Speaking of making stuff up, I want a tee shirt that says "I make stuff up." Seriously. Have wanted one for like, 27 years. Yep, since I was 3. Where can I get one?

  • Apparently I'm the only chic in the free world that hasn't read or isn't currently reading Twilight. If you've read it and recommend it, shoot me a comment.

  • I haven't forgotten about Rox's letter post. I've been assigned the letter T to write about, ten things I love that start with this letter. A work in progress, post date TBD yo.

  • Oh! I've finally updated my blogroll. If I left anyone out, just let me know. I haven't updated this since... well, since Madonna developed an English accent. So yeah, its been a while.

  • I think I'm addicted to blogging. Again. Is there any medicine or support groups for this?

  • Me and the hubs bought a new desk and bookcase. Now the junk room is the craft/office room. So love. Going to share pictures soon.

  • J's new ring tone is Run D.M.C.'s Tricky. Now when I get a morning text from him, I either giggle, smile, jig or just flat out dance. It just puts me in a good mood.

This speech is my recital, I think its very vital...


Jay said...


~ I added you on Twitter. Your picture on there looks like you're pissed at me. How appropriate!

~ could easily do that shirt for you.

~ Glad to FINALLY be getting some link love from ya. Geez. ;)

Jay said...

Oh, and Christie turned into a complete whore over the Twilight books. I only suggest you read it if you're prepared to withdraw from life for a week or two.

Kitty said...

Let me know if you work out what Twitter is about. I see the button on lots of crafty blogs, but have no real idea of what it's about.

My current ringtone is Homer Simpson singing Spider Pig. My daughter appears to be embarrassed about this. Do I care? Erm ... nope.


Jessica said...

hmm, I've been thinking about trying twitter for a while...let me know how it goes.

Roxrocks said...

Did you get my last comment?

LindseYaYa said...

*Waaaait* Stop everything. I don't think I got to post on your bridal shots... or did I? I'm going back to do that. Please blush for me. xo

Damsel Underdressed said...

I have a Twitter but I don't understand what I'm supposed to do with it???

You can make your own shirt at I've made things there before and the quality of the actual clothing has always been quite nice.

Tricky is my favorite Run DMC song! I love it!

random moments said...

Jay - CafePress! Doh! Thanks. And yeah, I'm a little behind on the cool new bloggy gadgets. Still trying to update and be part of the cool crowd.

P.S. - I'm wearing a wig in that Twitter photo!

Kitty - Omg! Me and J sang spider pig to Mini for a week and J even tried holding her up to walk on the ceiling. She didn't like that much.

Jessica - Kinda cool. Just a way to let people know what you're up to, I'm still learning though! I'll keep ya posted. :)

Rox - send me last comment again? Peez?

LindseYaYa - You did it. I blushed. Twice. ;)

Damsel - Its in my head this morning! Thanks for the website, thats a new one for me.

Anonymous said...

I'm so singing tricky in my head for the rest of the day. Thanks. ;-)

My sister has that shirt, btw. It's true too.

Anonymous said...

shot. I came back to check out the comments, and got Tricky stuck in my head again. lol tricky tricky tricky tricky!

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