Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Favorite Things

Admit it, you're singing, aren't you? These are a few of my faavvvorite things...

Behind our bathroom door. Comfort and softness. A big fluffy red robe my parents bought me one Christmas. It comforted me through a mean stomach virus I had shortly after they gave it to me. My soft girlie pieces. Reminds me that I'm married. And that I can be pretty even when I sleep. :) And my favorite, one of Baber's over sized button ups. Another piece of comfort.

This little basket of slippers makes me smile. My effort to keep them from being scattered all over the house. Tucked right beside our bedroom door, my squishy slippers, his paw paw ones. I'd like to believe they play together when we're not home.

Mmmm, all of our smell goodies and pampery. His cologne, the kind that makes me want to bury my face in his neck. My little collection of perfume. What fun walking up to our little shelf every morning, looking at each bottle, knowing the smell of each. Who shall I be today? On cold days when he has skinny fingers he leaves his wedding ring on the bottom shelf. Makes me want to place mine beside it on those days, so it won't be all alone with the night creams and fragrances.

Now this is love. Has to be a favorite thing. Given to me by my husband on our first Christmas. Filled with my heart: jewelry, jewelry, jewelry. Pieces he's given me, pieces I picked up on our honeymoon, many pieces I've created for myself.

Do you know what that thing is? That my friends is called a good night's sleep. I don't remember much about sleep before this except that I didn't sleep through the night. This little marvel, the IonicPro - an air purifier - cleans the air in our bedroom of all the teeny tiny allergens and wallah! I can finally sleep through the night. This thing is worth its weight in gold to me.

Corian. Such a smooth, beautiful surface. I love our master bathroom and this is a huge part of that love. Its coloring is textured but marble-like, which shines whether it was cleaned yesterday or days ago, especially in the morning sunlight.

And this? Probably one of my husband's favorite things too. The home of Little Bird and Mike the Tiger. Can you tell which one he named? The fish are hiding in this photo; they're territorial and tend to dwell mostly in their little caves. We love to watch them peep out at the first sign of food. Little Bird got her name because at first she was so timid, peeping out of her chosen cave and pecking nervously at the food floating by her. Now, she's the first one out and just as aggressive as Mike.

My favorite things. So many more to share. When we moved into our house I felt overwhelmed with the amount of things I loved about it. Still do feel that way.

Well, my husband looks like he needs a kiss, so I'll close shop for now. Stay tuned for more favorites.

What are yours?


Jay said...

Your house is so clean! You must never spend any time there.

Tookie Tail said...

I love your favorite things! Very cute!

The Other K Wick said...

Thanks for the kind words. I know I'll be fine. The meeting went well. Ken is being very supportive. Oh and I'm all over the $-store potato brush. (lol)

Hmm, my favorite things....The uppies, the smell of clean clothes, Ken when he's wearing Polo Black or Axe ChocoLate (yummy!), hot bubble baths......ok this comment is getting long. I think you just inspired my next blog.

Hope you have a fabulous Friday.

CeruleanBlue aka MoMo said...

Thanks for stopping by my little blog... I've added you to my list to follow, as well! I look forward to reading more and getting to know you on here!

Happy Friday!

(and I love the cologne, too... I just gotta find the boy to wear it!)

Jessica said...

Ooh, a slipper basket, good idea! :)

floreta said...

wow it looks like you have a nice house. and tidy! i really loved the bathroom sink.

Roxrocks said...

Our matching recliners by the fire is my favorite spot! Last night, we were both in our chairs, both looking for vacays on our matching laptops and the teen comes in the room and says "Well, aren't you two a pair!" Heehee!

Maxie said...

space heaters are AMAZING. They have gotten me through this winter.

Stacie said...

This is so cool Jilly! I just might have to steal this idea for someday...I love your idea for a basket for the slippers..that's awsome!


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