Monday, January 12, 2009

Delicious Jewelry & Giveaway Update

The Sorbet and Nature Collections, and a few others. Have a peek, let me know what ya think. (I'm so adorable when I accidentally rhyme, don't you agree? *snicker*)

These pieces run from $6-$14 if anyone is interested. Last time I posted my jewelry on my blog, I posted them on my jewelry site too. A few blog and local friends missed out on some pieces so I'm giving a full day of keeping these just on my blog to give everyone a chance to shop. Tomorrow night they'll go up on my Etsy shop, but due to Etsy fees, they'll raise in price a little. Just email me here if you want to own a piece:

Vintage Button Ring $8

Raspberry Sorbet Earrings $10

Nature at Midnight Earrings $14

Nature & Pearls Bracelet $14

Key Lime Earrings $6

Lipstick Earrings $10

Isla Mujeres Bracelet $12

Green Eyed Lady Earrings $8

Grapefruit Sorbet Earrings $8

Dragonfly Bracelet $12

Detail of Dragonfly Bracelet

Autumn Copper Earrings $8

I used czech glass, swarowski and lots of yummy copper, silver and antique brass.

I'll keep shipping low at $2. Stay tuned this week for a Jillry giveaway. I just couldn't wait till the first of next month! The giveaway will be a pair of earrings or a bracelet from the Sorbet Collection. I'll post a peek soon!!

P.S. - Does anyone else like Paranormal State as much as J and I do? A new one comes on this coming Monday! *squeal* I hate scaring the bajeebees outta myself, but at the same time, I love scaring the bajeebees outta myself...


Kitty said...

Such pretty makes. You are very talented. x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful collection, as always. Love those last set of earrings!

Stacie said...

You are so talented Jilly. I love them all. Of course, the naturey sets are my faves. LOL...

I haven't seen that show. We did watch "fear is real" last week, but as far as I could tell it was nothing more than playing hide and seek in the dark blindfolded with a bunch of slutty women who cried every time they heard a cricket. thanks. Boooooring! That's been done to death. I don't know why writers can't come up with anything new these days instead of showing us the same ol same ol all the time.


Ashley said...

wow, nice jewelry! I'm a fan of that red ring :)

C said...

your baubbles are absolutely gorgous. you are so creative! you are gifted with a real talent.
diane and i watch "most haunted", "ghost hunters" and have seen some of the paranormal state as well. fellow "love to be scared" peeps!!!!!
yeah, but only from the safety of our home, that is. although diane would LOVE to go in a haunted castle, i guess i would too. rrrrr
she is from england and we love it when they cover castles from there.
i am gonna show my sister your jewely site, we both love stuff like you make.

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