Monday, January 12, 2009

The Letter T

Rox did a meme and I wanted to join in, read below.

Here’s the instructions: How this memetic works is that you leave a comment on this post, and I’ll assign you a letter. Then you write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.

My Letter Is T:

1. Ta tas. (Sorry Mom, I don't mean to be embarrassing.) Not just anyone's, come on people. MINE. They are my weapon of choice, my favorite accessories.

2. Treadmill. Maybe not right at this moment, but I know I will love the treadmill once it whips my bum into shape!

3. Taco Bell. This one is so not meshing with #2. But still, I love Taco Smell. Taco Hell. Give me a couple of crunchy tacos after a night of dancing and this girl is in mexican heaven.

4. Turquoise. As in the color and the stone. I picked up a turquoise pendant in Mexico on our honeymoon and wear it every chance I get. And I always manage to have a turquoise blouse or two in my closet. Its such a rich, happy color.

5. Tea. Rox, this letter was MADE for me! I love tea so much that my good friend bought me and J a tea maker for our wedding just because she knows how obsessed I am. I drink it nonstop. Always have an obnoxiously huge cup of tea at my side. Even have one now on my desk at work.

6. Tookie. My mom. Love her.

7. Tail. As in the Mini Monster's tail. She's always happy to see me when I come home every evening and that spastic wagging lil tail proves it.

8. TLC. One of my favorite channels!!

9. Thursday. Because Thursday night is Date Night for me and the Babers.

10. Thrift shops! Can always find a vintage brooch or funky piece of jewelry to turn into a beautiful new piece of jewelry for my shop in the local thrift stores. This helps keep my prices down and allows me to make one a kinds.

If any of you want to play, just leave a comment and I'll assign you a letter!


Jay said...

I would have gone with Ta-tas for the list anchor, as I basically didn't need to read any further once I got that far. ;)

AJ said...

I want to play!!!

And I am sooo addicted to TLC too! LOL

Tookie Tail said...

How cute! Ta Tas and all! hehe Let's just say the girls in our family have nice ta tas, huh? LOL

I wanna play!

Anonymous said...

Me me me! I love this meme! Give me a letter! Me! Me!

random moments said...

Jay - typical man. :)

AJ - I left you a comment with your letter hun. Glad you are playing along!

Tookie - Yes, yes we do. ;p

Gigidiaz - hi there! How about the letter H? Go for it!!

Anonymous said...

ok... I'm in. what's the letter?

Also... newly addicted to hot green tea with a shots of vanilla and mint. You have to try it when you go to a tea/coffee shop. It's the bestest. I can't duplicate the wonderfulness at home. yummy

Stacie said... guys are a hoot! Great list Jilly, I love yours, you had some good ones there. I want to play...Give me a letter when you have a chance. fun fun fun.

Roxrocks said...

You're a tea bag? LOL! That's what I call Tea drinkers...myself included. Great job!

Real Live Lesbian said...


It's my newest obsession. That damn Teavana place in the mall started the whole thing!

Great list!

healingtouch said...

Shoot me a letter my friend !

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