Monday, January 26, 2009

I can't NOT talk about it

I'm sorry babe, but this little light of mine? I'm going to let it shine...

This light is the Babers.

Now before you go Xing off my blog, just let me say this isn't one of my usual praise the husband posts because I love him and he's awesome, yadda yadda.

Well, it sorta is but just listen.

My husband? He quit. Smoking, that is.

*angels singing*

Ya'll. You have no idea how freaking excited and proud I am of him. In my dating career I refused to date smokers. On occasion one would slip in but they were never guys I considered spending my life with.

(Sorry, I'm sure some of you are smokers and I'm pissing you off. But this quitting thing? It means so much to me.)

My daddy's a smoker. My mom once was too. They both quit, but my dad picked it back up after 5 years or so of being clear of it. Every time I see him smoke I pray that he'll put them down. I've been wishing my butt off about Babers quitting, and he finally did.

Ten days and counting. He made it through the weekend, which I know very well was probably the hardest part. I've been leaving him little "treats" in his work truck, small atta boys to show him how much I appreciate what he's doing. And well, also to sort of replace that habit until the need lightens up. (No I didn't leave him drugs! Crossword puzzles and Mike & Ikes! Haha.)

How I knew he was serious? One morning, four days in cold turkey, he heads out to work after kissing me bye. A second later the door opens and he walks up to me, holds his "emergency" cigar in the air. He surrendered his back up smoke. That said everything to me.

So yeah, I'm crazy proud. Shout out to my Babers. Hootie hooo! Hahaha, ahhh... I need some sleep...

Before I go, here's a link for my J: Smoking Cessation Timeline - The Health Benefits Over Time Its an interesting read, check it out.


The Other K Wick said...
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Jay said...

Great. Now I want a cigarette.

jason said...

Now you jinxed me!!!!!

The Other K Wick said...

Congrats!!!! Way to go to your hubs. I know just how huge that is.

Ken smokes and I HATE it too. But, last year I lost both of my material grandparents to COPD.

Anonymous said...

Yes, congrats to your husband. That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Stay strong Jay! Good luck! We are so proud.

And isn't Random the cutest little wifey? hehe

Chloie said...

Congrats to your husband! That takes a lot of determination to do, so I'm happy for both of you.

Smoking is a turn off for me too. My dad is a smoker and it bothers all of us at home so I vowed never to date one. Fortunately I'm marrying a health and fitness nut who doesn't smoke and drink!

Sydney said...

That's fantastic!! It's a hard habit to kick but it sounds like you're giving him a ton of support, I wish your hubby all the luck! :)

Real Live Lesbian said...

My girl quit last October, so I completely understand. It's so hard for them. I'll be sending positive thoughts to your man helping him stay strong!

Yay for him!

Anonymous said...

Mine quit six years ago, so I totally get it! If he's 10 days in, he's got it whipped!

Thanks for visiting. I appreciated your words of wisdom. This will be the second time this decade I've cut my hair off and donated it. I'm psyched to do it again!

Good luck on the weight loss too. I'm just revving up to the fact that I need to get serious about it! We weigh about the same!

Ashley said...

Yay for Jay. Or "Babers." haha :)

I try to get friends to quit all the time to no avail.

Good-Grace said...

oh goodie!!! Tell the "Baber's" that we are all so proud of him. That is absolutely wonderful! And surrendering the back up smoke... what a guy!! Bravo!

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