Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A peek at Christmas

Someone got a baby doll for Christmas. And didn't put her down all night.

Our first Christmas as a married couple. Say it together now, awwwwww.

Once KK was done unwrapping her presents, she came to look at ours.

I know. We're cute.

What my sweet sweet hubby gave me for Christmas. I've been eyeing this baby for months! And even better, he picked it out himself.

My heart.

Me and Toot. Doing what we do best. Being silly yo.

And Toot jumping on his Moon Shoes. He was out of control and it was hilarious.

Part of the crew. We remembered late in the game to take pictures, oops.

All in all, a great Christmas. The day after Christmas, Babers and I went shopping for a grown up tree. We got a big, full, beautiful tree with colored lights. That night, we opened the box and put the tree up. It was a pain in the butt but so worth it. After separating each little furry branch we stepped back and sighed at the sight. I already can't wait for next Christmas.

P.S. - Notice we are wearing short sleeves? I had on capris too. Christmas without sweaters was a little strange, but we're kind of used to this crazy weather in the South.

P.P.S. - Contrary to popular belief, J was NOT high in these photos, nor does he detest touching me. At this point he was probably full of bbq roast beef, taco shit (recipe at request) and meatballs, therefore in a coma of sorts. He loves me. He swearz.


Michelle Sanders said...

you sure he wasn't high? he was eating something you called "taco shit" after all! LOL! Love the peek into Christmas! You know I'm a visual person! And I totally love that ya'll got your grown up tree after Christmas and are all ready for next year! Ya'll are going to be the best newlyweds ever. Well besides us. But now that it has been nearly 7 years, we will step down and give you guys that honor! LOL!

Jay said...

No fair. I wanted moon shoes.

C said...

you look like a very happy family! thanks for sharing!


Kitty said...

Cute pictures - thanks for showing them. I remember my daughter's love for her baby doll - how she loved it. In fact we still have it in a cupboard - she couldn't bear to throw it away.


random moments said...

Michelle - ha! Well that stuff is like crack, so maybe he was! Yeah, y'all are totally a couple we look up to and hope we grow up just like y'all someday. (I'm serious!)

Jay - You must have been a naughty boy then. OR Mrs. Claus (aka yo baby mama) must have known you'd break your ankles.

C- thanks! Happy or delusional, but either works, right?

Kitty - thats so cute! We have dolls still have tucked away at our parents too!

Roxrocks said...

That's funny because on Bloglines I read "Someone got a baby doll for Christmas and didn't let her go all night" and it was directly above the picture of you and J together. Imagine my surprise that the caption belonged to the little sweetie with the doll! Cute!

And rub it in about capris. I won't see Capris until May.

Anonymous said...

wait... what is this 'taco shit' we refer to? hmmmm sounds good... lol

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