Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Walmart: Love or Hate?

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Walmart. Love it, but love to hate it. It is that black cloud that hangs over our household when the fridge is running low on necessities, when the toilet paper is scarce and the laundry detergent is being rationed.

Why do we hate it so much? I think the bingo card funny above sums it up for most of us.

Why I love Walmart: The prices. And also, EVERYTHING is in one place. So there's the convenience factor. I can purchase my detergent, eyeliner, fruit and brown rice all in the same location. Plus, there's the Walmart brand items which cut your cost tremendously. I mean, who really cares if your canned peaches are off brand? They're peaches.

Why I hate Walmart: See bingo card above. *laugh* People run into each other in Walmart and just love to strike up a conversation mid aisle so that no one else can pass. And refuse to break conversation to move their buggys aside for other customers! Or worse, they're planted, yapping away right in front of the bread I need.

Also, the unruly kids of the world are brought in there seemingly by the truckload. I believe some parents think Walmart is break for them, a babysitting tool of sorts. Like Walmart is a place to bring your kids, oh say, comparable to the neighborhood park. J and I were shopping one day when this little kid, maybe 4 or 5 years old, walked straight up to our buggy and stood on the end of it, like we were his parents and this was normal behavior. The mom was o b l i v i o u s. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR KID. If I was a kidnapper, I would have been out the door with your child by the time you chose your magazine, lady.

And one more thing, we buy more than we need. Sure, the prices are lower but I always see things that I "need" in there. J is bad about it too. Boy don't let him near the $5 DVD racks in there. Lol. (Sorry babe, but you're laughing right now cuz its true!)

What are your Walmart (or insert local big chain store here) loves and hates? Come on, you know you wanna vent...


Jay said...

My dislike of Wal-Mart stems more from their shoddy hiring and employee relations practices, as well as the ongoing genocide of small business America. I also hear that their executives bathe in the blood of endangered species.

Anonymous said...

I think I posted on my hatred of them once... or thrice... hehe

I already have this bingo card, and have planned to play. lol

I'm with Jay... they are bathing in the blood of endangered species.

Just thinking about that place makes me irritated. It's not good for my blood pressure. (Neither is their meat from all the sodium they put in it to make it have a longer shelf life. ew)

Also, I'm not a fan of how they force companies to lay off huge amounts of employees when they threaten to stop carrying their product unless they keep prices low. Too low for the company to sustain the employees and production they need to run. So, it is either keep the prices low for Wal-mart at the risk of your employees, or lose the biggest retailer in America... So, what do you think they are forced to do...?

End rant. I'm walking away now. Promise. hehe

The Other K Wick said...

Have been known to shop in Walmart, shhhhh, they'll take away my Barbiedom. I LOVE Target can cannot get enough. However, the current bank account and Ken say we MUST go to Walmart. (sniff, sniff)

Ok, here it goes, HATES:
I am with Kelly (above) the lay off thing and Don't get me started about that.
The unattended children drive me nuts.
The store feels dirty, might be the poor lighting and concrete floors.
25 checkout lanes and NEVER more than 3 open.
My visit last week, picture this...Coach purse in hand with Target (teehee I'm evil) reduce and reuse shopping bags...and the "door monitor" rudely demands to see my reciept. Ah, yeah, out of ALL the people in here, I'm the one who is stealing stuff. Whatever.

Love: The prices and it is around the corner from the house.

Ashley said...

The $5 DVD racks are my DEMISE!!! hahaha...that's where I bought the Bridget Jones I watched today :)

I like how all the Walmarts are the same, no matter the state. The bingo card is right on point.

Ben said...

Jay hit the nail on the head Jillie, I was really pissed after watching this movie.



C said...

wally world as me and my peeps call it, is good for some things and not for others.

prices on things i need with the exception of meats, produce, and haircuts. these 3 things are taboo there.
price scanners to see how much something is.
open 24/7.
they have a nice area for printing out your own pictures etc..


unruly kids.
dirty kids.
kids who get abused right there in the aisles.
obnoxious people and wild teenagers late at night throwing shit around in the aisles and there are many...
no one around when you have a question.
those greeters. could they be any more annoying.

i also love shopping at walgreens, the drugstore. open 24/7 too and have good bargains on every day things.

i dont like targets meat, and overall their food is high priced.


jason said...

Sam Walton's House of Horrors (shudder)

Roxrocks said...

I have a love hate relationship with the self checkout. I mean, sometimes it's fast, when there are lots of seniors there for instance. You can just zip zip and go. But hey, if I wanted to WORK at Walmart, well, then I'd want to ring stuff through, right? Ugh.

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