Friday, January 02, 2009

A good day. And a winner!

You know its going to be a good day when your favorite song is the first you hear on the radio in the morning. Addison Road's Hope Now. Her voice is clear and beautiful. The message fills you full of hope, just as the title suggests.

My voice was croaky from only having spoken the words goodbye to my sleeping husband, but still, I sang the song loudly. Good thing I didn't have a passenger, it was too perfect to pass up.

I thought of my husband, eyes still closed while he kissed me and told me to have a good day. I almost cried a little, that song playing and thinking of my life right now. My emotions seriously need to be put on check. You'd swear I was pregnant or something.

Heh. I'm not, just keeping you on your toes people. :)

So anyway, there's no food in my house. McDonald's was calling my name this morning so I put my happy little blinker on and dove in for a bacon, egg and cheese bagel.

After placing my order I pull up to pay. The cashier, guy probably fresh out of highschool says to me Your order has already been paid for by the guy in front of you, ma'am.

What? I say, confused. I look in front of me at the white truck, blacked out window, hidden driver.

He repeats himself. Says the guy wanted to pay for my order, says he knows me. I'm a little taken aback and say thank you and pull up. I try to get a look at the guy in front of me but fail. He pulls off as I'm grabbing my food.

After calling my sister and brother to identify the guy by his truck and both not recognizing the details, we decide it was an accident. There are plenty of teenage girls in my small town that drive my type of car.

Even if it was an accident, the gesture made my day. I plan to pay this guy back in some sort by repeating his kindness, or rather flirtation with his highschool crush, by paying for a stranger behind me in the next line I'm in.

Random: I'm going on a date tonight with Mr. Husband. I'm going to wear sparkly jewelry, heels and two coats of mascara. And I'm going to flirt like we did on our first date.

On another note, I am so overwhelmed with inspiration lately its insane. And its like crack; I want more.

New, inspiring, creative bloggers needed. I want some new good reads. Anyone have someone to share? I went through my bloglines last night and this morning reading all my faves and found myself wandering, trying to find more words to satisfy my craving. Please send me a link if you know of a good new blog read for me.

And now... wait. I forgot what I was going to post about next. Hmm...

Oh yes. The winner of my Jillry giveaway. *smirk*

Are you ready? Drum roll please.

Shoot, my enter bar keeps getting stuck.


Okay seriously, the winner is: Michelle Sanders! Come on down!!! You are the winner of a brand new Whimsy Bracelet!!

Now, I know this may look a little funny because Michelle is my friend in real life, but I hardly get to see her enough and its not like she lives next door. But in any way you put it, any one of you winning could look funny because I adore each and every individual one of you and have some sort of connection with you. And because of that I'm going to keep these up until all of you have a piece of my heart. Er, Jillry.

Damn it. Sorry. Its that whole emotional thing going on....

Congrat Michelli! I'll either send your new lovely to you or have to make a date to bring it to you!

I'll do another giveaway on the first of February, so stay tuned my sweets. And have a happy day.


Jay said...

I have multiple suggestions for your new favorite site, but can't imagine how any of them could outdo my own page. Maybe you can spend some quality time with my archives? Lots o' fun in there...

Roxrocks said...

I'm with Jay...I'm a big archive reader of all my faves!

How cool that you got freebies at the drive thru?! That's a wicked way to start the day!

Kitty said...

Congratulations to your winner - she's a lucky girl!

As for new creative bloggers to read - I have a ton on them in my sidebar - take your pick!


Michelle Sanders said...

Woot,woot! You love me, you really love me! I'm so happy right now! Sweet! Ok, so we will totally have to make a date!

As for new reads, I'm in a stale funk myself and don't have time to look for newbies so I'm interested in seeing the results of your question as well.


C said...

congrats to michelle you lucky dawg! as for new reads, i get that craving too and what i do is i go through my faves on my side bar and then look at some of thier faves and i have always found one or more that suits me so i then add it to my bloggie roll. try that, and see my sidebar as well... hopefully you will find some new ones. also check out my archive... lemme know what you find. remember, YOU TOO can become a loose internet surfer slut.... heehee :) LISS for short...

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