Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Me? Advertise?

So my next post will be my new year's resolutions, but this post is relative to one of them: Being more agressive about my jewelry.

More than anything, I want to be able to support myself through my creativity. All I can think about during the day is going home and making the next one of a kind piece.

At your suggestions, I went wandering through my bloggy friends' sites, scrolling through their reads to find something new, enticing. And then I fell upon Old Lady at Michelle's place.

Not only is this "Old Lady" inspiring - a 16 year old chic who writes, dreams and creates like some of the adult women I know - she offered up spots for advertisement on her blog. After this post I was enamored with her; she was bound to be my new girl crush. (For you perverts, see below for definition of girl crush.) Not only that, I just happened upon her site at the right moment.

And I jumped. I got a spot for my very own button ad. So, when you have a second go visit her. And have a lookie at my lil button on her sidebar for my Jillry!

My newest collection: The Victorian Bride. I don't know, I'm still tweaking. The name of the collection may change. It shall consist of antique, vintage, old world style bridal jewelry. That of course can be worn with anything else, but made under inspiration for just that. The Victorian Bride.

One Golden Morning

girl crush - when one female digs another female after being inspired by them or because of their appearance, personality, craft, talent, etc. Meaning, the girl being crushed on likely has done, possesses or behaves in a way that is attractive to another female, but in a non-sexual way.


Kitty said...

Good for you! I'd love to be able to support myself through my creativity - what a fantastic way to live!

Oh and I totally 'get' girl crushes too ;-)


Michelle Sanders said...

No shit! I was just coming over here to tell you I totally thought someone ripped off your name until I clicked on the link and it was your etsy! LOL! So proud of you spreading your wings. Fly, high against the sky. Oh, sorry...I burst into song there for a second! LOL Love the new collection and can't wait to see more. Mamma need some new earrings. LOL!

Anonymous said...

so I wondered over to the old lady... and I'm crushing, just over her site. /sigh

thanks for sharing the swoon-worthy. :-)

and I love the new collection inspiration!

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