Monday, July 31, 2006

What Color Heart Do You Have?

Got this off of Romantic Fool's blog -- she's right. Kinda scary how close these things are...

Your Heart Is Orange

Love equals unbridled happiness for you. You enjoy the wild ride of falling in love.
And while the ride is fun for a while, you always get off once the thrill is gone.

Your flirting style: Hyper

Your lucky first date: Anything you need your passport for!

Your dream lover: Is both daring and well grounded

What you bring to relationships: Energy

Another Packed Weekend

Hmm. Yeah, I’m looking at my new profile pic and just not sure I’m digging it. I think I’d rather look at my favorite artist’s muse with the big cha chas and lips…

Another packed weekend. Sometimes I just want to fake sick and hole up in my apartment all weekend. I'm know... I’m being dramatic. But seriously – don’t you sometimes just wish you could say no to everyone and sleep in late, order pizza, let your laundry pile up? I think I’m burning the candle at both ends now and I really need to sit down and figure out a way to lessen the load. I’m not really sure it’s a healthy sign when I come in from a fun, packed weekend, dump my laundry basket on the floor to sort and feel my eyes well up with tears. IT’S JUST LAUNDRY. Normally I love doing chores. It’s a sickness I inherited from my grandmother. Now I’ll walk by the same article of clothing I left on the floor four times before I decide I need to put it in the drawer or hamper.

And maybe it’s a bit to do with the file nazi (as J calls her) that’s coming to the office tomorrow for a random, needless audit. I’m so sick of coming to work knowing that I’ll be on the floor most of the day sorting files. It will all be over with this Friday though, and then I plan to consume ridiculous amounts of alcohol. Ha, just kidding. (Not really.)

We had a great birthday party for a friend J and I ride with on the weekends. I plan to post pics up as soon as they are sent my way. Hope everyone had a fun weekend. Now off to nose in everyone else’s blogs before I bury myself in files…

Friday, July 28, 2006

New Profile Pic

okay okay -- I've had three people tell me recently that my profile pic disturbs them. So, I'll be a good girl and change it. I'm not promising this one is here to stay though...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You Asked For It

Okay, okay. So I haven’t blogged in a while. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, I just haven’t had the time these last couple of weeks. So here’s my overview:

Work: Normally I wouldn’t bother posting an “update” about work, but it’s the main reason for the lack of posting these days. We have a new drill sergant part-time co-worker who was hired to support and help us when we are busy with our conferences. When she’s not busy, she’s trouble. Recently she decided in the midst of training, board meetings and workshops, she wants us to rearrange our files. So in the three hours left of each day after training, I’m forced to sit on my dirty floor surrounded by boxes of papers and files, and make some sort of sense and order out of them for filing down in storage. Like I don’t have two associations to manage or something. (And more importantly, when am I going to have time to surf the net if I’m buried in files?)

Relationship update: >sigh< Where can I start? Last week J sent me a dozen beautiful long stem red roses to me at work, just because. I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone send me flowers at work before. I’ve watched women at work for years receive flowers, watched their faces glow and turn flushed and thought, “eh, so you got roses.” I’m not sure its even about the flowers. It almost felt as if J hired one of those airplanes that trail banners behind them, his saying “I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS WOMAN.” Maybe I’m making way too much of this, but that’s how it felt to me.

We just recently had a conversation that has taken me back a bit, made me really think about the seriousness of our relationship. If I have the balls to do it, I may post about it. However, we all know he reads my posts and that may be stepping over a line.

Has anyone been raised believing there are certain levels and steps in relationships? I have, and I think its really created these strong morals and beliefs in me that I am proud of and somewhat hard-headed about, but sometimes I wonder who made these rules that have me feelings so unsteady when breaking them?

Even so, I’ve never been happier. I still feel like that girl that everyone wants to punch in the face. “Want to hang out after work today?” “Nah, I’m going home to J.” “Have you ever done__?” “No, but J has. Have I told you how sweet he is?”

Friend update: My Michelli had her baby shower this weekend! I can’t believe how close she is to being a mommy. I don’t have any pictures myself, but once she has her’s up (and with her permission) I may link her post so everyone can view the ooo’s and ahhh’s of her cute shower. You always think you have a good support group of friends and family, but when you see the turnout of those friends and family for these special events in life, its really amazing. Michelle packed the hostess’s house to the point of busting, and most of the men were kind enough to step outside on the patio with the beer to give us more room. Hmm. Wait…

Well, I better run for the morning. I have training today and tomorrow. Don’t be jealous.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Little Things I Love About Being a Couple

Okay, so J & I are officially gay. We are that couple that everyone hates to be around. I just know it. BUT I DON'T CARE!!!

We started a notepad of the little things we love about being a couple. He was sitting on the couch last night laughing at the television and I just got so tickled I had to write it down. Guess I started something 'cause he had to join in.

1. No more cold feet at night.
2. I've suddenly forgotten about stupid fears like someone breaking in the apartment at night.
3. When she says "oh baby.. would you like me to... iron your shirt for tomorrow?" - This is one J wrote -
4. Response to J's - Ironing your shirt is so much better than ironing mine for some reason.
5. Boy stuff all over the apartment; keys, backpack, jeans over the foot of my bed.
6. Three words: Dinner for two.
7. Little things like him putting the toilet seat down just makes me smile.
8. Sitting back quietly grinning as he cracks up laughing at the television.
9. Breakfast together on the weekends.
10.Irritating my friends because "J does this" and "J does that".

Here are some of the one's J wrote:
1. Hearing the words "I love you baby, good night" right before I fall asleep.
2. Earlier she said "Is this our house?" (Coming back from the pool I got a little confused at which door was mine.)
3. Always knowing someone that cares is a phone call away at the most.
4. Doing two separate things in the same room, i.e. me watching tv, you making your jewelry.

Add to the list if you want! (Michelle, I know you wanna. Don't cha? Don't cha wish your boyfriend was hot like mine! Ow! Okay, I'll stop now...)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

BBQ at Bean's!

Well, we had a very eventful weekend! J, Michelli & David, my sister,brother and sister-in-law came over for burgers this weekend. I learned a lot about how thick a burger should be pre-grill in order for it to fit in your guests' mouths. I also learned that Michelle carries a little notepad around so she can journal clever things that she and her friends may blurt out so she can blog them later. Oh, and I learned that no matter how funny it is at the moment, making a funny face at a camera 6 inches away from your head will not turn out as funny as you think it may.

We had delicious French fries – did you know you have to put them in the pan of oil after the oil has heated?

Okay, so I’m kidding (a little). Here’s the pics from the weekend with quotes directly related, compliments of Michelle and I below.

"If I were a bun, I'd want to be toasted." - Michelle

"It looks like our shoes are playing together." - Michelle

"That's how grease fires start." - Bean

Michelle and David, the happy couple. >bleh<

Since the burgers were to big to be eaten in their entirety the first go round, I wrapped up leftovers for everyone in the shape of swans and turtles.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Sleep Talking

This morning I slide softly out of bed so as not to disturb the sleeping monkey that warms my bed for me and walk quietly into the kitchen for my dose of DDP. After a can and that dumb Nick Lachey video where the chic doesn’t do anything but move her head up and down and try to be an actress…wait, what was I talking about? Oh, so after my can and a stupid video, I walk back into my bedroom to “brush my tooth”, as J says, and the sleeping monkey says (in very loud voice) “…mumble mumble...CUPCAKE.”

I stop in my tracks and say “What was that?”

No answer.

“J, what did you say?” I repeat. He mumbles, says something like “huh? What?” So I’m giggling and try to help him out, thinking he's still sleeping – “What about cupcakes?”

“DID YOU FIND THEM,” he mutters loudly. I burst out laughing of course. I’ve never been around a sleep talker before, so manipulating one is a great new hobby for me. I can’t wait till he does it again.

Later I ask him about it. He apparently woke himself up talking and realized what he was saying and tried to fix it. Ha. This relationship is very entertaining.

What Kind of Martini Are You?

Okay I love this silly things. Supposedly I'm Romantic Fool's drinking soulmate.

You Are A Blueberry Martini
You are a eclectic drink - liking to change drinks and venues often.You are usually the first of your friends to find a cool new dive bar or cocktail.
You should never: Drink mystery drinks strangers hand you. Unless you want to wind up in foreign country.
Your ideal party: Is mobile, hopping from party to party.
Your drinking soulmates: Those with an Orange Martini personality.
Your drinking rivals: Those with a Chocolate Martini personality.
What Flavor Martini Are You?

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