Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Little Things I Love About Being a Couple

Okay, so J & I are officially gay. We are that couple that everyone hates to be around. I just know it. BUT I DON'T CARE!!!

We started a notepad of the little things we love about being a couple. He was sitting on the couch last night laughing at the television and I just got so tickled I had to write it down. Guess I started something 'cause he had to join in.

1. No more cold feet at night.
2. I've suddenly forgotten about stupid fears like someone breaking in the apartment at night.
3. When she says "oh baby.. would you like me to... iron your shirt for tomorrow?" - This is one J wrote -
4. Response to J's - Ironing your shirt is so much better than ironing mine for some reason.
5. Boy stuff all over the apartment; keys, backpack, jeans over the foot of my bed.
6. Three words: Dinner for two.
7. Little things like him putting the toilet seat down just makes me smile.
8. Sitting back quietly grinning as he cracks up laughing at the television.
9. Breakfast together on the weekends.
10.Irritating my friends because "J does this" and "J does that".

Here are some of the one's J wrote:
1. Hearing the words "I love you baby, good night" right before I fall asleep.
2. Earlier she said "Is this our house?" (Coming back from the pool I got a little confused at which door was mine.)
3. Always knowing someone that cares is a phone call away at the most.
4. Doing two separate things in the same room, i.e. me watching tv, you making your jewelry.

Add to the list if you want! (Michelle, I know you wanna. Don't cha? Don't cha wish your boyfriend was hot like mine! Ow! Okay, I'll stop now...)


Romantic Fool said...

You are right about the being sick of ya'll! Just kidding. I really don't mind that our conversations are all about J did this or J did that. Just you wait though! You will hopefully have to hear the same thing from me and suffer through it!

Michelle Sanders said...

Well I think your couple comments and bragging are well deserved! You need that in your life and you have suffered through enough crap to get that in your life. God knows you have put up with my sap for way too long...It's about time you return the favor! Ok so comments to add about loving being a couple...hmmmm..

1. Having a partner in crime with you all the time.
2. Knowing that there is someone that knows you better than you know yourself (besides your mother)
3. Someone that is obligated to have sex with you. baahhaaaaa! Damn it that was funny! (and useful with you are 8 months preggo!)
4. Always knowing you have someone to carry you to your car if you have too much to drink. WHAT? I was on cold medicine! I only had ONE drink. That only happend once! Oh like it never happened to you. LEAVE ME ALONE!

randommoments said...

Dammnnn Michelle those were good! I am so with you on the partner in crime thing. I never thought I would find someone who was as silly as me or who always had something up their sleeve like me.

And yes, the sex obligation thing is great. J hates having sex with me, but I remind him that I cook him breakfast sometimes and laugh at his jokes, so he eventually gives it up.

>wink wink<

djmetronome said...

I'm no longer "coupled" but some of my favorite were...

1. Private jokes in crowded places
2. never feeling alone, even when you are
3. recongnizing "scent" of the other on inanimate objects.
4. pretend arguing about which movies to rent
5. sharing each others food when out to eat
6. so many more...

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

That's not GAY...


ana va havana said...

"I'd like to take the seat close to the kitchen", that was my line, recently used (sincere or not is another point).

so to your question, enjoy quiet and romantic moments, so simple so tacky, almost feel like in a movie from the 50s.

Michelle Sanders said...

Oh and Dj made me remember another one of those little things that I love...
(and I so agree with the private jokes!)

Getting in the car on a Monday morning and smelling David's scent on my seat belt. That's the greatest. In fact I mentioned it to him and he told me I should do a scrapbook page about it. I think I might actually. I will.

randommoments said...

Lol, LBB - I knew you wouldn't disappoint me.

Michelle I agree on the scent thing. I smell J everywhere - my sheets, blanket in my living room... >sigh<

DJ - LOVE pretend arguing about movie rentals, but we haven't really done much of that yet.

Michelle Sanders said...

Yeah, yeah, love being a couple...bla, bla, bla...give us more dish! We need a new post!

Michelle Sanders said...

No new blob post? Big tease!

djmetronome said...

new post already...i'm not a patient man...

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