Friday, July 07, 2006

Sleep Talking

This morning I slide softly out of bed so as not to disturb the sleeping monkey that warms my bed for me and walk quietly into the kitchen for my dose of DDP. After a can and that dumb Nick Lachey video where the chic doesn’t do anything but move her head up and down and try to be an actress…wait, what was I talking about? Oh, so after my can and a stupid video, I walk back into my bedroom to “brush my tooth”, as J says, and the sleeping monkey says (in very loud voice) “…mumble mumble...CUPCAKE.”

I stop in my tracks and say “What was that?”

No answer.

“J, what did you say?” I repeat. He mumbles, says something like “huh? What?” So I’m giggling and try to help him out, thinking he's still sleeping – “What about cupcakes?”

“DID YOU FIND THEM,” he mutters loudly. I burst out laughing of course. I’ve never been around a sleep talker before, so manipulating one is a great new hobby for me. I can’t wait till he does it again.

Later I ask him about it. He apparently woke himself up talking and realized what he was saying and tried to fix it. Ha. This relationship is very entertaining.


Romantic Fool said...

that is a very common thing. I talk in my sleep. Especially when I am stressed out.

James said...

urgle burgle zzzzzzzzzzzzz. BUTTER!

djmetronome said...

Yeah, I've done it the delight of the woman sleeping next to crazy chicks!!what's a guy to do?

Serendipity said...

LOL. I love it when a person sleep-talk. I used to...then my kids came along and I have no time to sleep deep enough to sleep talk.

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