Tuesday, July 11, 2006

BBQ at Bean's!

Well, we had a very eventful weekend! J, Michelli & David, my sister,brother and sister-in-law came over for burgers this weekend. I learned a lot about how thick a burger should be pre-grill in order for it to fit in your guests' mouths. I also learned that Michelle carries a little notepad around so she can journal clever things that she and her friends may blurt out so she can blog them later. Oh, and I learned that no matter how funny it is at the moment, making a funny face at a camera 6 inches away from your head will not turn out as funny as you think it may.

We had delicious French fries – did you know you have to put them in the pan of oil after the oil has heated?

Okay, so I’m kidding (a little). Here’s the pics from the weekend with quotes directly related, compliments of Michelle and I below.

"If I were a bun, I'd want to be toasted." - Michelle

"It looks like our shoes are playing together." - Michelle

"That's how grease fires start." - Bean

Michelle and David, the happy couple. >bleh<

Since the burgers were to big to be eaten in their entirety the first go round, I wrapped up leftovers for everyone in the shape of swans and turtles.


Romantic Fool said...

I have to say that I am sorry that I missed out! Darn it, next time I need not spend the entire busting my butt cleaning and be too tired to attend. Also, isn't the very first picture one of a "happy" couple?

Michelle Sanders said...

Oh Blah to you too Mrs. "Gay". You know you love it. You know you wanna be just like me when you grow up! LOL! he he...that was hillarious. No? Well I thought so. he he! And yeah, Romantic Fool has a point...ya'll look fairly "settled in" & "happy" in your picture of the two of you. So stop hatin' hooker!

Really we had a kick ass time and loved hanging out with your siblings! We simply must do it again. WE MUST!

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