Thursday, January 29, 2009

Licorie Ice Giveaway

Before I start with the giveaway, I just have to say THANK YOU! I have been adding all my new reads to my bloglines all weekend in between making new jewelry, cooking and 4 wheeling. (Yes, contrary to popular belief I do like to get dirty and tomboy it on the weekends.) Really looking forward to diving into my new reads this week. :)

Also, I have lots more friends to add to my sidebar and I shall be doing that as soon as my pot of jambalaya is finished cooking. Mmm...

I promised a giveaway based on your jewelry names and here we are: meet Licorice Ice!

Mona was the winner of the last giveaway. See the details here. Thanks Mona! Licorice Ice was an great name to create a piece from.

First off - LOTS of new Jillry items have been uploaded and will be uploaded to my shop daily. I just got a huge shipment of gorgeous beading items in and have so much to share with you.

Now, down to business.


You can choose anything from my shop for this giveaway or the Licorice Ice earrings above.

To play, you simply have to:

1. Add me to your blogroll

2. Leave a comment with the item you would like to own from my shop

Yep, its that easy! After a few emails of disappointed jewelry buffs, I've decided to keep this giveaway open for a few days to give everyone a chance to join in the fun.

Well I'm off to update my sidebar and make some more jewelry. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


C said...

heeeellllooooooo i have already added you to my blogroll. and these are the earrings i am interested in for your giveaway should i so happen to be picked pretty please with sugar plums on top and 2 cherries too.... erm, oh yeah, the earrings... ok then;
1. tree of life earrings~ love them!
2. evening lily~ love them too!
3. (oh yeah there are 3) sweet plum sorbet~ love those D-lish fruits.
thanks for all the comments on my blog.

Kitty said...

Beautiful earrings Jill. I have severe 'giveaway guilt' from having won so many recently - I need to do some of my own before I feel ok about entering anymore ... so don't enter me, ok? I just wanted to say how lovely they are!


C said...

hey girlie girl.... i has sum lovin from the oven fer ya on me blog..... come and geeeeeeeeet it...


Sydney said...

I absolutely LOVE your City Lights earrings...way too pretty!

Ashley said...

You are ALREADY on my blogroll, DUH. Under "Miss Jewels." I like to give everyone new names.

I like the Tree of Life Earrings!!

random moments said...

c - hey sugah! Yep yep, we're sidebar soulmates already. I've got you in the hat! ;)

Kitty - nope, you've been my bloggy friend for too long and you've done some great creative favors for me on the fly, so you're getting your name in the hat missy! ;)

Ashley - I'm digging my new name! Thats cuteness. Your name goes in the mix!

random moments said...

Sydney - oh, I missed you somehow. It doesn't look like you have a site, which is cool - I'll still put you in a hat hun! (Do you have a site?)

Jessica said...

I love all your stuff! :) So pretty!

I'm going with the Sea Escape Necklace!

healingtouch said...

Ohhhh it's exactly how I invisioned it! LOVE IT !!!! Am I on your blog list???? Sure hope so! OH I am invited to a carnival ball and the dress I have matches my new earrings perfectly! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

You're on my blogroll! And I love the Delphina Necklace. Thanks.

capperson said...

I love the tree of life earrings :)

::Preppy Principal:: said...

Beautiful! I have added myself to your blog roll. I really liked the Art Deco Necklace- thanks for offering this generous giveaway!

Christie said...

Where in the heck did my comment go? I swear, I left one yesterday.

Anyways, you are already on my side-bar. And I love love love the lipstick earrings. In case you didn't know that already.

Your stuff is great, and if I wore a lot of jewelery, I would be spending tons of money all the time. So maybe it's good that I'm not, because I can't get divorced again. I just can't.

The Giveaway Diva said...

i love the She's Come Undone bracelet!

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