Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Interview with a Designer

I’m pretending that I don’t have an interview today so I won’t freak out. An old roommate of mine deals with certain issues with denial, and I find it works in some cases, so I’ve adopted it for this situation.

The interview is for a graphic design position at a really trendy studio exactly 3/10 of mile from my apartment complex. I haven’t worked in the field of my degree in a year and a half. To be totally honest, I left the GD world for more money. Sure, money doesn’t make the world go round, but when you have to decide between Ramen noodles and chicken, it kinda seems important.

My heart is with design and all things creative. So, I’m really hoping this interview will go well, but I'm honestly thinking in terms of ‘glass half empty’, or as a good friend of mine describes it: “expecting the worst so you won’t be disappointed when that’s what is delivered to you.”

Wish me luck. ;)

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