Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I offered up my jewelry goods on myspace and realized that if you don't have a myspace account, you can view them! So Renee, here you are! And sorry about the crazy photo layout. Blogger is not being very nice tonight... Smooches!!

$25 Howlite Turquoise Set

$25 Dyed Mother of Pearl & Shell Chips Set

$25 Genuine Turquoise Coins Set

$20 Purple & Gold Freshwater Pearl Set

$16 Long Metal Chain Set

$6 Silver Metal Bracelet

$25 Silver Hammer Bead Set

$25 Turquoise Drop Set

$10 Dark Silver Bracelet Set

$20 Brazilian Seaweed Agate Necklace Set

$8 per piece - Bamboo Tile Pendants (Large Bail)

$8 Painted Lip Shell Earrings

$25 Genuine Turquoise & Coral Necklace Set

$25 Triple Strand Turquoise Howlite Set

$25 Genuine Coral & Lemon Jade Set

$8 Metal Cross

$6 Heart Earrings

$10 Blister Pearl Pendant

$25 Genuine Dragonskin Turquoise & Onyx Necklace (no earrings)

$25 Hammered Silver Chain Necklace

$25 Mother of Pearl & Freshwater Pearl Set

$25 Abalone Shell Necklace Set

$25 Triple Strand Gold Necklace Set


Christie said...

M'dear, you are super talented!

Kitty said...

Those are fabulous. The dark silver bracelet is calling to me ... hmmmm, do you have a PayPal account? Can you message me at MySpace hun? Or email? Thanks. x

On a limb with Claudia said...

hey! Thanks for sharing these! They are gorgeous - and you seem to be really evolving with your jewelry. How's the private cooking going?

Stacie said...

love love love them all Jilly! You do awsome work!

Tookie Tail said...

I wish everyone could see how much prettier these are in person! =D
Psst! Update my blog link!

♥♥♥ A- Licious ♥♥♥ said...


can you tell me where you learned to make your jewelry? i have always wanted to do this and your is absolutely stunning mama! i am so impressed - i have a gf who does it - but hers is very basic and simple...yours is so much better! can you email me and give me an idea on maybe how to get started - do you actually make the rings etc...?


love n it. will have to buy some for sure!


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