Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm a little concerned...

Jason and I go to bed at 9:30-10pm every night. We wake at around 6 in the morning.

Well, we try to anyway.

That's about eight hours of sleep right? That's enough for most human beings, yes?

Apparently not for us. People, the sleep is good. Real good. Nooo, you read right. I didn't say "the sex is good" - after all, I'm a southern lady, I don't speak about that sort of stuff. The sleep. It is GOOD. I don't wake in the middle of the night at all anymore, and in the morning... I'm a freaking brick.

Sometimes we even pass on the making-babies practice at night cuz snuggling up to prepare for a good night's sleep is just that good. Oh yeah, its that good. (But good in a different way, not better-than.)

I am NOT making sense, am I?

The thing is, on the weekends, we can sleep 10-12 hours straight with no problem. Not this, wake up - get an orange juice, get back in bed. None of this lazying around in the sheets just cuz there's nothing to do. Its slap dab, heavy lidded, dreaming like a maniac, waking only to pee, kind of sleep.

Why all of a sudden? At one point in our relationship I couldn't get more than 4 hours a night if he stayed over. Now its like sleeping-freaking-beauty.

I'm asking: Is this healthy? Normal? Why the change? Should we contact our doctors? Alert the media?

As doctors, I need your help. Your analysis, your prescriptions, anything. Please. Thanks in advance.


-Papa said...

Chill, it's normal Fool ;D . It's the next step in the relationship.

Anonymous said...

Have some babies, that will cure your sleeping problem.



Kitty said...

Get the sleep whilst you can - it'll stand you in good stead for whatever happens next in your lives. Being able to sleep that well together is wonderful! x

kelly said...

Rox is reality at its scariest.

I say, enjoy it! I am sure it won't last forever, you guys are just really comfortable, happy, and content right now and that is making your bodies take full advantage. See, I'm a doctor.

Now, to me. haha ;-) Southerns don't talk about sex? I'm doomed! They will hate me when I move to NC. hehe jj I can behave in public... but that's boring. This northern's favorite subject is sex.

On a limb with Claudia said...

Hurray for sleep! You guys have been through so much strain and stress that sleeping a little extra makes sense. Every individual, at every time of their lives, has different sleep needs. Some people need at least 10 hours - period. Some people do fine on 4. The trick is to learn what your body needs at this time in your life. It will definitely change as you age, but learning to determine your sleep needs is the first way to be healthy - and thin!

Stacie said...

Soak it up while you can, it's short lived! Enjoy EVERY moment of those peaceful Z's!

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