Thursday, July 03, 2008

Just a few things on my mind

1. These days, people wait until the last freaking minute to make plans. If you're having a planned get-together on Friday and you call me on Wednesday, I'm pretty much either offended or booked.

2. I have been extremely abused, but had no real idea of just how much until now. At my old job, my boss did not type or check his own email. Therefore I was constantly typing letters by dictation on tape. And re-typing these letters 12 times for minor changes each time instead of one thorough proof and correction. He yelled my name out loud if he needed me. He demanded I make coffee, run to the same bank three times in one day, take his car to the shop, avoid his pee on the toilet seat and floor, tried to get me to make his sandwiches and clean up his dirty dishes, and never said thank you or asked how i was doing. He was controlling on a regular basis, even to the point of allowing me to go to lunch only when he thought best.

My new boss types his own emails and letters and *gasp* - most people do! I had no idea. *stare* He buzzes my phone when he needs me and asks politely, he respects me enough that when he does need a memo typed he gives me light info to construct a memo for him without dictation of any kind, there is a womens bathroom here (laaaaa!!), I do not have to feed him nor do I have to pick up after him, and he always, always says please and thank you. When I do run errands for him he asks "do you mind?" I almost fainted the first time he said that. He asks how I'm doing every morning. He does not look down on me. I finally feel appreciated. Halleluyah.

3. I'm done with the major to-dos of my wedding planning. DJ - check. Ceremony/reception site - check. Caterer, photographer, dress, bridesmaids dresses - check, check, check, check. Now, however, all this nit-picking stuff is eating away at me. Bridal jewelry, attendant presents, bridesmaids jewelry, shoes for all, how to wear my hair, favors, decor, etc. If I wasn't on a budget I'd find me a wedding planner to take care of that stuff.

4. I have not exercised in a month. For reals. Its bad. I'm sluggish and not to mention, jiggily, and overall just disappointed in myself. I'm getting married just months away. I should be seriously hitting the pavement. Any suggestions on motivation?

Okay, that's it for now. Probably more later. Have a good 4th everyone!!


-Papa said...

4. I have not exercised in a month. For reals.
Yeah, I didn't want to say anything, butt....., literally, your "butt". :P

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how poorly your old boss treated you! You deserve to have the boss you have've certainly earned it!! And didn't you say the pay was higher, too??? I think this job is a keeper, so congrats to you....~Cathy

Anonymous said...

Have you choreographed your first dance? Seriously, you two need to do some breakout number. YouTube it and also check out the new show on A&E about wedding dances. It's all the rage!!

Oh, and if you do that, it also doubles as a workout!

Steph said...

Sounds like this job is where you fit. Re the wedding, it is the little things that drive you nuts (I've been a bridesmaid five times) so make sure you learn to not sweat the small stuff. Literally.

On a limb with Claudia said...

Well hurray! YES, you were abused!! UGH! (Claudia shakes her head)

I'm delighted you are happier where you are. You know that I think you are under served at this position, but it's a great place to learn and recover from the last job. You'll sprout wings soon enough. I just saw the buds a long time ago.... ;)

I love Jillian Michaels "Making the cut" It's supposed to be a 30 day plan but I've used it all year. Jill - it's hard - but not boring and totally doable. I have a friend who's using Jillian Michaels new CD - "30 day Shred" and she says it's wonderful. But I haven't tried it. I've streamed the other vids (Jillian Michaels) from Netflix (you can do that for free with your account).

So that's what I'd recommend.

Yes - you are on your way! :)

Kitty said...

Will you make the jewellery yourself? x

kelly said...

1- I totally agree!!! I hate that!

2- good for you!! That sounds like a good place for you! :-)

3-you are on the ball. the small stuff is the fun stuff! Just take a breather, take a week off from thinking about it and hit the pavement running with new fresh ideas!

4-haha at least your break is only a month! Mine is going on... well let's not talk about it. It's bad though... You could take the break I suggested in 3 to get back into making 4 a priority... :-) Or... take Babers with you to show him how amazing you are in the gym. ;-)

Good luck! Have fun with it!

Christie said...

If I still had the name of the lady who did my dress, I'd give you her number. Every time I went in there, she was like "Um, yeah, I thought you said you were going to lose 15 pounds" and I was like "Um, yeah, I made up for the weight I lost by taste-testing (meaning: eating the whole damn thing) 5 different cakes. Sorry." She always commented, I finally told her to shut up and just loosen the dress already. So, maybe she isn't the best person to go to for motivation.

And that concludes my long winded story.

Ari said...

Yeah, # 1 annoys me too. Let people know stuff a month in advance, and people somehow can't save the date, yet a random call the day before can produce a get-together. Ugh.

Lauren said...

Aren't relationships fabulous LOL.

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