Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bosses and Their Nasty Habits

When I first started the job I’m at now I thought, “Office is nice, work is interesting, boss is great.” And then that thought about my boss all fell to shit when I went to the office restroom one day. Upon approaching the porcelain beauty, I was confronted with a horrible image. Immediately I thought, woops – someone got distracted and forgot to flush. But it wasn’t just a one-time thing. Since then, almost every time I’ve been to the bathroom (unfortunately after my boss) I have found something new to be disgusted by. First the whole forgetting to flush thing, then the peeing on the floor, and then the peeing all over the seat. I mean really, you’re a fucking grown ass man and you can’t make it into the humongous toilet bowl hole??

I am beyond disgusted. I guess that’s the downfall of working in a small office with a shared, unisex bathroom.

So, the bathroom situation got me thinking – is it the same with all bosses?? My last boss also had a nasty ass habit of picking his nose right in front of you. I remember the first offense as if it were yesterday…

Boss: “And then I would like you to call the board and arrange a meeting.”
Me: “Would you prefer I book on –“
Finger inserted into nose.
Me: Blank stare. “…and…um…”

I can still hear my co-worker laughing as I walked off from my boss mid-sentence, unable to complete my thought due to his nasty little habit.

Sorry for the gross post – hope you guys aren’t reading this mid-lunch. The ranting does help. Thanks for listening!


-Papa said...

At one time I thought this action was only in the movies or an urban legend, but I did see one supervisor out on the floor absentmindedly pick the wedgie from his backside, then sniff his fingers a second later. I shouldn't have commented, now I feel a little nauseous.

random moments said...

Papa - Eeewww!! I actually laughed out loud reading this. :)

Sheila said...

Thank goodness I've not noticed any habits like these from past or current bosses!

Anonymous said...

That is horrible!!! Who is that rude??? Gross!!

Ari said...

Send him an anonymous e-card maybe??

blog Portland said...

There are two other guys in my office and one of them refuses to even aim for the toilet seat. Last week I hung up a sign with an arrow pointing to the bowl that read "Pee goes in here." The sign is still there, but unfortunately so is all the piss.

Anonymous said...

I work for two loud, un-intelligent, cheap, brothers. They are inner-city italains,they cheat on their wives and in ever other "business" way imaginable.

Not only are they illiterate, the are un-professional, just about every single check they write bounces. Our over-draft fees avg. $900.00 per month.

All they do is yell, call us names, call each other names. I pray to god every day to help deliver me from this place. I can't just walk out....I have a mortgage.

They aren't paying us for the holiday last week. We had an extremely good year financially, and all they do is blow the companys $ on themselves. One of these guys has 9 credit cards, thru the business, and they are all maxed out.

I run the office for them, by myself, we billed 1.2 mil this yr,and I make $14.00 an hour.

I am starting to dislike all men. and especially italian american men. I have been here almost 5 years....The type of filed/work I do is very specialized, I have been quire ernest in job searching.

If anyone reading this can say a prayer for me, I would be very greatful.

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