Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Seriously. My boyfriend is CRAZY.

But, I love it.

Babers stayed with me last night because he had a luncheon here today. It was soo nice to have him here in the middle of the week with me. I miss it. Plus, I got the best sleep ever last night. Snuggles and spooning and feet-touching all night. *sigh*

I come in this evening from work and he had left me little sticky notes EVERYWHERE. An "I miss you" on the door. "Still miss you" on my bar. I found one of the little devils in my microwave when warming up my gourmet Lean Cuisine - "You warm me up inside". And my favorites: "When we first met, you scrambled my eggs", strategically placed in my fridge (photo above) and below, "I love what you're looking at" on my bathroom mirror. I didn't realize my boyfriend could be so creative.

Yes, I'm talking on the phone while taking photos. Shut it up. I multi-task, okay?

Thank you babe. I know you how much you like for me to brag on you. And you know I know that you do. Cuz you do. And I know that.

Ooookkkaaayyyy. So, I'm not going to say I'm sorry anymore for posting about me and J and all the love fests. Why should I?? I feel a little bad because I'm sure it bores people, but when I'm inspired to post about something, I don't feel like I should hold back for fear of making my readers puke all over their keyboards. Wear a bib yo! *I LOVE MY BABERS!!!* And besides, I'm one of those people that really appreciate when others talk about their better halves and significant others *cough* Rox & Names *cough cough* and enjoy reading about it. There should be more of it!!! *cough* Kelly *cough*

Wait, one more:


Y'all. Am I the only one who gets so freakin' inspired this time of year that it even starts to get on your own nerves?? Cuz its happening. To me. Right. Now.

The cold weather and fuzzy socks and warm sweaters. The colors of the holidays everywhere. The smells, the sounds... its contagious. I am buzzing with inspiration and my cup runneth over.

I'm falling in love with J all over again. Just can't get enough of him. Poor guy, I hung onto him for a good ten minutes this morning telling him goodbye. I was tempted to call in sick. (Yeah, lurve sick, bwah ha ha ha *snort*)

I'm researching for some sort of direction in hopes of opening my own boutique someday in the near future. I'm inspired to make jewelry and paint and scrapbook and just create.

I've been Christmas shopping for a month now, but suddenly I am ate up with it. I'm trying to out-do myself, like usual. I'm in list mode: I have lists of what presents I've bought for what people, what presents I have left to buy and a list for cards and a list for holiday to-dos.

I'm crazy inspired to cook and make treats for the holidays and its only early November!!! I have a list for that too.

I am making myself crazy. CRAZY I SAY! And I can't stop. I will run myself ragged in the end and when I'm sitting on the couch at the end of Christmas day, I will be sore and tired and broke, but smiling my ass off. Cuz I love this time of year and everything it represents and everything it does for me. Love, love, LOVE.

I just had to get that out. Better close shop for the night. I'm tired... And blogger is being stoopid tonight with its spacing.

Oh yeah. Had a really great weekend with pics and post to share. Will definitely get that out before the week is up.

Happy Hump Day everyone!


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

What a great post, RM. I know what you mean about the changing of the season.

I'm a sucker for Christmas, too. Magical time.

You know, there's an episode of SATC in which Burger breaks up with Carrie with a Post-It Note. Have you seen it?

random moments said...

*gasp* Yes I've seen it. Horrifying. But I'm guessing with texts these days, people are using that form of communication for break up too.

And I agree, magical is the perfect word for the season.

fatwonkkid said...

did you know the arrow in the mirror picture is kinda pointing at your boob.

so i am guessing your b/f loves your boobs...???

Anonymous said...

haha! I was called out! OK... I was going to give the TT thing a little break. Maybe my next one will be on my lovey.

You and Babers are adorable. I love the post it idea. Such a sweetie.

I know what you mean about the inspired thing! I am all in create mode. I have a blanket about half way done and all I can think about is the 20+ ones I want to make after it. I can't wait to start Christmas shopping, and more importantly Christmas WRAPPING! hehe We were talking about it at work yesterday and the girls were laughing AT me. I like to coordinate my wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, tags, etc to my Christmas decorations. So everything matches when it is neating stacked under the tree. And I LOVE making my presents look extra beautiful. Even if they just rip the paper off. :-) LOVE IT! :-)

Nocturnal said...

Damn good Man, he knows how to treat his lady right.


Anonymous said...

TT about Sweetness up, just for you. :-)

random moments said...

fatwonkkid - as soon as I posted it, I saw it and just KNEW someone would point it out. Should have know it would be you! Hee hee.

kellers - thanks hun! And um, I too can get obsessive about wrapping.

noc - thanks - I like to think so. ;)

-Papa said...

There are two songs that played in my head reading your post, but not simultaneously, one right after the other ;D. The first was, "All you need is love" and "It's the most wonderful time of the year."

It sounds like you and Babers have a surplus on the love thing. Maybe you can scoop the excess into mason jars, and dole them up as Christmas gifts for those less fortunate. ;P

Oh, if Babers didn't leave a post it note in your undy drawer tell 'im I said he's slackin'.

random moments said...

papa - *snicker* He did leave one there. I just didn't mention it because I found it after I posted. :) Sounds like you've got J pegged! heehee.

P.S. - great songs.

Anonymous said...

It must be nce to be in love like that.

You look angry in that pic, though!

jason said...

Yes grasshopper, aka papa, the wise one did leave a note in the pantydrawer.
Lesson #1- never doubt the almighty muffin man
Lesson #2- always do the little things like that and you will never be without.
Without what you might ask. That is for the young grasshopper to ponder and come to his own conclusion after many day of reflection.
-The Muffin Man

-Papa said...

Yes I know the Muffin Man,
The Muffin Man,
The Muffin Man,
Yes I know the Muffin Man,
Who lives in RM's Lane.

I took the pebble from your hand; now what Master Ho, oops, I meant, Master Po?

random moments said...

Mister Underhill - I see that. I was just concementrating. :)

Papa and Babers are like, BFF and stuff...

RoxRocks said...

LOL! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one hot and heavy into the Christmas! Have you ever done a baking circle? I wish I knew enough people here to do one. Sigh.

Relationship talk is always good! I think it's cute that he stuck notes all over the place! It's efforts like that that make him good for the long haul. ***HINT***

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