Monday, November 05, 2007

Cute Kiddo Photos

The beloved niece and nephew on Halloween before their trick or treating adventures. Can you tell what they went as?

The last is just a random shot. Am I the only one that laughed out loud when seeing this pic? I've looked at it a dozen times since I first saw it and it tickles me to pieces.


Hammer said...

my little niece had a similar costume. Thore are cute pics :)

Anonymous said...

ninja? and a bumble bee? VERY cute! It is nice to see I am not the only aunt that giggles at the cutness of her nephews (and neice in your case).

I have to post some of my nephews. They were so cute! One was a little army man, but HATED his helmet! He gave me this real tough look that was the cutest thing ever! It was the best army toddler pic I have seen in a long time! haha The little one was a monkey. Really cute, too. I love those little men!

NamesAreHardToPick said...

Those eyes and that expression are just priceless on that last picture. No one can look happier than a little kid ... ever.

-Papa said...

The kids are adorable in their costumes. The youngest is a Queen Bee, and the older boy is her Shinobi Yojimbo (Ninja Bodyguard, all Queens have some sort of protective muscle).

RoxRocks said...

Tell me your nephew is wise beyond his years...that's what his eyes tell me.

And your neice? Oh, she's gonna be a heart breaker!

random moments said...

Hammer - Thanks! I guess those were the "in" costumes this year.

kelly - You are correct! Ninja and bumble bee. You should post those pics! Yeah I can't help it.. I can't imagine the smiling I'll be doing when I have my own.

Papa - Good job, you are correct! He's definitely protective of her already.

roxrocks - Actually, you are right on. He's being tested for gifted and can have adult conversations that would amaze you. Oh and the niece - she's already breaking my brother's heart! He says she's not dating till she's married!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh they are ADORABLE!

Open Grove Claudia said...

They are so cute! Thanks for sharing their sun shining faces.

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