Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pizza and people that say HUH

I'm craving pizza right now. Bad bad. The only thing that keeps me from ordering a veggie & meat loaded pizza is the 10lbs I've recently lost and Christmas peeking around the corner. I did remarkably well over Thanksgiving, but then again I wasn't at my Maw Maw's long enough for her to force feed me stuffing, turkey, cake and pie. You guys know what I'm talking about:

Maw: "Did you get enough to eat hun?"
Me: (Getting up from table) "Yes ma'am. The stuffing, turkey, corn, peas, cranberry sauce, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and roll you suggested I get a plate full of was plenty."
Maw: "Well how about I fix you a piece of cake then?"
Me: "No Maw Maw, the last bite of roll I just had hasn't even hit the end of my throat yet. I'll get some later."

Later (as in 20 minutes)

Maw: "Jill, let me fix you a piece of that pie you like so much..."

After a little arguing, I, along with the other members of my family, give in to her and crack smiles at each other when she serves us each a plate with not only that piece of pie, but a piece of lemon cake, a chess square, a hello dolly and some chocolate covered pretzels as well.

So yeah, having a boyfriend and jumping from home to home can be a lifesaver. Or should I say, a calorie saver?

What was I talking about? Oh yes, pizza...

I want some.

Moving on. People that say "Huh". I bet you are thinking "Huh?"

I understand people pick up words and use them to death until the word's impact is no longer there. For example, a lot of bloggers use the word "tard" which I think is pretty funny but know will soon fade and a new word will be developed.

My boyfriend's new word is Huh. As in "Huh? I couldn't hear you."


Yeah Babers, you know where I'm going with this one.

J has recently taken up this word and uses it most frequently. We'll be having a conversation, a completely simple and understandable conversation... there will not be any blaring tv in the background or radio playing, there are no loud children to try to tune out... just me and him having a conversation merely a few feet away from each other.

Goes a little something like this:

Me: "So you have two company parties then?"
J: "Yes. The one here and the one back at my place."
Me: "Do you want to go to both?"
J: "Huh?"
Me: "I said do you want to go to both?"
J: "Yeah I'd like to."
Me: "Do I need to dress up for both?"
J: "Huh?"

*silence" At this point I peer at J. I realize what he is doing and decide that I could just save myself time and breath and repeat what I've said, but decide that I'm going to nip it in the bud (WHAT does that saying mean anyway??? Nip it in the bud?)

Me: "Huh? What do you mean, Huh?"
J: (stares at me)
Me: "Like Huh I didn't hear you or Huh I don't understand?"
J: "Well, I -"
Me: "What were we just talking about?"
J: (he realizes he's saying this word as a reflex, like someone would throw Like or You Know in randomly.) "We were talking about my Christmas parties."
Me: "Mmm hmm. And I asked if I needed to dress up for both."

He then answers the question with a smug little smile on his face. Yeah, its funny. BUT, after a while of repeating myself I start to feel like a broken record.

I'm always bragging about J and posting all kinds of sweet, happy, uplifting things. Well hello, I blogged way before I was in this relationship with J AND I KNOW how much bloggers enjoy something with a sarcastic flare and get bored with all things shiny. So, I had to share. I'm sure J won't mind. (I love you?)


Stacie said...

Thanks for the visit via PrePon..love her blog as well. I'll be back again when I'm feeling better. your dog is adorable! Sounds like your Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, and when I'm not sick, I LOVE Veggie loaded pizza! I'll be back soon

Hammer said...

A lot of us guys have the huh problem. It's a bad habit. When we need a moment to process info or ponder we cover up our slowness by saying huh to buy a little time.

Kitty said...

I just know J's going to read this post and think 'huh'? :-p x

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

jason said...

Thanks hammer, that makes sense. Lets go with that. The other thing might be the bad hearing.
Note to self: Replace "huh" with "Well...", just to switch things up and maybe I can get away with that.

-Papa said...

Babers: switching from "Huh" to "Well" sounds like a good idea, but you'll only postpone the inevitable. If you're saying "Huh" because you got lost in thought from a boobie, or RM bending over, don't say "Huh" or "Well" whenever you're given a repeated question. Instead, since you have no idea what was just asked, change the subject with a compliment like, "I'll never get use to the way your eyes sparkle," or "Is it warm in here, cause your ass is hot!" Say something that'll make her melt so she'll forget the question or comment she just said. ;D

Random M: Chicago style deep pan pizza is so damn good, it'd make a gay man switch. ;P

RoxRocks said...

My hubby has the "endearing quality" of answering my question with a question. Usually, his question is "Why?" For example, I will say "Do you want chicken for supper?" His response "Why?" Um, WTF? "BECAUSE I'M MAKING SUPPER AND WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!" He does it to annoy me. It only took me 20 years to figure it out!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! I am LOVING papa's advice. To both of you!

random moments said...

stacie - Thanks for stopping by! Hope you get well soon.

hammer - that's too cute. I know J's a smartie so he can't pull a fast one on me! Lol.

kitty - I was waiting for that response too. ;)

s.j.simon - no i didn't. Thanks for the info?

jason - you just gave yourself away babe!

papa - I'm cracking up over here. If we lived in the same city, I'm sure we'd all be hanging out in the evenings, making stuff up together.

And on the pizza - I may have to track down some of this Chicago style stuff. Damn it, I'm getting some tonight.

roxrocks - Argh! My dad does that to my mother. Its like, I know you aren't a dummy so quit acting like one!

kelly - I know! Those two are brothers from another mother. *snort*

Anonymous said...

I am so bad at saying huh.

Go order yourself a pizza girl! There are ways you can work the calories off.If you know what I mean. :)

-Papa said...

Damn it, I'm getting some tonight.
Babers, something tells me you're going to get reeeeeeel lucky tonight. ;P
RM, if we lived in the same city we'd all get deported. ;D

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Sorry about your pizza craving. Right now I'm cooking a chicken pasta in tomato cream sauce. White meat, some basil, alfredo sauce with sun dried tomatoes and thick, textured noodles.

I know what you mean about words overtaking your vocabulary.

Please tell me "douche bag" isn't losing its punch anytime soon.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

BTW, I like Maw already.

Open Grove Claudia said...

I have those pizza cravings too. They suck. I try to limit it but cravings.....

Simply Curious said...

I managed not to have ANY pie or cake on Thanksgiving. Last night, I was looking in the fridge and ended up eating a double sized piece of pie. I guess I made up for not getting any on thanksgiving...oh and the whipped cream I sprayed on top, probably didn't help. It;s also been ages since I sucked the aerosol out of one of those cans. Duh...

I can't say Huh, bothers me all that much. But 'um' does. I have friends that use um and like as almost every other word. Um, like, you, like, wanna, like, go, um, to the, uh, movies tonight, and um, like get some popcorn or something?


random moments said...

pre pon - I took your advice tonight. *sigh* It was divine. Mushrooms, bell peppers, pepperoni, italian sausage. Ha, I said sausage. Oh, and then I went to the gym directly afterwards. No, um "working off the calories" (if you know what I mean, not until the weekend anyway.

papa - J better not be getting any! He's living 2 hours away from me right now and the only ass he better be looking at is the donkey in the pasture. (I'm dead f'ing serious, just ask him.)

LBB - oooh don't be so meeeaann. Fed Ex me some?

Douche bag will never get old. The first time I accepted that word was 3 years ago when I first heard it escape a woman's mouth. She became my roommate, and after that we found every possible way to incorporate that word into our daily conversation. "She may be a slut, but her boyfriend is a douchebag." "Pass me the salt, Douchebag." You get the point.

claudia - There for a while me and J ordered pizza in almost every other weekend. Thankfully we ran that into the ground and I only eat when I have serious cravings.

simply curious - I just noticed - I heart your avatar! I love Amelie!!! *sigh* Could watch that movie over and over and over again.

Mmm whipped cream. Can't keep the stuff in the house, J's always begging me to do the whipped cream bikini thing. (On him, not me. Lol.)

I agree - the "Like" thing is much worse. I payed everyone close to me to slap me in the face when they heard me use that word out of context. I stopped with the quickness.


Simply Curious said...

Haha, I'm special. Admit it!

-Papa said...

J better not be getting any!
Even if he's making hand love to your picture? Wow, you're stricter than I thought. ;P

Nocturnal said...

Damn that pizza looks good Jillie, cheese please.


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