Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Am Thankful

What a long, beautiful weekend. We visited family and friends on Thursday and then played the rest of the weekend.

First I must toot my own horn - I wrapped Christmas presents this weekend. I think I beat last year's time - all presents purchased BEFORE Thanksgiving! YES! Mini helped out a little too. See? She puts her paw on the ribbon for me when I'm tying.

Friday was filled with football, nachos and holiday decorating. Babers and I put the mini tree up and decorated it together, the finishing touch being the Saints football Santa hat ornament that J purchased last year as our very first ornament for our very first Christmas together. Silly as it may be, I just can't help smiling as I walk past it.

Even Mini took a liking to the tree. Yes, that's her snuggled up underneath the tree. She took her spot just minutes after it was set up, like it was put there for her. Our wittle present. All together now "awwwwww..."

I toasted the night with a little vino and J with his beer as he stoked up the first fire of the season. For the first weekend in a while I didn't "count" my calories, I didn't measure my 4 oz, 2 point glass of wine. I just poured and it felt great. And tomorrow I shall hit the gym. *wink*

Back to the fire... I just love the smell, feel and look of a fire going in my little fireplace. It makes everything so cozy. He kept a fire burning pretty much the entire weekend. Immediately after J started the fire Mini creeped up to it and laid right in front of it, staring into it. She is so our child.

Oh, and as you can see, we got a little obsessive about picture taking with our little girl.

Mini is so photogenic! I swear, sometimes I think she really knows whats going on, like she's human or something.

She actually posed for the majority of the photos. Besides that, she is HILIARIOUS. J took the next photo after Mini cracked a joke. She knows all the latest knock knocks.

The rest of the weekend it stormed, so we did a lot of goofing off. Beowulf 3D was playing at the theatre near my place, so we sported our silly 3d glasses and saw a little of Angelina Jolie's naked animated bod. It was pretty good but I have to say - those glasses did a number on my eyes! I felt crossed-eyed for the first 10 minutes of the movie. Afterwards we chowed down on some Hooters wings - correction - J had some wings. I, however, get the hot chicken tenders because I'm girlie like that. P.S. - I had the biggest hooters in there. I'm a little confused about the name of that joint. Still, I'm in love with their chicken. *sigh*

To end the weekend, J made a comfy palette on the floor with the 27 blankets and 6 pillows I own for our Ocean's Thirteen rental. With the fire at our feet and the night air peeping through the screen door, popcorn doused in Tony's and hot sauce and the Mini Monster snuggled between us, all I can think is Does it get any better than this?

I mean, really.

In closing, I am thankful. For cozy fires, duppy pogs, floor palettes, and soul mates.

Oh, and Chateau de Michelle Riesling. :)


Anonymous said...

Well look how cute you are girl!

Your tree looks great! I hope you got the pup some nice presents for Christmas.I love his new found spot under the tree.

Kitty said...

Oh my word ... how organised are you? Wrapped Christmas presents already??? I feel horribly inadequate :-(

Oh and by the way - you are very pretty. Take care :-) x

jason said...

I am thankful for beer, hot sauce and my babers! Great blog babe!

NamesAreHardToPick said...

Somebody I bet was upset by the Arkansas loss. Still can't believe they lost that game too ...

Anyway, sounds like you're a step ahead! Also Jason is just awesome. There's a guy who really knows what he's doing!

fatwonkkid said...

You mentioned you had a mini-tree...

I was looking at the third picture, and I though the white trim was the trim around a door, not the fire place. Then I noticed the tree was taller than "the door". I then thought yo myself what a giant friggin dog you must have. But then I realized the door was not a door, it was a fireplace.

-Papa said...

Things don't get much better than that, if they did you could literally die from happiness. ;D

jason said...

Names- Thanks for opening that wound back up:( How do u drop to #freakin7 after a 3OT loss? Stupid BCS, stupid arkansas Grrrrrrrrr

random moments said...

pre pon - *blush* Who meee??? I got Minners a fleece puppy bed. I think with all her adorable-ness I'm going to have to give it to her early!

kitty - don't feel inadequate, feel normal. For me its more of an obsession. ;) And thanks! *blushing again*

jason - thanks love! *muah*

names - He is, isn't he? We better be careful, my door openings are that large...

fatwonkkid - LOL! I went back and looked at the pic you were talking about it and it does make Mini look monsterous!

papa - it would be the only way to go. :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds absolutely enchanting! How wonderful!!!

I really really really want a fireplace so my sweetness and I can cuddle in front of it.

I just isn't the same in my parent's living room. :-P

random moments said...

Kelly - You could always...tent outside? I'm sure your parents would be okay with a fire in the backyard.

Christie said...

You already have your Christmas stuff up? I am so ashamed of myself. I did however bring out the Christmas CD's today, and we watched Rudolph and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Yummy - nice Riesling, nice guy to cuddle with, popcorn. What more could a girl want. I love the pictures of Mini. What a ham. Rose loves to show off as well!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

That's one cute dog you've got there, RM.

Nice work on wrapping your packages!

It's always so nice coming here.

random moments said...

chrisie - Aw I miss those movies but feel so lame watching them by myself.

claudia - she is definitely a ham! I just need her to learn how to use my digi cam so J and I can have some pics together.

LBB - *beaming* Thanks! The feeling is mutual.

Ari said...

Yaaaaaaaaaay doggies!! :)

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