Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Girl With Eight Limbs Undergoes Surgery

Read the article.

Y'all. I have no words.


Anonymous said...

Oh the horror!

The poor little dear. I do feel for her.

Rex Venom said...

(cute pics, below)
Rock on!

-Papa said...

I read about her back on Monday. The interesting thing is, the people in her village found her birth to be a sign of good fortune for everyone, and perhaps she is a harbinger of good tidings, at least for herself. Doctors say in her present condition she wouldn't live pass the age of a child, but she's getting the surgery and other medical treatment free of charge to correct her condition, which will also extend her life to hopefully typical years.

RoxRocks said...

Such a wild story eh?

I have a friend named Poonam, so that was weird too.

Hammer said...

Cute kid. I hope she can lead a somewhat normal life.

fatwonkkid said...

put a trunk on her and she can impersonate ganesh.

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