Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 of My Favorite TV Shows

FIRST - before I get into the list, I have to make right a serious error I made on this list. Obviously I was delirious from all the preparing I was doing last night for our weekend of camping and left out two of the most important shows - The Office and Survivorman. My boyfriend is hurt and I would be too. We bond over these shows. I'm serious. We watch the shows together, but miles apart, and text each other through them.

The Office. I can't get enough of the ackward humor in this show. I cringe at the things Michael does and double over in laughter at Dwight and the jokes Jim pulls on him. In the earlier shows, J & I really enjoyed watching Jim and Pam flirt with each other... Jim wanting Pam and not being able to do anything because of her being an engaged woman and all, and Pam making cute comments in her confessionals about Jim. And of course, I love when they team up on Dwight.

Survivorman. Kind of like Man vs. Wild, except he doesn't do nasty stuff like pee on his shirt and wrap it on his head to keep cool. Survivorman is genuinely cool and interesting fella and ain't afraid to admit when he's scared when hearing a cougar noise in the woods at night.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program....

1. 30 Minute Meals with Rachal Ray. As soon as I get home, I plop my lazy bum on the couch for about 30 minutes and learn how to make a quick mash or “stoup”, or learn how to prepare yummies for a party in less than 30 minutes. I love her quirkiness and the way she makes up ridiculous words for things.

2. Top Model. You may think I’m the vain-type for watching this, or you may even think I’m still in high school. You are mistaken. I'm a 29 year old woman who watches a bunch of skinny teens in all their superficial drama fight their way up the catwalk to be Tyra Banks’ girl.

3. John & Kate Plus 8. Please tell me you have seen this show on TLC. Adorable. A couple who cannot naturally get pregnant try again with the help of medicine and end up with two sets of multiples. The second batch are sextuplets. Its just amazing (to me) to watch this couple cut corners and basically run their home like a boot camp in order to raise all their children in the most natural environment possibly. My mouth drops as I watch Kate spend only $150 per week on groceries with all of her coupons and specials that she spends the kids nap time collecting, or as I watch John bathe six children in assembly-line fashion. Saturday morning pancakes for breakfast is my favorite episode. Just watch it. I’ve gone on way too much.

4. So You Think You Can Dance. Shut it up. I was in dance for 10 years growing up so its dear to me. I love watching these kids improve weekly and their get-ups are fierce!

5. Dirty Jobs. I usually only watch this when Babers is home because he likes it. Still, I catch it during the week and find it very disgusting and yet oh so educational.

6. Everyday Italian. Giada is this annoyingly cute little Italian girl who whips up healthy and delicious Italian recipes. I like her show because she uses a lot of my favorites in different ways - cheeses, herbs, pasta and cheeses. Oh, and cheeses.

7. Flip That House. I would someday like to flip a house. Preferably the one I’m living in so there’s less anxiety. Still, until that day comes, I’m fine just watching others do this on television.

8. What Not To Wear. Ladies, you know you watch this too. I love when Stacy stomps all over the victim’s clothing and then builds her back up into this beautiful butterfly who has shed her Walmart graphic tees and now dons hot designer apparel.

9. Girls Next Door. Come on, Playboy bunnies in all their glory? Each show is sure to promise a little blurred out nudity and hilarious remarks from Hef.

10. E! News. If I'm not watching the local news in the morning, I'm watching this. Yes, I realize its a sad thing to admit, but sometimes I get tired of hearing about the murder downtown, or the new disease that was discovered, or how to budget, and go for a little shallow celebrity news.

11. Last One Standing. Six athletes are brought to live and train with tribes, the locations I can't recall at the moment... They go through some serious rituals and brutal training to prepare to fight the athletes of the tribes. A little bit of eye candy for the women and much education!

12. The Simple Life. This is another one that I probably should be embarrassed to admit watching, but I'm seriously sad that the show is over! Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton are the biggest retards and I just can't get enough of them.

13. Kimora - Life in the Fab Lane. Um, hello. She's beautiful and has a crazy wardrobe and three assistants!!!! She can be a diva and its fun to watch her mini-dramas. This is my most recent girlie-show obsession.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Hey RM. I like Dirty Jobs, too. I've been watching more of that lately.

I like Rachel Ray more every time I see her. Cute.

Sorry I missed your last post. You're not coming up as "Hot Soup" on my blog, so I didn't know you updated.

I'm probably getting a little to anal about it, now that I think about it.

Chunks said...

I saw the show with the multiples one night and watched it. It was the episode where they went to Martha Stewart. She showed her belly. It made me so sad, and I can't explain why. Oh and they were selling their house too, which I can't imagine with all those kids! Anyway.

I like Rachel too. She's cute and perky and would have to kill her in real life but she's okay in small doses!

Those are the only ones I've watched. I spend too much time online! LOL!

jason said...

Babe, what about survivorman? The office? I feel some what let down that you forgot about our thursday night ritual:( oh well, I still love you.

random moments said...

Oh. My. God. I cannot believe I left out those two. To be honest, my list was left at the office and I was struggling to make 13. I'm sorry Babers.

Note: My two FAVORITE shows are the OFFICE and SURVIVORMAN. Especially because Babers and I like to watch them together miles away and text each other through them. We both love the ackward humor in the Office and can't wait to see what happens next in Jim & Pam's relationship.


NamesAreHardToPick said...

That's awesome, but I honestly don't watch much TV so I have no idea about those shows. I noticed, though, no Grey's Anatomy? Almost every female I know watches that show.

random moments said...

LBB - Can't help but like RR too! What is Hot Soup? Is that a bloglines thing?

Chunks - Kate's tummy hurt my heart too! I actually felt a little tear in my eye when they showed her after the surgery and her "jowls of a dog" were gone.

Yeah, I hear ya on Rachel Ray. Sometimes when she talks too much I wanna reach through the tube and smack her. But then, she turns around and makes the most yummy looking mac & cheese, and I love her again!

Names - I used to watch Grey's until it became a soap opera. I just... got over it I guess?

Hammer said...

I like several of those. The pee shirt guy was completely fake because he had a sperate camera man there while he was pretneding to be alone and in danger.

Survivor man is the best.

Dirty Jobs is another favorite.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 1, 2, FOUR!!!, 7, 8 (but the new Tim Gunn show is my new FAV!), and cough12cough.

Also on my addiction list:

Grey's Anatomy
Project Runway
Rules of Engagement (this is funny, you gotta watch it. The married guy cracks me up!!)

Have a great weekend! Great TT idea! I am starting to run out!

Nocturnal said...

Damn, I am so out of the loop. I didn't recognize almost all of those to be honest.

Enjoy the shows.


Steph said...

You and I would NEVER fight over the remote. I love all of those shows and i'm a little in love with Survivorman!

Lad Litter said...

The US Office is a great show and suffers nothing by comparison with the British original. I have frinds who hate the US version out of loyalty to the British one. It's not either-or, dummies. You can like both.

Ari said...

If you like the American version of The Office, which is lovely, you should try the original Brit version. Ricky Gervais = Genius!

Oswegan said...

I think I like the man vs. wild guy better because he's a lot funnier and because he eats rotten dead sheep eyeballs.


-Papa said...

If you got to meet Tyra Banks would you allow her to feel your breasts?

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