Friday, November 09, 2007

My PostSecret

If you've never been to the PostSecret website:

#1. You're missing out.

#2. Go there, IMMEDIATELY! PostSecret

When viewing the website this week I thought "Why not post a secret of my own?" Maybe I'll keep it up and do one every Friday or just one every once in a while (because we all know how non-committal I am when it comes to blogging. Example: Dates from Hell. There are so many more but I just get bored easily.)

Today's Secret

My boss dictates emails to me while sitting beside me at my desk. He will tell me when he wants to start a new paragraph, or how to spell things along the way. He is basically an idiot, grammatically speaking. He doesn't realize this though. So, when he tells me to send the email I pretend to do so... and when he leaves my desk I pull it back up and correct it for him before sending so he won't look like a complete idiot.

So my secret is definitely a small, insignificant one, unlike the ones on PostSecret. I just finished an email for my boss and felt it necessary to share my "secret". Do you have one?


Question Time People!

And now I'd like to copy a neat idea Names had used (that I believe he borrowed from another blogger). If you want to join in, leave a question for me in the comment box. The question can be about anything - I am an open book and will pretty much answer anything! (Within reason Papa...) ;)

Hope everyone has an fantabulous weekend!



Lightning Bug's Butt said...

1) If you HAD to commit murder -- and were assured you could do it with impunity -- who would you kill?

2) Would you rather have the power to eat whatever you want without calories or detriment to your health? Or the power to make ANYBODY fall in love you you?

3) What's your dream job?

-Papa said...

"...I am an open book and will pretty much answer anything! (Within reason Papa...)"
I've got question a piece for you and Babers.

1. Describe the time and place where you would tell a person, "Bitch, I am going to kill you so painfully slow" and know the person your saying it to would bust out laughing.

2. Babers, the following will never happen to you, but go with this imaginary supposition that you've been framed and have to spend one full year in jail, and you can choose: either sodomize your cell mate on your first night, or you get raped every night you're incarcerated. Which do you choose? And you have to choose one or the other, no other options.

RoxRocks said...

I love Post Secret! You should make a card and send it! I bet there are a lot of people who cover for their dumb bosses!

Ari said...

Secret... hmm... I cannot consume microwave popcorn without slathering it with lemon pepper. (Yep, such is the depth of my lameness.)

Steph said...

If you could shage a fellow blogger, who would it be and why?

Anonymous said...

haha... leave it to steph... lol

What is your favorite memory, and why?

NamesAreHardToPick said...

I'm returning the favor:

If you had to wear a shirt that said on phrase or word what would it say?

Also, what gives you meaning to your life?

Haha, back at you!

jason said...

Papa, your a sick s.o.b.! Were you having more jailhouse daydreams?(or flashbacks?) If I had to pick one I think I'd rather be an asspirate than a pillowbiter. Ugh, I feel dirty now, need shower.
--awaiting baberita's answer to Steph's question above.

jason said...

Forgot to ask MY question.
Question numero uno- How much do you miss me?
Ok, seriously, if you could relive any day in the past what day would it be and why. Would you do things different or is it a day that you would leave the same?

-Papa said...

Jason, aka Babers, aka Asspirate. ;D
I've asked that question to several of my guy friends because it's a game we have called "would you rather.." and we try to come up with some weird, painful, and embarrassing questions that we have to answer.

When you take a shower, don't drop the soap. :-0

Anonymous said...

You should tell your boss he is a dumb ass! he he

Adding you to my blog roll.Love your blog!

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