Tuesday, November 20, 2007

3rd Annual Christmas Party Preparation!!

Every year I host a Christmas party at my itty bitty apartment. Check out the past shin-digs if you like.

Christmas 2006
Christmas 2005

As I said, I host this party in my minuscule, one bedroom, one bath, one floor apartment. I curse in my kitchen at every cooking occasion due to the lack of counter space, and well, floor space for that matter. When I grow up *snort* I want a big ole kitchen. How can I be the hostess with the mostess if I don't have the room to make the mostess??

Still, I have the party. I spend many delightful hours cooking up the apps for my friends' tummies. I decorate. I dress up, not to mention the time spent creating the costume. I do this because I LOVE it. I talk about it before hand so much that it drives my family nutty. If I could make a living hosting parties, I'd do it in a heartbeat!

Carrying on. I look forward to this party every year because of three major reasons:

1. I get to cook for my friends
2. I get to dress up, usually in some sort of ridiculous costume
3. I get to drink without concern because I won't be the one driving

Now I must embellish a little on number 3 - I tell everyone they can crash at my place if they've had too much. I can be the mother sometimes.

And yes, we dress up. My party is always themed. Last year was Tacky Christmas. Think Chevy Chase's family's Christmas party. Bedazzled vests, lots of make up, the gawdiest jewelry ever. The year before that was Sex in the City, mainly because that show was all the rage at the time. All the chics were smoking hot in their jeans and sexy heels, and the men were scowling because their women made them match.

So this year's theme is 80's Christmas. You know you love it and want to come. Think hair band posters all over the walls, rock ballad cds blaring in the background (and my neighbors pounding on the walls), big hair, leg warmers, etc. I'm going for the 80's Madonna look myself - lacy fingerless gloves, black tights, leg warmers with heels, tons of long pearl necklaces. Oh, and big hair of course!

I already have the menu planned out. Spinach and artichoke cheesy bread, sausage balls (get your minds out the gutter!), chess squares, and a few others. And there will be jello shots. Cuz you know I'm classy like that.

I'm sure you'll hear more about the planning. Hey, at least I waited till late November to start blogging about it...


Anonymous said...

An 80's themed Christmas party sounds way cool!

Do you invite the neighbors so they don't complain?

Open Grove Claudia said...

Ew! I wanna come! It looks so very fun.

BTW, would you marry that gorgeous guy before I have to divorce my husband and marrying myself?? ;)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I'd give anything to be there, RM. It sounds like a blast.

GREAT pictures, BTW.

fatwonkkid said...

hmmm..i would have thought you would have matched the menu to the theme, although I can't exactly say what you would cook for an 80's themed menu.

random moments said...

pre pon - Most of my younger neighbors will likely be out; the last ones are of an older gen and probably won't appreciate the big hair band tunes as much as we will!

claudia - Of course you're invited! ;)

If me and J weren't living 2 hours apart right now I might have already asked him myself! *sigh* You have no idea how much I'd love to hurry up and be there.

LBB - Thanks! I have no idea who took those pics... the night always seems so blurry the next morn.

fatwonkkid - I tried to think of some 80's themed food, but fell flat. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Anonymous said...

so when will I get the invite in the mail? :-D

I do a mean 80's bang. Curled, teased and hairsprayed to stand straight up off my head. ROWR!

Nocturnal said...

Personally, if you busted out the dish your emailed me the recipe for; you'd go over like gangbusters IMHO.

Good food, good home.

Cheers you guys.

RoxRocks said...

For god's sake, do NOT forget to sing "We Are The World" and "Feed the World (Let Them Know It's Christmas)"!! And the Kohl eyeliner. And the hairspray. OMG I would so love to be there!! If you need any music, let me know, I will yousendit to you!

/trapped in the 80s

random moments said...

Kellers - You didn't get it yet? ;)

If you lived closer I would call you to do my hair. I have no bangs, so I'm definitely going to do a practice run before. Maybe for dinner out with J? *snort*

noc - Lol! That would be awesome, but they're not in season. *boooo* Besides, we would make an absolute MESS in my apartment! Hee hee.

roxrocks - *squeal* You are making me excited again!! I could definitely use some good 80's music!

And btw, I am QUEEN of Kohl eyeliner...

Matt-Man said...

Stopped by via Hammer...Sounds like a great party and menu. I feel your pain about cooking in a small apartment kitchen...Anyway, throw "A Flock of Seagulls" on the CD for me, and Cheers!!

Steph said...

Sounds like an awesome time to me. Should I bring a cake?

Dan said...

Wow! Your parties sound like fun! The only Christmas parties I'm ever invited to are ... um ... wait a second ... no one ever invites me to Christmas parties. Geez, and I thought folks would forget what I did at the one party in 1998. Drat! :)

-Papa said...

An 80's themed party with leg warmers? You're a maniac, maniac, that's for sure! ;P

Christie said...

So whens the party and where do you live? Every year, I swear that I will have an 80's birthday party and I never do.

Oh, you should make that spinach dip I have on my blogpage. It feeds quite a few people and is pretty cheap to make. Score all the way around.

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