Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Unwelcome Hitchhiker

Okay you know how much spiders freak me out. But then again, who isn't a little ooged out by the creepy little things?

I get into my car yesterday to head home for a long lunch break. Not even a quarter mile down the road I look up and spot a scary brown spider hanging out on my rearview mirror. He's just above me so that he can leap onto my face if he wants to, and I realize this, squeal out loud (with no one in the car to hear me) and yank the wheel over into an office complex down the road from my office. I hurridly swerve into a parking spot, throw open the door, jump out and peer into my car. Where'd he go?!

I decide to search for him at a different angle so I run around my car and throw open the passenger door. No spider. Argh!!! I shake my hands out and jig a little, thinking about the creepy crawly roaming free in my car, hiding under seats and on dashboards, waiting for me to let my guard down.

*sigh* I stop freaking out and suddenly become aware of my surroundings. I am in an office complex, with dozens of cars parked around mine. I'm parked in front of an office with 4 large windows. And on top of it all, its lunch hour, so there are people walking to their cars all over the lot.

I can feel my face get hot. I straighten up and realize I have to get into my car. A good 15 minutes have been wasted on my lunch hour, and besides - am I really just going to stand here and wait for it to jump out my car so I can go on my merry way?

Cringing, I slide back into my car, eyes darting all around. As I'm pulling out of the lot to head home I imagine the little spider crawling on my fingers, causing me to jerk and wreck into an innocent driver.

Eventually I talk myself into the idea that its only a spider and the worst scenario is that it could crawl on me and bite me while driving. No big deal. Right? *shudder*


-Papa said...

What is it about spiders?
My little girl has no qualms or hesitations to pick up frogs, snakes, crickets, or doodle bugs, but when it comes to spiders she's on a jihad to either keep them away, or get me to remove them to a 5000 foot minimum distance.

You do know the spider may have attached itself to your back leg or shirt to keep from being seen, they do seem to be particularly clever, and they can smell fear. ;P

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! I have soooo done this! I felt something tickle my hand, and when I looked down it was a HUGE spider! It was probably the size of a half dollar! I shook my hand and it was sent over to the passenger's seat. I had a coat, and a bag on the seat. It crawled into it! I swirved my car into the first parking lot a saw and JUMPED as fast as I could out of my car! LOL! I totally got flashbacks just reading this! *double shudder* I eventually had to get it out with a piece of paper... ewwwww. I didn't squesh it, I let it crawl on the paper and then left the paper in the parking lot. yes, I littered... and yes... it was an important paper... ops. :-)

Steph said...

Oh yeah, been there done that. I had a spider on the outside of my windscreen and had to veer all over the road trying to shake it off. Almost killed myself!

Chunks said...

Not to make light of your obvious fear of spiders but HAHAHAHHA!

In ten years, you won't care if you are screaming in a parking lot and looking crazy. It will actually be a typical behaviour for you. Trust me! LOL!

Open Grove Claudia said...

I'm not as afraid of actual spiders as the idea of spiders. We have these poisonous spiders here that are... everywhere. EW. Anytime I see a spider I decide it's going to kill me - just for a second - then I rule over it.

Of course, my Buddhist training kicks in and I bow and wish the fucker a chance to be Buddha. (shrugging)

Hammer said...

I once had a cat jump on my head as I was driving . It had crawled into the back seat during the night and awoke when I started heading down the road. It must have taken 10 years off my life.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Spider in the car? Say it isn't so. I so hate spiders!

And don't get me started on scorpions!

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